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  1. As salam alaykom dear Hafsa, i just would like to thank you for this article, that is soooo useful. I used To be very upset by the whispers of shaytan for years, until now he is still tryin’ to make me despair from Allah. I think that lack of self-confidence, fear and lack of connection with the Hereafter are my biggest weaknesses. And this type of articles helps me to dig deeeppp inside of me To find out what’s wrong. Thank you sooo much, may Allah bless you amine.

    • Walekum Assalam Nora,
      It is such a pleasure reading your beautiful comment! Thank you so much for taking out the time and writing your response. Shaytan is continously trying his best to lead us astray, but your beautiful attitude and perseverance in Iman can always make him powerless. I pray for you and for all of us to be protected from his evil plots and treacherous plans.
      May Allah bless you with the best in the world and the hereafter!
      Take care dear sister.

  2. Masha Allah, a great article by Hafiza & psychologist. May Allah Bless All. Keep up the good work.

    Below are the few techniques I normally do :-

    – Never loose hope in Allah & continuously keep focused in doing good deeds. If loose something valuable, will think that ” Whatever the Wealth Allah provided is from His Side”. All wealth we accumulate belong to Him.

    – Continuously recite Ayatul Qursiyy
    – Stay away continuously from Negative Thoughts. If someone talking negative about someone , then try to divert the topic with positive thoughts & deeds.

    Life is mixture of Happiness and Hardships. I thank Allah always for bestowing such a beautiful Life & gave opportunity to perform more and more Umrah .

    • Jazakallah Brother!
      Your techniques are extremely thought provoking and highly realistic, Mashallah!
      I am sure with these tricks in mind, our brain will get trained to respond in these best ways.
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!
      May Allah swt bless you, abundantly!

  3. SubhanAllah. I feel like this article came out exactly at the right time for me. I’ve been dealing with this problem for months now and I just want to understand what’s going on inside my head. And you pretty much explained everything what i needed to know and work on. Please pray for me so that I will get better. May Allah bless you.

    • Assalamu Alaikum Dear Aisyah,
      May Allah swt lighten up your burdens and fill you up with strength.
      Don’t worry sister, Allah swt WILL make a beautiful way out of your problems, just never lose hope in Him.
      May Allah swt bless you for your patience and shower his abundant blessing unto you and your family!

  4. he dumped me.. bcz of his family.. m hurted by him emotionally, and mentally am broken now .. he oppressed me, he broked his promise, faith, and cheated on me.. he lied to me.. now my only source is allah.. i hv put my all trust n him.. allah swt… 😞

    • Assalamu Alaikum Dearest Sister,
      I am shooked deeply by your state. But do you know that by understanding Allah swt and putting all your trust in him you are gaining so much! Every second you are trying to get closer to him, you are incresing yourself in faith!
      I really hope and pray for your emaotional recovery, may Allah swt give you strength to cope with the harshness of this situation.
      You can do this! You really can! If you ever need further help, I am here to assisit you dear, you can directly email me on,
      May Allah swt bless you for your paitence!

  5. Assalaamu alaikum. It was indeed a relevant article. However, I think there are few more tools that can help us get rid of the past baggage. Firstly, we can maintain a gratitude journal in which each day we ought to pen down at least 3 specific things that we are grateful to Allah for however simple they be.
    Secondly, exercise/walking helps us get over the low mood by releasing certain feel-good hormones.
    Lastly, mindfulness i.e. living in the NOW helps us to shift our focus of attention and enjoy our present moment and lots more.
    Apart from this there are many more ways that make significant improvements in healing a person and simultaneously making him more productive.

    • Walekum Assalam Asiya,
      Wow! These tips are so worth it!
      I really loved the mindfullness part, where “living in the moment” makes us such a focused person!
      I highly agree!
      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.
      May Allah swt bless you, prolifically!

  6. Assallamu Alaikum,
    Subhan’Allah what a wonderful article. I recall when I had been through several tough times and reading Salah and crying on the prayer mat worked, Alhamdulillah. We need to rely on Almighty Allah in our most testing times and read Tahajjud salah.

    Jazak’Allah Khairyun

  7. As salaamu alaikum,
    I joined Productive Muslim this year when I thought my world was crumbling. I am still in the process of mending my broken heart and every article that was emailed to me, including this one was relevant to the exact issue I was trying to overcome at that specific moment.
    Alhamdulillah! Allah knows exactly what I need in order to grow through what I am going through.
    Stay positive and cry your heart out to Allah – it is truly effective. Keep praying, even when you feel that life is unfair (Allah knows what you know not), just keep praying. Revive your soul.
    Meditate, become more present so you don’t drift off into unnecessary thought and emotion. If you do drift, acknowledge it and move on but do not dwell!
    Thank Allah for allowing your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe! I wake up thanking Allah for my working limbs, my senses and sanity. If you look at those who don’t even have these you will realise how fortunate you really are. Love yourself, every part of you inside and out and take care of yourself.
    When people aggravate you, remain calm, even when you want to give them a piece of your mind. This too shall pass.
    Surrender it all to Allah, pay attention to the signs and He will guide you.

  8. This article brought me to tears. I have been going through a very difficult test and I just happened to stumble upon this article and I can’t thank you enough for sharing these extremely soothing words. I sincerely appreciate it more than I could ever convey to you.