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  1. Laailaha illaa anta subhanaka innii kuntu minadhalimiin.
    JazaakiLLAH good article.
    . (Allah wishes to accept your repentance,..). Quran4:27.
    May Allah bless you Lilly for a wonderful reminder.

  2. Assalaamualaikum,
    I am lost too….I have been parted with my loved one…. My husband is not talking to me for past two months…. No calls no sms nothing… I have not seen him since 8th of July… He is angry over a matter where I don’t know if am guilty…. I just wanted reciprocation of respect and love that I gave to his relatives… But… ALAS… I ended up being accused of things I never did… Allah is watching… I still want him… I love him so much…
    I felt like the little hajji boy when I looked around for my husband and found I was alone…. Today is the third anniversary of our marriage and I cannot help but miss him
    He put everything to ground when he insulted me and my parents in company with his relatives…. Though are my relatives too but they never considered me their own…
    I am in despair and need help…. Ya Allah please listen to my prayers… My heart is getting heavy…. I want to cry but I can’t… I don’t want to hurt my parents who stood up for me when even my husband left me in shambles… Ya Allah soften my husband’s heart and enlighten his vision to truth and clarity…. Aameen Ya Ar Rahmaan…..

    • Ameen thumma ameen. May Allah glad en your heart and return you both in peace love,; put in your husband , your, his &your families, mercy , love, compassion, taqwah, respect and every noble character so you all live in peace , happiness as ideal muslims. I pray same for myself. Keep eeman sis. Love you much for Allah sake.

    • My beloved daughter , You filled my eyes with tears , I pray Allah ( SWT ) to make your this period of sorrow and difficulties easy and resolve all your problems , Remember Allah (SWT )tries those whome he loves .
      Ameen .

    • Dr Saiqa… I think nothing I can say would help ease your pain because you’re the one feeling it and living it every minute of every day…
      There is no greater agony than being torn away from a loved one.. It’s literally a heart ache..

      Ya Allah… Our beloved Lord… This lovely woman, our sister, is sad and heart broken… And we are all helpless..
      Only You alone can soothe her pain and unite her with her loved one. Oh Allah, I ask You to please, for everything and anything she’s ever done good for any of Your slaves, please help her unite her family again, take the blindfold off her husband’s eyes, and bring back the love, security and peace they’re all missing….
      She’s brought tears to strangers’ eyes with her story… And You are the closest, Most Loving and Protecting Friend. I’m asking you please to help my sister… She needs You…
      We all do…. And we have no doubt You’ll respond like You promised….

  3. Masha Allah it really feels good when
    You know someone is there to listen to you. May Allah grant us our hearts desire as we utilize this days

  4. mashallah it’s heart touching scenario. very hard to lose someone suddenly. And may allah make us from those invocate him speak with him daily. Ameen

  5. The warm feelings I felt reading this ,got easily tears to my eyes,the horrified boy looking for his mum, was an awesome example for each of us needing GOD,thank you for always reminding us how lucky we are by having GOD to take care of our fears .
    Loving Dad
    Sameh Mohsen

    • You’re the best thing that ever happened to me…
      That ever happened to our family…
      That ever happened to our country…
      And that ever happened to my whole world…
      I love you daddy ❤️

  6. dear sister Lilly,

    subhan Allah…..I owe an apology to you…what a coincidence I was planning to read more of your articles, in order to understand your writings a bit more, before I offered you the apology…apology for beginging my own downfall many months back on commenting on one of your artciles……..sorry for any disrespect or unwanting feelings that may have been caused…..really sorry again ..and also not doing what I said above,,,if time permits and I have freedom or access I aim to do so……..

    I have enjoyed and learnt from your writings like many even all the writers on this blessed website….may Allah preserve you all and may you all change the world for the better.

    may Allah protect you and your loved ones and may you gain all the best in these blessed ten days and many years to come for you and your family and loved ones…..

    yours truly a chinless wonder

  7. It’s just unbelievable how my current feeling/situation has been unequivocally articulated. I feel Allah made you produce this article just for me right for this situation in time. It’s hard to express the immense joy u brought about in my whining heart. The dua oh my god whilst I was reading it I burst into tears since that’s what exactly I was feeling but unable to word them. Allah bless the writer with his utmost mercy. Don’t know how I jotted down so much already since all I can think of being speechless. Jazakallah khair. Just can’t thank enough. Indeed will bookmark this article to read daily. I’m so pleased to have subscribed to these articles.

    • Your comment brought me so much joy Ayesha….
      You must be so special to Allah for Him to inspire a woman across the world to jot down your exact feelings….
      May He soothe your pain honey, listen to your prayers and fill your heart with joy

  8. I should have guessed it was you when the tears started welling up. May Allah bless you my dearest sister. I love you for Allah’s sake. Sharing this as always…

  9. This was beautiful :’) I’m in my last year of school and have a lot of stress going on so it made me want to cry reading this :) May Allah(SWT) always protect you and keep you happy!! JazakAllah Khair <3

  10. :’) :’) :’)
    *teary eyed*
    JazakAllah khyr kaseeran kaseeran kaseera Sister Lilly!! Beautifully written, heartfelt, and completely fulfils the purpose. Alhamdulilah. Loved the ‘letter to Allah’ in this. Felt like you gave words to feelings in my heart. JazakAllah khyr once again. May Allah bless you in this world and the next, my dear sister ♡.

  11. Omg. This girl is rocking it..!! Lily, you have just nailed it always..
    Your articles are the best thing that I read on internet and this one was no exception. You words are so powerful that compels the reader to reflect upon the mere life problems ,that are stopping us from having a strong and beautiful relationship with Allah swt.
    May Allah swt bless you countlessly and protect you from all evil.
    You girl are absolutely awesome.
    Fan and a wellwisher from India.
    Azhar :)

    • Now that’s a comment that could keep me smiling and cheered up for months :)
      I don’t know what to say! I’m grateful to Allah for making my words touch your sweet and beautiful heart!
      Thank you so much Azhar. May Allah fill your days with joy the way you filled mine…

  12. SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah! Reading this brought tears to my eyes, especially the honest, soul baring story example – this is exactly how we should approach our conversation with the Almighty, the Opener of Hearts, the Listener, the Ultimate Friend. How we hesitate to speak to Our Rabb. May Allah swt continually bring us closer to Him and implant in our hearts the knowledge, wisdom and certainty that He loves us more than anything and we should turn to Him before anything and anyone else, in good times and bad.
    JazakAllah khair for an amazing and heartfelt read.

  13. Masha Allah…very nice article sis Lilly…I have never read such a lovely piece of writing regarding Allah’s love…I felt as it was just written for me…May Allah bless u…aameen

  14. Dearest Lilly, l loved and enjoyed every single letter of this heart touching story. The resemblance of the warmth of Mom’s hug and the Almighty ALLAH’s care that is always flooding the true believer who asks desperately for ALLAH’s help is so true. You actually made me live every emotion as if I was there with all of you ladies. In two words “Most beautiful”. Thank you for sharing your great feelings with us.

    • Coming from one of my role models and a loved one, this comment is a true gift I’ll cherish forever….
      You have no idea how much it means to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

  15. Waohhh! SubhanaLlah!! This brings tears and more emotions to my heart, for real its unimaginable! His love can’t be compared to that of mothers love even as much and irreplacable it appears. JazakumuLlahu khair for this Beautiful Post. Keep up the good work 👍 and I pray it counts heavily on your scale of good deeds on the day of Qiyyam,, Aameen!

    Wa salaam aleikum warahmotuLlah wabarakatuh!

  16. AssalamuAlaikum Sr, Lilly
    Masha’ Allah, you’re really talented. When I came across this part “My dearest Almighty Allah…” it’s hard to believe that I read what’s almost EXACTLY in my heart. I really cried while reading this. Alhamdulillah that I realized I’m one of those who thank and talk to Allah. This time In Sha’ Allah I’m looking forward to thanking Him more and try to talk to Allah (s.w.t) more and express deeply what’s in my heart. May Allah bless you and grants you tawfeeq in dunya and akhira.
    Thank you for sharing us your beautiful piece.

  17. Beautiful mashallAh! Very touching and tear jerking! May we all find the strength to call out to our lord in times of need, Ameen!💕💕💕