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  1. The Measuring Stick of Justice was a real gem, Mashā’Allāh. A lot of people try taking justice into their own hands, but this clearly demonstrates to us that there is a due process for enacting justice on others that may have transgressed upon our rights.

  2. JazaakumuLLAH khayran akhee, it’s about justice and balancing our day…’So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.’ QS. 55:9

  3. salam alaikum akhi, i find  your articles really motivating mashallah, however i have one slight problem and this i cant read much from a computer screen, i was wondering whether it is at al possible to have an audio button on some of the articles whereby people who have the same issue of reading from the screen due to many problems such as visual stress, audio learners etc, would be able to listen to the beneficial article instead of struggling to read its beautiful content?

  4. as we know that removing 1z beard is haram…..!!…what should 1 do if his parents are not allowing him to keep a beard …& are also being forceful..?? 

    • the answer is simple
      u cannot be disobedient to Allah SWT for being obedient to your parents.
      do find out for sure if having a beard is Fard and not nafal

  5. Example of Abu Bakr is so appropriate here, him and the other sahabaas had a very clear understanding of Qadr and the importance of actions.
    for Abu bakr it has been recorded that when he used to prepare for a war, he used to make meticulous arrangements.. so much that anyone looking at him would think that he has no tawakkul, but then he used to pray so fervently that anyone looking at him would think as if he had taken no practical steps for it.

  6. “O Prophet, if they look to their feet they’ll see us!” But the Prophet’s confident response was: “Don’t be Afraid, Allah is with us”.It teaches us that our measuring stick in Islam is Justice, not our whims and desires or revenge or hatred. We do justice even to our worst enemies and this is how we become servants of Allah instead of servants of our desires. We become truly the Best of All Nations when we apply such principles in our lives.

    It’s all about Trust in Allah,enacting Justice and how to balance emotions.

    BarakAllaahu feek.

  7. subhanallah.Quiet inspiring.For me another lesson we should learn is the virtue of patience n perseverance.Imagine d distance between makkah and madina when there were no cars,plus the weather n landscape! Anything could have happened but by the will of Allah,they forged ahead with patience and persevered despite all odds snd and Allah made it possible.Masha Allah.

  8. Mashallah! It’s refreshing to look at the Hijra in this productive way . You’ve opened my thinking. May Allah bless you Abu Productive.

  9. I am quite impressed by the work you and your team are doing at productive Muslim. It’s The need of the hour…. I hope Allah subhanahu ta’ala make us beneficial to people and our community. From this chapter of Hijjah we also learn that Strategic planning is a sunnah.
    Barakallahu feek

  10. AsalamuAlaikum,
    So interesting! Especially the part in tawakkul and giving good in return. Preparation like this, is something hard to adopt as a good habit too, which makes me consider about it to go for a better Sunni lifestyle <3. Mashallah. Thank you.
    Jazak Allah Khair brother.

  11. Assalam o alaikum brother. You are truely blessed with a special kind of observation regarding productivity. I have read this migration of RasulAllah saws so many times and yet never thought in this perspective. Thank you so much for opening up our minds and introducing such an amazing thought process.
    May Allah bless you. Ameen

  12. Assalamu alaikum.

    I loved reading both parts. JazakAllah khair for sharing productivity lessons from Hijrah at the beginning of the new Islamic year (or the Hijri Calendar).

    I just wanted to respond to this line:
    “Aren’t these the best of people in those times?”

    The Prophet Muhammad SAW was not just the best man in “those” times, but in “all” times; similarly, Abu Bakr RA was the best person in all times after all Prophets. Obviously the writer knows this fact more than I so perhaps it’s just a misprint or may be some misunderstanding on my part.

  13. Walahi this is so inspiring. Tawwakul in Allah is very important. Which implies prayer does not replace human effort, it only assist it.

  14. Excellent Exposé Bro. Whatever happens in life is Allah’s decree. We have no say but to obey Allah’s order, putting our trust completely in Him and praying hard. Success will follow in Sha Allah.

  15. Thank you. Ot makes me miss Rasul so much. Imagine that he were here at this time he gave us real example how to be real human. Nowadays muslims hate other muslims

  16. Excellent Post…Keep up the good work! It would be nice to produce a children friendly version…It would be nice to produce a Cartoon version with Ali and Sumaya for children…what do you think?

  17. Alhamdulillah , ma shaa Allah ! Allahumma thank you for this article. Allahumma bless our brothers and sisters for this work, Amin.

  18. A very knowledgeable piece of article that explains the essence of Islam.
    I am so much enlightened and confident after reading this.

  19. A very short & sweet series of “Productivity Lessons from the Hijrah”. Jazakallahu Khair for sharing this.

    “Don’t be Afraid, Allah is with us”

    One of the power word by Prophet S.A , which we need to remember always in every moment. May Allah bless us & give strength to lead our life in productive manner always.
    I am always thankful to Productive Muslim for sharing such a nice thoughts and keeping me productive always.

  20. Subhaan Allah! A wonderful article! It gives us a depth of about how ISLAM teach us about true tools regarding our life to make it beautiful, positive & productive & make this world a wonderful place for mankind. It teach us about to take steps & action to improve our lives along with the pray to Allah S.W.T. Allah made this world for actionable people with the positive attitude of peace, balance, harmony & love among humankind, not for those only hope & pray, it’s a live world, use Allah’s all blessings & take action today to improve & heal the life of yours & society.

    Thanks bro for this Article. Allah Hafiz.

  21. As-salamu alaykum,
    That’s a very interesting article.
    Talking of justice, I need a positive response on this incident which goes thus;
    A serious fight took place btw an upcoming muslim friend of mine and a christian lady in my room in school. The hall is a christian-dominated one so I’m the only muslim lady in the midst of 8 christian ladies. (believe me, it’s not easy living with non-believers )
    So, we (both ladies & I) were called to justice by the hall mistress. Though, we were threatened of suspension but after an hour of pleading & shedding crocodile tears. we were released & given a warning. (meanwhile, the day before the fight. I called my friend & talked to her about her flaws & she said she was going to change)
    On getting back to d room, a meeting was being held on the misunderstanding. The roommates were all pissed off, shouting at her (my friend) saying she has a very bad attitude & blablabla, d list was endless. And even those that she loved & trusted among them emptied their true minds & we were both shocked like WOW we thought they loved us cos they act like they do.
    And dat was when I remembered a verse in d Qur’an when Allah said ” that the Jews & Christians will never like you (muslims) until you follow their religion and do not do so for it
    would lead you astray (hellfire).
    Then, they turned to me & say “Aisha, won’t you say something (cos I kept quiet through the whole scenario) and then I said both of them were guilty & I advised them after hearing on both sides. And the roommates started shouting at me saying am being biased, hypocritical & unjust and I told them that I already talked to her yesternite about her flaws & she promised to change so I can’t say it to her face again though they wanted me to do that.
    And obviously, they wanted me to support the other girl & shout at my own friend. I couldn’t do that cos she was on the brink of crying though not a drop of tears fell from her eyes.
    And then I concluded the meeting by apologising on her behalf & she also did that.
    And they were still not satisfied with it & were grunting and murmuring. I left them at that & told them end of discussion, let bygones be bygones. let’s forgive one another & forget whatever happened today.
    So if u were in my shoes, how would you settle d fight? or how do you think I should av replied them? or am I wrong with my response or just with it?
    by d way, I had to support her cos she was my sister in Islam.


  22. Alhamdulillah very educative may Allah (SWT) reward all in the best manner both here and in the hereafter. Aaammmiiinnnnn.


  24. Productive Muslim is doin an amzin job of inspiring us to deen up.
    Jazakallah khairan
    May Allah bless u wid best here n hereaftr

  25. I like the paragraph most because I didn’t think about this.
    “One might ask: Why did the Prophet and His companion have to go plan so meticulously to go on this Hijrah? Wasn’t this Journey blessed by Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala)’s permission for the Prophet to migrate to Medina? Aren’t these the best of people in those times? Surely, Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) could have prepared for them a miracle of instant transportation to Medina like He did in the journey of Israa wal Mi’raaj?”