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  1. #Hajj# Journey Of A Life time”

    Wishing all who are travelling to Hajj, a very safe and peaceful journey. May Allah bless you a very productive and eventful Hajj. I pray that you all enjoy your experience like I did this time last year. My heart yearns for another visit to hajj, another opportunity to experience the great intensity, the uniqueness that no other journey compares to. Memories of hajj makes me all emotional, it creates an ardent feeling seeing friends and family members off to hajj. My love for Mina will always remain strong and I would do anything to go back to visit again. The day spent in Arafat felt so pure and peaceful even in heedless soaring heat up to 50 °C and long momentous Walk to jamarat throwing each stone was a prominent experience. May Allah accept your hajj and please remember me while you stood on the plains of Arafat that I am able to show my gratitude to our Creator for all that he has given me and his continues blessings. Subhan Allah!

    “And you do not will except that Allah wills – Lord of the worlds.” [Qur’an: Chapter 81, Verse 29]

    “Alhumdulillah khairan khairan inshallah”

  2. Alhamdulillah, I’m so glad I read this article. It really brought back memories of my Hajj experience last year with my husband. I was in tears. Longing to go again. This has motivated me to make d most of d next 10 days of Dhul Hijjah & to renew my commitments.
    Jazakallahu khairan.

  3. assalamu alaikum , as a matter of fact i am elderly lady with grandchildren so i am more matured than the youngsters and obviously you would expect feedback from youngsters and not elders like us :) . I have performed Haj three times and when the Haj season approaches and when i hear the echoing of LABBAIKA ALLAHUMMA LABBAIK, Ya Rabb my sould starts stirring, that feeling is indescribable. I increase my ibadahs and try to make use of every second of the blessed days. Alkhamdulillah and my TV is 24/7 on from the day LIVE telecasts starts in KSA. SubhanAllah it is so fulfilling, alhamdulillah.

  4. As Salam u alaykum
    I went for hajj more than 12 years ago. What a wonderful experience! May Allah swt accept from us all and especially those who undertake this amazing journey this year and take us all again and again. Ameen. My advice to anyone would be bags and bags of sabr and to remember that you will experience highs but its how you deal with the lows or tests that will make your experience.,… And how you remember it. Personally I could have done so much more now I think reflectively… So make the most of this amazing journey… Thanks for the amazing article…

  5. Assalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baarakaatuhu,

    Alhamdulillah, I did hajj with my husband back in 2012, leaving three small children in England with my in-laws who kindly came far from Indonesia to accompany them while we did hajj. It was the most exhilarating moment of our lives, and we were so grateful to have a good group of friends during the trip, I miss them very much now, especially during the yearly hajj seasons.

    The thing that I miss most is the amazingly humbling feelings, the awes that we had when we, among the millions of people there, were so close to Ka’bah. I remember all the high excitements during the time we spent in Mina, and when we were in tears, praying and pleading in Arafah, and when we spent the night sleeping in the middle of the desert in open air at Muzdalifah, and even during the long walks that we did to make it to Jamaraat and tawaf Ifadah. It’s like we were being so close to Allah Ta’ala Himself, it was truly an amazing feeling.

    Reminiscing about hajj always brings tears to my eyes. Looking back, there were so many precious lessons that I had learnt during the hajj, and here are the things that I managed to scribble in my hajj notepad during that time:
    1. Emotions run high during hajj, for it is a tool to come closer to Allah. Always control and manage your emotions wisely for the rest of your life!!
    2. Life is full of struggles, do the best you can while you’re still in this world. This life is a preparation for the after-world. Always strive to find ways to please Allah.
    3. Don’t delay doing anything good. Do salat on time, just like in Makkah and Madinah, prepare in advance before the athan comes, and make salat first priority over other things. –> For myself now, this is still a struggle, will need a constant improvement on my time management.
    4. The hajj trip and the trip across the desert to Madinah, traversing the route of hijrah, made me realize how hard the struggles that Rasulullah had gone through. All of these trips made our love and appreciation to Rasulullah increased and that, in turn, can increase our love and devotion to Allah Subhaana wa Ta’ala, as Allah was the One who had created Rasulullah for all of us to love and follow.

    I also remember the sad feelings when I realized that I did not see any hujjaj from Syria that was already in turmoils at that time, while seeing millions of other hujjaj who had come from all over the world. I pray so that the muslim world can once again united like before, understanding the Qur’an very well, so there won’t be any case like Syria or Palestine anymore, where oppressions against some muslims can go rampant beyond belief, and other muslims from other countries just watched and could not help them at all..
    Please help all of us, ya Allah…Aamiin…

  6. Salam Alikum
    In words it is very difficult to describe my thoughts my emotions my love towards firstly being accepted and granted the opportunity to perform hajj last year (2015) as well as the feeling of knowing that this time last year i was on a plane ready to fulfil n accomplish the last pillar of islam as i regularly fast read salah give charity and pay my zakat. But the feeling of being accepted to cleanse my soul of All sin is an immense feeling that you are forever grateful for.
    To come back to uk back to reality after hajj is the most daunting and frighting experience because its not just the change u want to make that scares you its everything coming back to the dunya were doors you never knew exsisted open up u feel trapped like omg im going to sin, and real life hits you get comfortable and find yourself back into the routine u were in before u left for hajj.
    This article has been a beautiful reminder i havent stopped crying as i will always have the memory of walking in a blessed city and while millions are out there this year ( sub han Allah may Allah accept their duas their hajj their intentions and may they have a safe and peaceful journey) i can’t help but to envy as i sit in this dunya at home.
    I pray everyone gets an opportunity to go and im forever grateful to Allah for accepting my duas and allowing me to experience such a beautiful journey of a lifetime.

    Salam alikum.

  7. This article is so true. Alhamdullilah I have done hajj nearly 20 years ago, had few hiccups with the mina catching fire and that still I feel emotional and wanting to go back when this season comes. Alhumdullilah I have gone back 3 times more for umrah with my husband and children but the feeling of hajj is not the same. May Allah (swt) give everyone the chance to experience this amazing feeling.

  8. I love the verse from Qur’an 14:7. Beautiful! Our Lord is so kind and generous! The statement ‘strive to better yourself slowly but surely’ has struck me! See, I converted to Islam after this year’s Ramadhan {Alhamdulilahi} and I feel sad to the point of tears when I see people who have been Muslims for longer practice Islam so easily. I’m learning so much and I’m already experiencing Allah’s blessings. I always hope that I’ll not miss out on any of Allah’s bounties because of the lack of experience that other Muslims have in the deen. So that statement is affirming my actions. All I have to do is be consistent even if it’s in few things, but practice that with excellence for the sake of my love for Allah. I feel comfort now & I am grateful for platforms like this where we come together to share & learn. May we all receive Allah’s bounties in these days that are most loved by Him. Ameen.

    • In some ways, it’s actually better being a revert – because you came to the religion by choice, hence your connection and motivation is sometimes stronger than those who were born into it. The sincerity you allude to is immensely important, and something that we should always strive to maintain as it’s the heart of each act of worship.

      And yes, the concept of gradualism is so very important – whether we were born into the deen or not. It also shows the mercy of Allah, because Islam is not complicated or difficult – it’s just that people make it seem that way at times, unfortunately.

      May your path be filled with light, guidance, and the mercy of Allah at all times.

      • Ameen! I appreciate this a lot. I notice that many Muslims refer to me as a revert and not a convert. It has dawned on me now. I am simply going back to the ideal nature God gave me. The state of Islam :-)

  9. As Salam u alaykum
    I went for hajj more than 9 years ago. It was amaizing experience . May Allah swt accept from us all and especially those who undertake this amazing journey this year and take us all again and again. Ameen. Brother eagerly waiting for your next article. Jazakallahu khairan brother for your constructive write up. May Almighty Allah rewards you in this world and thereafter.

  10. Like you say every hajji wants to go back and evry muslim wants to go for hajj..mashallah.
    On my last hajj, my grand daughter aeen this malaysian hajji read the quran with her fingers (brail) and asked me what it was about. I xplained to her nd turn around to ask if the sister spoke english and sh replied in the arrirmative. We spoke to her and departed for Makkah. I was so sory that I did not take her details and was sitting in the grand masjid wishing I see her in Makkah. . By the grace of Allah she appeared right behind me. We could then exchange xontact details and are in touc with each other til now. This happened a few times to me. I look for family or friiends that I know came to haj and ask Allah to let me see them there. And Woola, they are there. That is the power of the blessings there.

  11. Alhamdulillah for the continuous motivation to strive to be a better Muslim. I really like the style of writing in ProductiveMuslim, it feels fresh and contemporary, yet full of wisdom of the old… I’m trying to study the flow of hajj to prepare myself to go there insya Allah one day, and would it be too much to ask if you could produce a guide presented through your contributors’ ‘fresh’ method? I’m aware there are numerous literature on how to do hajj out there.. but as I mentioned earlier, it would be lovely to have it with all the insights plus motivation weaved through which are the hallmarks of this site..

    Anyways, it is a wish..

    Keep up your wonderful work, Team ProductiveMuslim!!

  12. Assalamu Alaikkum..

    ALHAMDULILLAH. Allahu Akbar!

    Allah Subhanwataala granted me the opportunity of performing Hajj this year, Allahu Akbar. ..! I have no words to describe the feelings.

    May Allah Subhanwataala accept all our duas and forgive our shortcomings and help us to change in to a totally new better person from now on. Jazakallahu Khayr for the great write up and bringing the great memories.

  13. AssalamuAlaikum,
    Masha’ Allah, I never performed hajj before. I feel encouraged to do so. And due to political issues in the gulf, I really hope to have a chance to perform it In Sha’ Allah.
    Thank you for sharing us your beneficial tips. JAK.