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    • Alhamdulillah, jazakumAllah khair katheeran for your comment :D
      I could relate so much to Abu Unproductive.. May Allah [swt] ease it for us, ameen. :)

  1. Salam .
    This is pretty most realistic and down to earth practical .
    There appears to be no option . If one cares , it is all worth embracing .
    May Allah reward you .

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.
      May Allah reward you and your family as well, jazakumAllah khair.

  2. I am a fan of comic books and frankly speaking , I truely enjoined it and learned some productive lessons from it. Jazakallah khairan. Eager to wait for your next productive comic.

    • Alhamdulillah, am truly happy to hear that it has been useful in some ways ^_^
      JazakumAllah khair!

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!
      JazakumAlah khair, thank you for taking some of your time out to read this. :)

  3. Beautiful lesson!
    What hit home for me most was the advice about “unresolved issues”. These few coming days need to be dedicated to dealing with those issues. There’s time to turn things around and enter into Ramadan with less baggage, in sha’ Allah.
    JazaakAllahu kherian!

    • JazakumAllah khair! :D
      To be honest, same here ;) There are always some unresolved issues lying around, but it’s never too late to deal with them consistently, one-by-one, everyday.
      May Allah ease it for us and help us enter and make the most of Ramadan productively, ameen!

  4. Aselamu Aleykum, MashaAllah it is a nice lesson for most of us. May Allah make us among those who benefited from this article. But I have one comment here ‘reading Halal Fiction in free time’. Is there a “FICTION” which is “HALAL”. How could fiction be halal? this is just my opinion, I want to hear yours.Jezakumullahu Khairen

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. JazaakumAllah khair for you comment! :D
      Halal means that it’s PERMISSIBLE in Islam. So, could fiction be permissible in Islam?
      This link has all the explanation; please take a look:

      I hope that answers your question, JazaakumAllah khair! :)

  5. Asalam Alaykum warahmatulahii wabarakatu my dear brothers and sisters allhamduliilah that Ramadan is knocking our doors n this kind of preparations are very important…. may Allah reward all of n jzk …..may Allah (swa) rewards good in this duna and akera ..

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!
      Yes indeed, alhamdulillah Ramadan is coming soon! Ameen, may Allah accept all our deeds and fasting in Ramadan.

  6. Assalaam Aleykum, MashaaAllah this article is nice and Educational, i work with Muslim Youth aged 11 to 20 i will add this information while discussing about Ramadhaan . Jazaakallahu Khayran

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!
      JazaakumAllah khair, we’re honoured to have our resources used. May Allah increase you in rewards, ameen.

  7. Sometimes when I want to achieve too much in a day, i’d end up burning out instead. There’s weightlifting goals, Quran memorisation goals, Optional prayer goals house chores, spending time with friends and families Working on shifts made it worst too

    . I remembered how last Ramadhan I gave up on working out because I want to focus on resting and doing other forms of prayers, I thought it would be a good idea, but it got me feel even worse because I kept telling myself I’m a failure because I gave up.

    So the whole month I ended up arguing with myself. Lol. Hopefully this month, I won’t be the same.

    Guess I should lay back on trainings and don’t be too hard on myself.

    I’ll be sure to share this to my family members and in my blog.Hehe.

    • Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh! JazakAllah khair!
      Oh yes, suddenly dashing off trying to achieve many things all out once can result us in being burned out. Step by step is the key. And, it’s possible to balance all physical, social and spiritual aspects of life, as is explained in the Ramadan Bootcamp :) Did you check out the free online webinars for that?
      What it explains in terms of exercise during Ramadan is that it’s IMPORTANT — mostly for the brain! So I’d recommend not to lay back on exercises; otherwise we can feel tired. Did you know that just star-jumps can keep us awake instead of drinking coffee? (yeah i tried it to stay awake for this online study which was occurring at midnight.. and it worked! I feeled so refreshed, and don’t remember even needing to drink water — which means that exercising during Ramadan is not impossible) More information on this such as productivity in Ramadan is explained in the Ramadan Bootcamp, and it’s beneficial insha’Allah.
      May Allah [swt] provide us the strength to be productive this Ramadan, ameen!

  8. Assalamu alaikum brothers and reading. I have read everyone’s comments and I really hope that InshaaAllah the obstacles that we are all facing will soon be over and Allah is the best of planners we must keep faith and not give up. I am going through the exact same thing.

    The last year has been the most hardest year ever sometimes I feel as though I have depression but, cover it well. Have you ever cried so much and then had to wipe away the tears and go infront of people especially family and act like nothing has happened.

    Mt wedding is in August and Alhamdulillah I am so grateful that Allah swt has blessed me with the right person and I am able to get married I am only 21 and I am also at my final year of university as you can imagine it’s been a stressful year. I also work a part time job. My sister only for married last year and I didn’t want to burden my parents with having to pay for my wedding and Alhamdulillah I have savings so I am paying for the whole wedding myself and it has been hard but Alhamdulillah I have enough and it won’t be a grand pretentious wedding so I’m glad. On top of that I have just finished university and I did really bad in my final year I failed assignments and just found out I failed my dissertation and it kills me as I did work hard but it’s not been enough and I feel very unlucky at times as I have failed my driving test for the 6th time and I feel depressed morning has been going right for me all year and I do pray and I read the Quran I am not a bad person but sometimes times I feel like just giving up. It’s sad when everybody around me is passing university and passing their driving and I keep failing and I’m very stressed about my wedding too as its in August and I can’t resit my dissertation that is also due in August all I want is to graduate in July with a 2.1 and to pass my driving before my wedding as I need a car desperately. People have also tried to ruin my marriage alliance by spreading rumours and I always pray that Allah keeps the enemies away and gives me a blessed marriage where I am a good wife and my husband is good to me and may Allah strengthen our imaan and bring us closer to him. Please InshaaAllah make duaah for me at times I feel like I’m only 21 and I wish I wasn’t getting married but I know it’s a blessing but I feel like why me why am i facing such hardship and when will it end. Please pray for me InshaaAllah

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh sister! Ameen to your duaas, and Masha’Allah Alhamdulillah! :D
      Masha’Allah you’re hardworking and strong; may Allah [swt] strengthen our imaan and helps us fight through struggles and hardship, ameen!
      Marriage is truly a blessing, and there are sisters around me who want to get married even whilst studying at uni. May Allah [swt] Bless your marriage, ameen.
      During struggles, here’s a hadeeth that helped me:
      The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that.” — Sahih al-Bukhari —
      So sister, for every sadness, sorrow, pain, even if it’s just a small negative emotion, Allah [swt] forgives your sins for that. SubhanAllah. :D You got this bi idhnillah!

      • Allah [swt] is truly Merciful, and throughout my years I’ve learned that whatever challenges and struggles we go through, it’s for our own good :) So we never give-up, we strive! :D You’re never alone; Allah [swt] is All-Knowing, Most-Merciful.
        Sending regular blessings on the Prophet Muhammad (S) is a healing for the hearts, and Surah Yusuf has been found to help heal sadness.

        Also, I thought of sharing this quote which also motivated me (the above mentioned hadeeth was a great reliever subhanAllah), and I hope the above mentioned hadeeth and this bonus quote motivates us all as well:
        “I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past” – Unknown –

        Plus, Allah [swt] says in the Quran:
        “Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. It will have [the consequence of] what [good] it has gained, and it will bear [the consequence of] what [evil] it has earned. “Our Lord, do not impose blame upon us if we have forgotten or erred. Our Lord, and lay not upon us a burden like that which You laid upon those before us. Our Lord, and burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear. And pardon us; and forgive us; and have mercy upon us. You are our protector, so give us victory over the disbelieving people.”” {2:286}

        Allah [swt] does not burden a soul more than it can.
        Will make duaa for you sister, so please, never give-up! >:D You got this bi idhnillah!

  9. Assalam o Alaikum wr wb..
    Good work done..
    I found it useful for my self.
    جزاك الله بأحسن الجزاء
    Besides I got inspirationfor myself from the work you have done to guide others..

    • Wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!
      JazakumAllah khair, alhamdulillah all Praises to Allah!
      Really happy to hear that this has been of some use. :) JazakumAllah khair