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  1. The opening of the article, very powerful. It is beautiful and intelligent how you have penned down the need for prayer and clarity of our perceptions about it. May Allah increase us in faith and continue to bless you with more knowledge and writing skills. Ameen!

  2. One of the tips to remain consistent in prayer is to recite after every salat the ffg du’a: “O Allah! Assist me to remember You, to thank You and to worship You in the best of manners.”

  3. Masha Allah, very nice article. Appreciate efforts .

    Below are some tips for consistency in Prayer :-
    – Be Honest to Yourself
    – Whenever performs “Salah”, think that this will be our Last Salah, anything can happen to humans in any moment
    – Be Focussed & Daily read few articles about Productivity, Islam stuffs etc etc
    – Be Punctual in Routine Tasks..
    – Be Strong & more spiritual & whenever pray, hope that Allah will pour us more and more blessings along with existing one..

  4. Masha Allah, an article worth reading..
    Jazakumullah khair

    I’ve been facing the situation a number of times and had many times gave up Salah out of depression..
    InSha Allah, would surely take care to offer Salah on time after all it’s a blessing (thanks for including such great quotations from Hadith & Qur’an)