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  1. Masha Allah it’s a very good treat to anybody who loves traveling and in the process can learn so much of Islam along with having fun and leisure at the same time.May god bless you for your endeavour.Ameen

  2. I desperately want to join this retreat, but I do not earn enough to participate in such an expensive one. How I wish to participate….😌

    • Same here I also want to join this trip but it expensive. How could to attend this trip ? Please guide me .

    • Salam Shafiya! Our book is mainly available on Awakening Store online. You may contact them to place a demand in your country. But for now, considering your location, you may want to purchase it from here. That’s the closest location to your place and will cost you less shipment fee inshaAllah. If you have other questions, let us know at

  3. Assalamualaikum,

    I will be visiting Sri Lanka in March and would like to go to an orphanage. I just wanted to know if you could tell me more about the orphanage you worked with and contact Information. Jazakullah khayr!