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  1. Ma’sha Allah !! that was very cool way of explaining ….. may Allah put more barakah in this project !! I like it veryy much !! keep them coming :)

  2. Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    Masha Allah:) May Allah give us the understnding of our deen aameen.
    Yes ,May Allah SWT put more barakah inthis effort. Aameen

  3. Thank you so much for sheding light on what productivity really is about, Barak’Allahu fik.

    I am really trying to implement this vision in my life…

    I used to be such a result-focused person, and this only caused me a big amount of stress, waisted time and procrastination, because I couldn’t see results. Now I am trying to change my approach and I already feel it is working, because I know that it is the effort that matters, and not the results and I get down to work faster.

    • Kawthar, yes – if we believe that results come from Allah, and what is required from us is a 100% effort, then it’s what productivity is. Worrying about results is something beyond our capabilities, and just results in stress!

      One must note though that there is nothing wrong in analyzing if results are not coming, and then trying something different, or increasing our effort. Strategy is not haram! :-)

  4. A nice way to teach the lesson from our prophets life.
    Good keep going….
    May Allah increase your knowledge and success.

  5. Salaam.. I was thinking about that question too.. thank you for a very wonderful answers.. can use this in our usrah.. jazakallahu khair

  6. Alhamdulillah Allah chose you to write this article to remind us that the best teachers are Our Prophets,may Allah bless Them All. I would appreciate this article further if there would have been references to the verses of The Holy Quraan. I read it as a simple literature. For me, it lacks weight and depth which is crucial when talking about any personality in Islaam so that we realise the difficulties in their mission and the prevailing environment which rendered their tasks more complicated and thus showing the qualities of those personalities which thus serve as an example. It is simply my opinion with the aim of having more founded articles. May Allah guide us towards a superb and well known website.amin.

    • Salaams Imteyaz. I appreciate your diligence in asking for Quranic references.

      First of all, I must point out that all references are given in the Surah Nuh book ( ), which also includes lessons and other extra benefits of the story of Nuh (pbuh).

      Second, this article was written keeping the kids in mind (in particular the LEGO illustrations) and I felt the break for references would interrupt the flow of the story.

      In case you are interested, all the inferences are drawn from Surah Nuh (all of the surah), and Surah Hud verses 25-49.

  7. Mashallah. Loved it. Inshallah we can learn and apply these lessons to our life. May Allah reward you and increase you in imaan and wisdom and benefit everyone from your knowledge. Sharing this beautifully explained article. Am going to read your other writings too Inshallah. Jazakallah khair.

  8. That was an awesome story by Mezbauddin. Mashallah. I would definitely buy his books if they happen to ship to Brunei. Very creative in the way he presented the points and lessons of the Quran and very kid friendly! I’m definitely subscribing to his blog.

    • I appreciate the love of my work, thank you! I am trying (dare I say being productive!) to see if I can get other publishers locally in Muslim countries so they can avoid the costly shipment by Amazon outside of Western nations but right now it’s a stumbling block. However, I know Amazon does ship to Brunei; though I am not sure of the cost.

  9. Ma sha Allah this blog is awesome ..
    May Allah reward all your efforts with best here and hereafter. Aameen
    Jazakamullahu khairan.

  10. As. Alykum. At first, I would like appreciate Productive Muslim’s effort to inform & empower all Muslims with your different productions be it news letter, E- book etc. Secondly, our religion is stands in de middle amongst others religions , so My suggestion comes to you show case & high light how moderate is this religion. A peace full religion which one of its fundamental couse is to spread peace in this world, hijacked by some to wage hatred, horror & causing harm all over this world.

  11. Thank you for sharing this perspective on productivity. It made me look at productivity from a completely different angle. Your lego illustrations are also a very creative way to teach important lessons from our Prophets. Keep up the good work Mezba.

  12. We at The Abdul Azeez Foundation (a Charity / Trust) in Sri Lanka are at present involved in alleviating poverty and illiteracy among the Muslim Ummah in Sri Lanka – and involved in research.
    We a quarterly Newsletter – Ash-Shifa – and therefore wish to send this Newsletters regularly to Productive Muslim as an initial step and then – Insha Allah – for any joint work.
    If you are interested in our Newsletter please confirm it by way of replying this post.

    Kind regards

    Jazak Allah Khairan

    Rasheed Farook

  13. I copied and paste some of the message on my Facebook page hoping someone will benefit from it. May Allah give you the strength to publish more of this. Jazakallah khaira

  14. Salam alaikum dear Productive Muslim, I really commend your effort on putting a spotlight to the ways and lesson we can learn from the Holy prophets n messengers. Am presently working on a Muslim youth competition tagged “STREAM” abbreviation of major subjects I believe just like you extracted Productivity from Quranic verses to proof ways of prophets, it will be possible to do such in other subjects like Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Mathematics

    may ALLAH swt continue to increase ur knowledge and understanding of deen, Aameen

  15. As salaam alaykum,

    May Allah SWT reward you. This is a great way to interest kids in the stories of the prophets in a fun way.

  16. mashallah excellent

    you done it again productive muslim team

    amazing way to illustrate the story with lego aswell so kids understand

    may Allah reward you all for sharing your amazing advice and guidance of being productive

  17. As salam alaikum all

    Mashallah excellent

    ” Knowing When to Let Go” refocus and work great floods great understanding and presentation in way of simple point ;was every excellent

  18. As salam alaikum all

    ” Knowing When to Let Go” refocus and work great floods great understanding and presentation in way of simple point ;was every excellent

    • Thank you! I feel there are more parallels in the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Prophet Nuh (pbuh) that I didn’t expand on in this article. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had to let go of the idea of living and preaching in Makkah after 13 years and refocus in Madina.

  19. What a shame. You can picturing a prophet in cartoon style legos. Showing face or not, it is still very dis-respectful and against honor.

    You better go and get a fatwa from pious Mufti about this action and for Abu Production preaching this to all public.

    Do a tajdeed e eeman for safe side now!

  20. Truly amazing productivity lessons from the life of Prophet Nuh AS, indeed and very simple to understand especially for children and adults alike because it is beautifully summarized.

    Please do continue your amazing work and I will be happy to purchase any of your books. Inshaa Allah

    JazzakAllahu khairan, may Allah swt bless you and your family greatly in this life and the next. Ameen

  21. Thank you for all the positive comments and constructive criticism. I could not reply to everyone individually but I did make sure to read each comment.

  22. MashaAllah really Inspiring..but I have a question
    I understand that we should make our efforts n must not be bothered abt the results butwhy aftwt putting in alot of effort to memorize we forget the verses??? This actually is demotivating

  23. May Allah SWT shower His Barakaat on you. Quran is an endless treasure of Hikmah and blessed are the people who make their best efforts to share its gems. only this concept of productivity can clean up disappointment and depression.

  24. As salamu alikum,
    Great article to learn about surah nuh inshallah we all should try to implement in our lives.may Allah reward u and productive muslim team ,jazakallah khairan

  25. Ma sha ALLAH … at this time Muslim Ummma needs Positive motivation especially in Islamic perspective & you are doing the same… Jazak ALLAH Ho Khairaaann

  26. Salaams to all the productive Muslim team. I really love your job. And for the writer, I am giving you a thumbs up.
    I like the way you explained everything in a fun way. I would like to know if one day you happen to come to Nigeria so that I will invite you to talk about the lives of the prophet in this awesome way to my youth group in one of our gatherings in sha Allah. May Allah increase us in knowledge and let us see more of your fantastic work. Ameen.

    • Salaams Zainab Usman.

      I was just at Niagara last week! And I am speaking with another youth group on Jan 30 in Toronto. You can email me (my contact info is on my site) and we can take it from there.


  27. This method of presentation is HARAM (PROHIBITED) in Islam. See this Fatwa (from Jamiatul Ulama (KZN))

    Respected Brother/Sister in Islam
    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh
    This innovative method of teaching children the stories of the Prophets is unacceptable.

    Besides the fact that picture making of animate objects is prohibited in Islam, depicting the Prophets of Allah through cartoons or figurines is also grossly disrespectful and is therefore not permissible.

    The same will apply to the Sahabah (illustrious companions) of the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

    It is of utmost importance that we develop admiration and reverence for the Ambiyaa and Sahaabah within our children by reading their stories to them. Portraying them as cartoon characters will negatively impact on their understanding of these great personalities.

    May Allah guide us all to do that which is pleasing to him at all times. Aameen.
    And Allah Knows Best.


    Mufti Ismaeel Bassa
    Fatwa Department

    Jamiatul Ulama (KZN)
    Council of Muslim Theologians
    Tel : +27 (0) 31 2077099
    Fax : +27(0) 31 2074163
    Website :

  28. I really liked the presentation and I want to show it tomorrow to my classmates and teacher tomorrow in our Qura`an class.