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  1. Yes Masha Allah you have helped me to change my perspective. This article is very helpful. Jazakkallahu kher.

    • Masha Allah
      What a beautiful n helpful article
      Get up all of us n connect to d 1 who created us n den see

  2. A good article..
    Reminding us to turn to Allah
    Thanks for sharing it…as I needed this reminder
    Jazak Allah

  3. Mashaallah! Thankyou very much for this! Timely! Ive been feeling so broken and sad these past few days. I shouldnt let this weakness control everything. ☺

    • Yes my dear sister Hanna – feel free to visit my website at for more articles – losses and challenges and disappointments in life are meant to keep us going back to The One:
      The One Who can Heal – The Healer.
      The One Who can Provide – The Provider.
      The One Who can Love – The All- Loving.
      The One Who can take every worry and every fear and every difficulty and every failure and transform them into serenity, courage, ease and triumph.
      So just as we hurt and fall, we can also, with the grace of Allah, heal and rise again.

  4. As salaamu’ alaikum,

    May Allah give you and your family all the blessings on earth, guidance and forgiveness. This article came to me at the right time. I needed to read this more than anything. I feel that it was truly from Allah. He communicated with me through your article.

    Thank you so much!!!!
    May Allah bestow his love, mercy, guidance and forgiveness upon all of us believers!
    Subhan Allah

  5. Jzk for this reminder. In times of hardships reading such articles help to heal our souls. In addition to this, I would like to add that Prophet Mohammed(saws) used to make dua to beat challenges in times of difficulties and depressions. We should make such duas regularly in our prayers.

  6. Jazakom Allah khairan I like the reference to the relevant verses from the holy Quran May Allaah reward you abunduntly for this work Keep up the good work

  7. Assalamualaikum everyone,
    MashaAllah very beautiful article..many of our loved ones are in pain now. May Allah SWT helps them to reduce their pain..Ameen. May Allah SWT give us patience and bless us.Ameen

  8. Masha Allah,so insightful,great article,will share it with a revert sister who has been through tough tests in her life.Barak Allah.

  9. Jazakumullah khayran, in fact, this message will go a long way in the life of Muslims. May Almighty Allah rewards you abundantly. Ameen.

  10. SalamWRWB Productive Muslim team,

    May Allah put more baraqah in your work.
    I wonder if it is possible to have all the collection of articles in PDF form, it would be easier to read again and again as a regular reminder for ourselves. I have limited access to internet, would appreciate if i can download the articles in pdf format. Jazak Allah Khair.


  11. ” So yes, we will hope, we will dream, we will strive, and we will build. Indeed we can fail, fall, and feel hurt, betrayed, and feel a lack of empathy and compassion from others. However, we can get back up, try again, hope again, dream again, strive again and build again. We can succeed again. We can be happy and fulfilled again…… ”

    loved these line most… JazakAllaahu Khairan…

  12. As-Salam Alaykun
    Masha Allah, Yes you have help lift my spirit with this article. After spending all day yesterday / night long depressed & lost in thoughts, waking up to read this encouraging & beautiful article I truly believe it’s Allah swt way of communicating with me today. Subhanalah, Alihamdulilah?
    May Allah grant you all that will be dutiful to you here in dunyah & hereafter.
    Jazakumuulah Kyrain

  13. Asalam aleikum Jazakallahu khairan May Allah bless ur work nd reward you abundantly very refreshing to a hopeless heart.

  14. Jazakallaah, I was extremely depressed this morning coming to work, reading this article has made me feel very good, inspired and in control of myself,
    May all our duah’s be excepted, may the Almighty strenghten our Imaan & Faith, Insha-Allaah.

  15. This article is really an inspiring one, it has a lot of lessons of life in it that a person should always try not to forget.. keep it up with the good Job and may Allah forgive us.

  16. Jazakumullah khairan. Alhamdulillah, this article was an amazing reminder. Please continue your work on this topic, as I’m sure others can use such reminders through difficult times. It was a such a blessing reading this right now. May Allah reward you and guide you.

  17. Masha Allah.. Inspiring indeed. Looking forward to remember those words. Indeed they are helpful.
    Jazak Allah Khayran

    MashaAllah such clarity in the way you’ve laid it all out and so profoundly inspiring to just have FAITH. Allah bless and keep you and continue to enable you to share His truths in shaa Allah. May we all be guided biidhnillah.
    Allah hafidh

  19. Mashallah great and beneficial information. May Allah reward and bless you, me, and all Muslims inshallah. Ameen

  20. May Allah be pleased with you,

    This article came to me exactly when I needed it. Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah guide us all and allow us to remember these words whenever we face difficulties.
    Everything we need is with Allah.

  21. ALHAMDULILLAH ?JazakALLAH million times. May ALLAH reward you abundantly in the best way ameen.
    It lifted my spirits. Indeed ALLAH SUBHANWATALLAH talked to me through this article. ALHAMDULILLAH millions times. One thing more I want to share with everyone. Any love that you have for a human which crosses the boundries set by ALLAH will surely gonna break you into pieces. Then you will find who truly loves you; Your RABB!!! So never ever love any human more than you love ALLAH.

  22. Ma sha Allah ! Tabarak Allah !
    Beautiful words . You are absolutely right sister. being in a difficult situation myself, I was starting to think like this and your article seems like a sign to me that I am on the right track .

    May Allah swt bless you with Imaan and guidance and insight and you continue to write and help people always Ameen


    Sana Gul

  23. Jazakallah for the article.I received it at correct time and found it very useful.May almighty allah ease our burdens.

  24. Assalamalaikum

    Very beautifully writtern.we all need such reminders at some point in our lives which helps
    Us to cope up with difficult situations . Jazak Allah khair . May Allah SWT reward you immensely . Ameen .

  25. Ma shaa Allah, truly enlightening and touching. At times when I go through pain and just when I feel like I’m going to collapse, I imagine myself in a dead end situation, one far more challenging then the one I’m currently struggling with. I wonder what I would do if I ever fall into that situation, and usually patience and strength is the only way out. I then tell myself that showing patience in less severe situations is needed to build up the inner strength I may one day have to call upon. Helps me alot

    • This is a good strategy dear – whenever Omar ibn Al khattab was afflicted with any calamity, he would say alhamdullilah that it wasn’t worse, that it wasn’t in my faith and that it’s not as great as when the prophet peace be upon him passed away.

  26. Assalamualaikum ,
    Ma shaa ALLAH heart touching article. Testing goes on with everyone but the right person or words wil not be available always to console and guide ……Ur article indeed has done both the things simultaneously ALHAMDULILLAL ….Now I know with whom I have to be firmly bond and expect from , through out life ….The creator Alwadood ….JAZAKUMULLAHU KHAIRAN KASEERAN for everyone’s efforts in spreading this divine message ……

  27. Masha Allah. We all face difficult times in life and the best way to stay strong is by reminding oneself that everything happens according to Allah’s will and He alone can change one’s condition. May Allah reward you abundantly for such wonderful words of encouragement. Ameen

  28. Salam/Shanti
    God bless you Raghad Ebied for this very meaningful and wonderful article. Thanks for sharing it with us

  29. This came to members of our organisation at d most needed time for such to be read and pass to others (include non members) may Allah (SWT) reward you in the best manner both here and in the here after AMEEN.

  30. Jazakallahu khairan for sharing the inspiring article. Allah azza wa jalla tests us by trials and tribulations to see if we are patient. Unless we undergo these trials successfully we can’t enter Jannah. May Allah azza wa jalla reward the efforts of the ProductiveMuslim team.

  31. Alhamdulillah, I mst confessed that you people always hit the nail right on the head, why I said that is all your articles always coincided with my very own situation, I don’t know how it is but it’s like u ppl hd a picture of our minds and thought. what I will say here is Continue the good work, ure right on the right track, May Allah in His infinite mercy continue to guard and guide you and shower all His blessings on you and your Family. JAZAKUMULLAHU KYAIR.


  32. Mashaallah,
    A great article after ramzaan when the shaitaan is free from kaid. Very inspiring and bringing back to deen from duniya.

  33. Aliamdulillah for this article, i have failed severally but i kept on with the creator of the universe, though yet to see the breaklight but so sure that it will come soonest, and when it happens you all shall rejoice with me because i will pronounce his kindness to mankind mah sha Allah.

  34. Mashallah very nice article . In the times of difficulty human beings tends to get differentiated from this world and think only about the problems they face and forget about the blessings and gifts of allah, one has to tend towards allah who is always with a momin who loves more than anyone else. Thanks for the beneficial article.

    • Dear Tasha,
      There are times when professional help is needed and there is nothing wrong with seeking that type of support – just as one would seek support for physical illnesses. Also recite surat Al baqara in your home to keep the shaytan out, keep making dua for Allah to help you and surround yourself with positive people who bring you closer to Allah. May Allah make things easy for you.

  35. Assalamu Alikum
    I like this article and it is very useful
    to average muslim ummah like me.
    I request you to add more Hadith verses…that will encourage our mind easily…

  36. Assalaamu alaikum……it is a really good topic on one of the mental challenges we face in life…….Jezaakallaahu khairan….. :)

  37. Jazak Allah khairen kaseerah. A very good article that can very beneficial in ones life .May Allah swt make eas in every step of your life that how sincerely you are making efforts to benefit the others. May Allah swt also accept all your efforts. Ameen.

  38. Jazaakum Allah kheir for this very important article. Everybody can relate to it because we are constantly going through a range if emotions, most of which we cant trace their origins and why we are feeling that way. Most emotions are part of our childhood and are as a result of emotional wounds that havent been healed, and are now affecting us subconciously.

  39. Beautiful article. Felt like it was written for me. MashaAllah. May Allah bring us ease in these never ending challenges.

  40. Assalam u alaikum
    An awesome piece of writing that filled me with energy.
    al ham du Lillah
    many prayers for the author,managers and all who are working for noble cause.

  41. Alhumdulilah I love this articles. It’s helped me lots and remaind me lots. What I can do what I can’t Allah show us the right path. Because I m in this situation that I need this articles advices. Please make dua for me .

  42. I cannot tell you how powerful this article is. You’ve touched on many areas that can heal a person in difficulty. Jazaki Allah kheir. Thank you.

  43. Assalamu ‘alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,
    Sister Raghad,
    The article without a doubt is very amazing, supportive, concise and a very good guide for those who feel emotionally down. My question is what do we do to help our relatives, parents, etc., if they face such emotional challenges, Even if we tell them about whatever is said in the article, they are not in a position to accept it. They simply ask: Why me? Why did Allah take it away? No matter how much we try to counsel them, they are just broken.
    Any advice???

    • Thanks for your concern for those around you. Sometimes the best thing you can do for helping others around you is to be present with them and listen and encourage them to seek additional support if needed. Remind them of God, encourage them to go with you to gatherings which remind us of growing closer to God and of course pray for them. In many cases, time is needed to heal and once again sometimes professional help is needed. Ultimately, they need to make a decision themselves to overcome the hardship. May God make things easy on you and your loved ones.

  44. What to do if reaching out to people and tell them that I am a bit stress is something really hard for me to do? I found it is a challenge for me to accept that I must have ‘downs’ in between of ‘ups’. Your article just come in handy. In time of summer peak, I really feel like to burst my head. Do you mind to write a piece regarding controlling self when the season changes? Is it hormonal or is it only me, delusional?

    • I am not a psychologist:) – so I cant diagnose – however, there is something called Seasonal Affective Disorder which more information can be found out about here:

      Certainly hormones can play a factor as well so I would encourage you to speak with your doctor. And nutrition also helps so feel free to speak to a nutritionist or I would encourage you to see dr. Amira Ayad’s website – she’s a natural health consultant with a Ph D in natural health:

      And if you’re looking for a good read on how to embrace our vulnerability as well as a Ted Talk, I encourage you to look up Brene Brown – she has a ted talk and her book is called the Gifts of Imperfection.

      Finally, I released a new interview with sister Yasmin mogahed under featured video on the home page – where we speak about the importance of embracing our vulnerability and imperfections and how our tradition is one of humanness and humility.

      All the best.

  45. Alhumdulillah…. Jazakillahi khayran.. just I need this desperately right now… looking forward to much more articles..
    Allah bless you n your team

  46. Masha’ALLAH !! a very good article muslims around the globe are in need of these type of articles as nowadays they are going through tough situations May ALLAH swt reward your team for this great work (Aameen)

  47. this is a frontline and professional approach. may Allah increase you in iman ,taqwa, knowledge and wisdom. amin thumma amin. keep on the good work.

  48. Mansha’Allah, I found this article useful and very relief of my worries….the writer should stay strong for us we’ll like to see, hear more of this….May Allah strengthen U.