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  1. Jazakallahu khair for this post which is In sha Allah truly reward winning deeds. But Iam afraid that we have only 2 Eids on which we celebrate, Iam sorry but I just want to be clarify that what exactly are the parties the author is talking abt…

    • Assalam alai kum,

      I am talking about the social get together that we, women often have. some times they are are planned like “kitty parties” or communities” and some times they are im promtu.
      that’s the kind of parties i meant primarily.

      please feel free to question further

  2. Thank you so much sister Sana for the wonderful idea. Productive muslim is doing amazing work by providing us excellent ideas. Jazak Allah Khairan.

  3. Thanks for the amazing tips! I would just add one little thing that could be done, which is collecting money for the poor or the needy.

  4. Salaamun alaikum,this is really encouraging and may ALLAH SubhanaHU wa Ta ‘ ala reward you, Sana, for painstakingly presenting what could have been a distraction, into a gathering for ALLAH’S pleasure. Cheers and keep it up. This shows that, in whatever we are engaged, we could achieve success-Real Success.

    • jazaalallah….very thought provoking and inspiring…as socializing haz become a very important part of our life these days…..the author haz sweetly and modestly drawn our attention to remember allah when we are in a group…..and with useful tips too…
      allah bless you….sana gul

  5. never heard or thought of something worthwhile as this before. may Allah bless u for helping pple turn their wasteful times in the name of socializing into useful and beneficial times.

  6. Assalamu ‘alaykum
    This was a great read!!! Jazakillaahu khairan Sister Sana for the tips and ideas. Us women can easily get carried away during our social gatherings, but there is so much we can gain and offer during these gatherings. Let’s be opportunists and turn our fun times into rewards!
    Thanks again, Sr. Sana.

    Umm Asmaa