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  1. Assalamualaikum productive muslim team, really appreciate this tips and useful for me. Keep it up to inspire muslim!☺

  2. Thank you the productive team. This article is really apt for me because it’s exactly what I have been battling with all my life. I will stick to these tips. May Allah bless you.

  3. Assalamualaikum :)
    Jazakallahu khairan wa shukran …its Masha Allaah a nice article… i hv joined PM recently, n i find it so beneficial .its helping me alottt…n Alhamdulillaah its going to help me much mr in making me a productive practising muslimah…jazakallaah fr each n every article… in shaa Allaah evn i wud wrk harder to do my best to cm close to Allaah … :) :) :)

  4. Jzk for the article. Simple but effective.

    One comment-personally I feel presence is a state of mind and someone in an high intense environment with a busy schedule can still be present with whatever they were doing at the time. I say this because I fear that sometimes it may give a false sense of security in thinking that if one “gets away” from this “mess” , “busyness” etc. one would be more present. But in fact, for someone who struggles with being present, may continue to do so in a quiet retreat in the countryside. But, I agree that one is more likely to be present when is cut off from the routine and the mundane.

    Thanks again!

  5. Assalaamualaikum.

    Brilliant article masha allah. Taking too much on is something I have personally done continuously throughout my adult life. Although I would say I have achieved much more than alot of people due to this attitude I have come to the recent relaisation that you can say no without feeling guilty and you can still achieve important things in life without running around like a headless chicken.
    Most of the advice given in this article by the sister I have been pondering over recently and it is great to read these same thoughts on paper thereby reinforcing my thoughts.
    Jzakallahukhair for this brilliant article.
    Mohammed Yaseen

  6. MashaAllah, that’s a really good article full of fulfilling tips.
    I pray it makes me a good & better muslimah.
    keep up the good work- productive muslim.
    Truly Productive!

  7. Mash’Allah! Yasemin Inal said it well, with of course the outstanding ayat and the hadith! I truly love her work! :) <3

  8. AssalamuAlaikum Sr Yasemin, I’m so glad to know about ‘uni-tasking’ ’cause I read other books before that encouraged multi-tasking which wasn’t easy to reach for when it comes to getting every task done. It turns out that balance and blessing is something we aim for these days. Thank you for sharing us the tips that help reduce our stress in our daily lives. JazakiAllah Khair Sr.

  9. Masha Allah! This article is very good for me and i will share it to other friends to become more productive in their work…

  10. as you said in this life of fastness being productive is so difficult , cant even study one ayat of the noble quran or stitch a small frock for our daughters because we are busy and that leads to so much of frustration where we even come to a point of question … actually why are we living for …. , jazak Allah Khair sister for that inspirational motivation and steps, looking forward to see more hoping to make all your steps into practise

  11. I often multi-task sometimes and yes, it makes me lose focus on the most important thing.
    Thank you for the article. I appreciate it!

  12. Mashallah its great article, gives a lot of motivation, actually i am multitasking person being driven by the most urgent tasks all the time. hopefully i will try to start handling things better now.

  13. As Sis Yasmine truely adivsed: We live in a world of high tech, we have one hundred and one chores to do very often. If we juggle with the chores wanting to do all of them quickly to the detriment of our health, getting stressed all day long, we are the loser as we are courting health problems. It is best to concentrate on one at a time, beginning with the most urgent one asking Allah for help and courage. Point to remember: our health and life will terminate but the works will pass to other hands.

  14. Assalamualikum….
    Very informative and practical article. I liked the multitasking part the best.
    I once believed multitasking makes you productive and saves lot of time but once we multitask, it’s like a chain process. We keep on doing more and more work and end up being busy and tired, unable to enjoy day.

  15. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sister, amazing article . I like the most ” delegate, delegate’ . ?

  16. Thank you very much sis, your article make me realise that multitasking is not really good. We are always busy in this worldly dunya , running between our careerr, as a wife and as a mother and spend so little time with out Creator.. Not realising that the afterlife is the goal.. Let us pray may Allah forgive us and accepts all our ibadah to Him ..

  17. JazakALLAHU Khairan and BarakALLAHU Feekum to the Author and the Poductive Muslim team. The article simple but very effective.

  18. MashaAllah simple,useful and thought provoking.
    I want to know is this type of multitasking like to listen to some audio lectures while eating with kids or working and dishwashing in the kitchen is useful or it should be avoided?
    Plz guide

  19. As salamu alaykum,
    Masha Allaah! Very thought provoking and beneficial pieces of advise! May Allaah (SWT) bless you and the entire team for sharing such articles. Jazakallaah Khair!

  20. praise be to Allah SWT, it’s a very useful web. we must support and participate in it despite our busy activities. i’m always looking forward to hearing from you again. thanks a lot. jzkmlh.

  21. Jazakallahu Khair for such a great meaningful article. May Allah provide you more strength to publish more more more articles
    which help us lead life as “Productive Muslim Ummah “.

    This has really opened my eyes & very much helpful for us/me.And sure help in focussing on present instead worrying about future .

    Taking Risk and Going out of comfort zone will provide us good experience in dealing with different scenarios
    encounter in our digitized technological world.

    I echo on this powerful statement “Living a life of presence is really the only way to live a meaningful life”.

  22. Yasemine, May god protect your soul ! I would like to thank you for this beautiful article. I am now going to talk to my mom, say sorry and divide the chores equally between both of us !