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  1. You will Choose up the very nice topic.This article increased my knowledge. Now I think I will again live my life as normal. Thanks for giving this information.

    • Your words are too kind, Jazaki Allahu Khairan Sister Amina. It is a topic of importance and helpful reminders are always beneficial. :-)

  2. As salaamu alaikum,

    Barak Allahu Feeki, Sr. Monique, for this informative article on how to effectively deal with anger. I love the dua you provided in tip #1 (seeking Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala’s Help and making Dua regularly). I’m going to work on reciting that often, in shaa Allah. I agree that it’s important to actively identify our emotional triggers and the best ways to prevent it and cope with it. Stress is definitely one of the biggest emotional triggers for most people (including myself) so a good way to prevent it is to be as efficient as possible with our time and resources. Make a to-do list. Set deadlines and strive to meet them. Avoid procrastinating by breaking up tasks into smaller & doable steps and by starting as soon as possible. And most importantly, ask for help. We don’t have to do everything ourselves and it’s not healthy to keep our feelings bottled up all the time, so we should constantly reach out to others for help and support.

    – Jessica S. Dukharan

    P.S. I wrote a blog post on 50 simple ways you can de-stress. If stress is one of your emotional triggers, then I highly recommend looking over it to see various ways you can cope with your stress and prevent yourself from becoming frustrated or angry often. Here’s the link to it in case anyone would like to check it out (in shaa Allah):

    • Duaa can be such a game changer when we make duaa with sincerity, patience and keep at it. We can look to the example of the prophet ﷺ, who would repeat his own duaa multiple times with great patience.

      Stress can be beneficial or harmful dependent on how much of it we have and utilizing positive coping skills. Thank you for the blog link.

      Jazaki Allahu Khairan

  3. The lack of self-awareness is really one of the biggest causes of anger and all its evil. Self-Awareness can really help us locate the root cause and address it most effectively. Jazak’Allah

    • Absolutely, self-awareness is the key to progress for many concerns such as anger, anxiety or a lack of productivity.

  4. Brilliant article! If I feel that anger is setting in, I’ve been taught to immediately describe my feelings by saying….
    When ____________ happens I feel_____________. If necessary, to the person or if not then just to myself. It’s like I’ve given my brain something to chew on. I calm down immediately when I have ‘logic’ restored. Hilarious, but Insha Allah someone benefits.

  5. Assalamu alaikum. My name is Adit, I am college student and right now I am doing thesis as my final task in college, “Anger” is something i never know how to handle it, I heard about something saying “it’s bad if you let it pent”, and there are some thought “you can get angry cause why you must do it all while your friend enjoying their private time and you burdened with the task and that is group task too”, “you don’t deserve to be treated like that”, “why you must silence”, “why when I silence they want me to speak and act?”, “they will take advantage of you”, “it’s not fair”, and “I am cursed ?”, I seek to Allah , but before i know it maybe bit late, and I am always hindered by many tasks, strange thought, and left alone. Dear Brothers if anyone read this , I would be thankfull for the rest of my life if someone help me.

    • Hi. I’m really glad you formulated these statements. Most people don’t, and they end up blaming everybody for the bad choices they make in life.

      The idea is to keep formulating them. Keep asking _what_ makes you angry, but go one step further. Dare to _question_ these statements. You don’t have to be like everybody. Live by what you think is right, not by what _they_ want you to think is right.

      When you say “it’s not fair”, *why* should it be? You can’t expect everybody to be good. You just have to accept reality and deal with it. Because you can’t change people. That’s beyond your control.
      But if you do get angry, ensure that your anger causes a *positive* change, and not more destruction and broken hearts.

      See, questioning and problem-solving are skills, and it’ll take an eternity to teach you all of those. But what’s essential is that you keep digging deeper inside your thoughts. Write them down. See if they make sense. When you say some people are partying and you are working, *because of that* you should be partying too, does it make sense? I mean, *why* should you party _because_ they are partying? Because you should be doing everything that they do? But why?

      At the end of the day you should stop seeing it as _your_ fault. Because nobody is born intelligent. It is a lifelong process. So keep learning and challenging yourself.