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  1. Masha Allah. Jazakallahu Khair. Great article .
    Daily I login and open productive Muslim website & search for any new articles .

    Alhamdulillah, when I see new articles I read 2-3 times and search relevant articles in same topic in productive Muslim . Hence, list of many articles with same topic pops up & continuously read for character development and getting closer to Allah.

    Such a great platform which has multiple topics in single website .

    Productive Muslim keeps me continuously to be productive in spiritually, personally, socially , emotionally and in family life .

  2. Mashallah. Please keep sending articles for our spiritual development. Almighty Allah will bless you all for it

  3. Wonderful tips, Maa Sha Allah. I would also recommend making your offspring pray with u at the tender age of 5 and to accompany dad at the mosque if possible and increase the payers one by one so that by the time they reach 10 years, you will have no problem with swalaat, which is the first thing you will be questioned about on Judgement Day.

  4. مَاشَاءاللّٰه
    Very good article , what i learn is, in initial stage children learn by watching elders. children do what they see. We have to do the things first infront of them which we want they should do.