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  1. Even my imaginary friends stopped talking to me…funny!! Taking a break for a while helps. You come back with a fresh new perspective on life. Sometimes we have to live in the real world to write about it

  2. I have confession to make :)
    I’m addicted to your writings!
    Your words transfer rocky paths to smooth silky ones.
    Your writings are…..
    How can I say it, how can I tell you…..Uh yes got it….
    Unique, an Epiphany!
    It’s simply beautiful. Thank you!


    • Coming from my mentor… This is a huge honor!
      Thank you Julia… May Allah reward you for all the goodness you do day in day out and always guide you to the right path and help you guide others. Amen

  3. Great piece with such useful tips. I can attest to the fact that when you remember Allah and attribute your creativity to Him, the creative juices flow greatly! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. It was a lovely piece to read and re-confirmed some of my notions for writers block especially when you don’t have passion for something or its just doesn’t feel right. These days, nothing feels “right”, but Its a gift from Allah….and when its time, He alone will let me know…..Jazakallahu khairan sis! Will definitely be following you…..maybe you can empower my writing too….I love the ‘power’ that comes from words and for the first time, I actually feel I have a super power…..

  5. Beautiful!
    I just hopelessly looked around to see if there is something I can get about how to write… And there it is!
    I think I need to pray for help and say Bismilliah.
    Well done! Great job sister:)

    • How beautiful it is when Allah brings you the same thing you’ve been looking for out of no where
      Allah must love you a lot Summan mashAllah. May you spread this love through your words inshAllah

  6. I was just talking about how the creativity of my youth has disappeared when “BAM!’ This email shows up in my inbox with its screaming title. You Allah’s (swt) vehicle of inspiration to others. I hope I don’t again forget his signs. Insha-Allah.

  7. Alhamdulillah and jazakallah khairan to the writer. Just what I need at this moment when everything including my creativity seems to be standing still.

  8. As salaamu alaykum Lilly,

    Thank you so much for this down-to-earth piece. It serves as a reminder to me as a writer and blogger, that Allaah is the One who can and would inspire His creations through using Muslim writers.

    Sincerity, hope, and optimism are keys to writing successfully, not to only earn a modest living, but for a barakah-filled life simple because our words by Allaah’;s grace alone, have touched various lives, here and abroad.

    May Allaah aid us all in this journey because writing is a talent that must be shared with the world. It’s a God-given gift that must be shared with the rest of the world. May Allaah continue to empower us all with the utmost level of sincerity. Allaahuma aameen!

  9. Assalam Aleikum
    MashaAllah nice article May Allah reward you and always inspire you to write beneficial and productive articles like these.
    My question is what if your heart beats for writing the wrong stuff that’s un-Islamic (haraam love, nothing inspiring or productive) and whenever I write things concerning Islam and productivity you go blank. What do you do in such cases???

    • I’ve actually been waiting for this question Abdulkadir, so thank you!
      Well, even if your writing isn’t related to Islam directly, it still depends on your intention
      If you’re passionate about writing about haram love for example, what are you hoping for your readers to feel?
      Some people write poetry or start a blog about baking or gardening- it’s not related to Islam but maybe it helps people find their talents and passions and motivates them to use their time wisely.
      Sometimes the intention is to make a reader smile through a tough day!
      So ask yourself, what’s your goal? When there’s no destination we’re just lost!
      Just you asking this question means you don’t wanna cause corruption. Just you asking this question means you’re this close to using your talent for good!! He gave you this talent and He will guide you on how to use it inshAllah. Just say Bism Allah, start with the end in mind and keep trying.

  10. Assalamu’alaikum,
    Masha Allah great article! I’ve been a freelance writer for almost 3 years now and, although I can speak for hours on my specialty (I am a clinical & naturopathic dietitian), writing doesn’t come that easily. I guess the reason is that when I speak to people, I can ask them questions to see if they got what I meant. But when you write, there is always a chance that the reader might misunderstand and that can be scary.

    So here’s what I did (and that totally resonates with what you wrote): every time I am about to start researching / writing about a topic, I ask Allah to guide me towards scientific literature and content that are accurate and will help whoever is reading my piece to improve their health and become more grateful towards Him. This acts as a reminder that only Allah has power, not me and that only Allah can inspire me and guide me. As you said ‘It is all Him, not [me]’ – knowing this keeps one humble and being humble makes your du’a sincere. Sincere dua’s are more likely to be accepted (and no more writer’s block ;)).

    May Allah bless you all during this Ramadan.

  11. AssalamuAlaikum Sr. Lilly,
    Masha’Allah your article is so practically helpful! I truly admire your mom’s words that you quoted! Beautiful.
    Thank you tons for sharing, J.A.K.

  12. Thank you so much for your advice, tips nd tricks. Very much apprexiated, may Allah help all of us who are struggling in their cause for good and may Allah reward us readers and writers!!