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  1. JazakumAllah khair for the article it so marvelous. Sure parents should buy the productive magazine to motivate the children in a good manner.

  2. Al humdulilah this magazine is so much needed for this generation reading your views reminded me of my upbringing too mashAllah praises to you for thinking of a magazine for young muslims Allah give you jazai khair Aameen and good luck for the future. From sister Rashida.

  3. Asalaamu alaikum
    Please could you let us know when publishing reviews if there any conflicting interests/bias. It is unclear from the article who the makers of the app are: are they linked to Productive Muslim or the author of the article?

  4. Assalamualaikum,
    I like this magazine….truly our younger generation need this!!! hey will be truly inspired Insha Allah. But I wish you could post a copy rather than a digital copy….as me n my kids love reading and prefer a hard copy. Is there such an option?

  5. Asalamu Alaikum .the magazine will be a very good thing for the kids. since it will have some thing to do with there deen n it might lead them to creativity in there life. i prefer it should come in both copy.

  6. Masha’Allah a commendable effort! Our youngs truly need access to more of such attractive and intriguing stuff. However as gobs of people want a magazine in hard copy, may I suggest Radiance – living and loving the young Muslim Lifestyle. It simply makes my kids asking for more and more… more reading and more deen hand in hand!

  7. Salamu alaikum Mona In Sha Allah should be written in 3 separate words not tigether. Insha written together means create then if you write Allah after it it gives the meaning create Allah. But if written in 3 separate words it means if Allah wills.

    • Assalamualeikum Rukaiyatu,

      This practice of writing Insha’Allah with gaps is just a form of innovation that many people unknowingly are falling into. although the intentions are good but we need not create new things out of the blue and thus making deen tough; there had been many such hacks previously too like saying ‘we should write Muhammad with ‘e’ as ‘mad’ at the end means ‘mad’ Naozobillah. as well as many others.
      we need to consider that when you know that someone (eg. sister Mona) doesnt means Insha’Allah to mean ‘create Allah’ naozobillah then whatever transliteration she used can be deemed as acceptable, insha’Allah.

  8. As salaam alaikum wrwb
    Masha Allah, it is really a wonderful magazine for young Muslims! I particularly liked the fact that it combines both knowledge of the deen as well as aims at providing good general knowledge to the kids. Very colourful and attractive format. In all, a wholesome reading experience!! Keep up the good work!

  9. I found it very useful.Not a single action of Muslim life style is not productive.All resources including time,money are amanah gifted by Allah (SWT).It is entire need of the time that Muslim Ummah be productive to meet the challenges of the time.

  10. Assalaam alykum,
    Hope this sort of articles will continue enlightening the young stars whose behaviours are nearly leads them to their fall.
    May Allah bless you and continue giving us your enlightenment stories.

  11. AssalamuAlaikum Sr,
    Mashallah it’s really interesting to know that a productive digital magazine exists in a world full of distractions in dunya today. I wonder if this digital magazine available in Arabic and other languages? If they’re available, I’d be pleased to share this with my nephews and nieces.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. J.A.K
    May Allah elevates you in Dunya and Akhira.

  12. Assalaamalaikum,

    Thank you everyone for the feedback and encouragement.

    Replies to a few of the questions above –
    a) Quest Jr is not affiliated with Productive Muslims. We are an independent team and Productive Muslim was very kind to review our product.
    b) Print / Hard copy – We wanted to reach as many children as possible and going digital helps us reach a global audience. Unfortunately international shipping costs at the moment do not make a print version feasible.
    c) Quest Jr magazine in Other languages – at this time we are publishing only in English. Publishing in Arabic is definitely part of our future plans. We are a volunteer organization, so if anyone is willing to help us with writing / translation we would love to work together on this project. Please contact us at

    One of the magazine’s aim is to provide a platform for young writers. We are always looking for writers, connect with us for more information.

    Inshallah, we shall be launching a Ramadan promotion, the best time to grab a subscription if you were still waiting.


    Quest Jr Team