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    • Wa alaykum salaam Br. Thurein.

      Glad you find the article practicable. Will like to know how you progress with #4 tip IA. And keep up with the great work. Your articles are beneficial and much needed on the blogosphere.

  1. Jazakillah khair sister Amina, it’s rejuvenating!

    Hm so I really need to better-view my blogging thing, really. It’s good to realize how others and bloggers themselves can actually benefit more from it, subhanAllah. I used to take it as something/’somewhere’ to just ‘store’ my stuffs in (expecting only few viewers which are mainly from the family, my close friends). And concurring to what you’ve pointed out and as Br Thurein has mentioned, even though I don’t really do the write-thing, of course it should never be an excuse for me not to gain proficiency in the language. Similar to any of those who writing wasn’t the major contributing entry there. Still it’s something we have to work on- well at least, we want to put a line or two in the caption aren’t we? ;-)

    • Wa iyyaki Sr. ‘Amirah.

      Glad you feel rejuvenated. And hope you are beginning to figure out how you want to take your blog/ging to the next level IA.

      Drop me a line when you go *public* with your blog so we can all benefit.

    • Wa alaykum salaam Sr. Shumaysa,

      You have taken a first BIG step on getting started with your blog/ging. But there’s always so much to learn, isn’t it?

      It’s my pleasure to be of help with your blog & it’s mission. Guess we have so much to learn from each other as well. You can send me a message via yHub site and we can take the conversation from there IA. JZK

  2. Thank you very much the post Amina, it is really a great read! I feel they are the exact tips I needed to kickstart my long delayed blog to get going and soon published.
    I am so anxious read your blog post on “How to Become a Lifelong Reader” totally need this right now.

    • Glad you find it beneficial Br. Hassan and hopefully inspired enough to kick-start your dream project *today*.
      Drop a message when you do please, so we can all benefit and share the khayr with all those who may benefit the most.


  3. Salam Amina,
    Jazakillah khairan for this brilliant article. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog on parenting and after reading ur post and other productive Muslim articles, I’ve gathered some tips and I think I’m ready to get started.May Allah reward u abundantly and May Allah guide us Ameen.

    • Wa alaykum salaam Sr. Hannatu,

      Amin to your duas. It’s good to hear that you benefitted from the article. Make sure you give yourself a deadline and set yourself up for some accountability. No more excuses, turn those tips you’ve gathered into action. Will be awaiting your ‘launch message’ soon IA.

  4. Salaam, thank you very much for the tips! They were very useful and I plan on implementing them ASAP. For anyone interested in a blog aimed to get the general population question the way they are living and what they believe in a positive way, check out my blog. You can also send in articles, poems and stories of your own to feature on the site as guest publications!
    The blog is: & you can email us on:

    Peace be with you,

    Light in a Glass

  5. This was such a wonderful reminder to me as a writer, Mashallah. The last 6 questions are ones I can ask myself regularly to stay in check and aligned with my personal and social mission. Thank you.

    • Baarakallahu feek Sr. Fatimah. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow writer. It’s a very important exercise – checking & rechecking ourselves always so we can align with our values and mission. Otherwise we may get distracted or loose focus, right? Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Nice article, and very practical. My blog has taken a backseat in my life in recent years, as other major life events took higher priority.

    I still try to keep it up, but my entries are much more scarce these days, and I can’t give it the attention I used to in the past.

    Still though, I want to keep it going and insha-Allah one day, when time isn’t such an issue, I can up the ante again.

  7. Asalam Alykom Sr. Amina, thanks for writing this, it was really informative. I do write sometimes in my blog ( ,but insha Allah in future I will try to consider the points that you have highlighted. I would appreciate if you give me some suggestion about my blog and how can I further improve it.
    One more thing, does it matter a lot to use a free blog hosting like blogspot of google or to host it somewhere else.

    Many Thanks.

    • Wa alaykum slm wr Br. Tooryalai,

      Glad you find the article beneficial and you are thinking about how to step up with your blogging IA. Baarakallahu fih.
      You can sign up at the yHub site where I will be sharing some basic & productive blogging tips + advice based on my journey so far IA. Why not start by answering the six questions in the article above to help your initial decision making process?

    • One more thing Br. Tooryalai, free hosting limits you in many ways so depending on what you want to achieve in the long term with your blogging, you may want to look into hosting your site yourself (paid option).

  8. Assalamu’alaikum Sr. Amina! Many thanks for these great tips! As a teenager, I always wanted to make a productive and resourceful blog that could aspire others but I always ended up in the “Me, myself and I” trap and started filling my post with gibberish. I think it’s because I didn’t have the right intention and the right content to bring up to the surface. I want to start blogging again and this time it will be about our deen, Islam, insha Allah. Thank you for inspiring me to be productive :)

    One thing, if you want to start blogging right now, which one would you prefer: WordPress or Blogspot? Many thanks for your feedback!

    • Wa alykum slm wr wb, Glad you are thinking of starting on a right note with the new blog. Stay inspired! I prefer WordPress because it is user friendly and was highly recommended to me when I was researching – before I got started on my own blog. Can’t say anything about BlogSpot. I have never used it

  9. How about keeping blog posts brief. I once heard a scholar say that the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) took care to be brief, and no recorded speech of his exceeds 20 minutes (I do not have the reference for this).

  10. i just read this article after starting my own blog today. My main intention is to bring the views of Indian Muslims in the public view. Muslims in India are afraid of expressing their views because of their fear of being called “non secular”. The aim of my blog is not to ridicule other religions but to bring forth the hidden fears of indian muslims, in light of ongoing elections.

  11. assalamualaikum warahmatullah.. jazakAllahukahiran katheera. i saved this article to read with full heart when i get time.. and this article had been such a blessing coz i actually had been struggling from the last few days over this issue. ur just awesome.. May Allah reward u abundantlyyy

  12. Jazakullah khair. Well written. After reading I realize that much of what you said can apply to vlogging as well. I will definitely be more purposeful in my future endeavours, whether written or in feont of the camera.