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  1. People are very happy to have the month of ramadhan where as other month people think is normal month. i think one should think each every month as special month created by the one and only. if this idea builds up in ones mind the amount good deeds and spending time in the path of allah will also increase. Human minds are set like that from the childhood that month of Ramadhan is very special time. of course it is a special time where in this month quran was sent down and where so many incident have happened. increase the knowledge of creating each and everyon month created by allah is special!!!!

  2. Alhamdulillah. Productive muslim team, glad for all your work. May Allah bless all your hardwork…

  3. Jazakumullah khair Productive team for motivation because for me to carry on ramadan routines after ramadan is really challenging especially with our sleeping routine and with my daily adhkar. This article was really motivating for me. May Allah SWT accept all your efforts and grant you all the success in this world and in the Hereafter. Ameen

  4. One thing that I hope to keep with me is, when praying witr for ‘isha, we should make duaa. Duaa is very powerful. I make sure I ask Allah that I am productive for his sake and only his sake. Such Duaas will, insha’ Allah, keep you on track.

    Another thing the imam suggested was that we should make qiyyam every once in a while. He suggested once a month, in particular. Such acts will remind us of the potential we had during ramadan.

  5. So far,so good..Habits have been kinda of sticking since I now have this positive attitude of “no excuse” whenever am thinking about skipping any form of ‘ibadah(even now am seeing almost everything I do as an act of ‘ibadah exercising included lol) All I know is that you just have to love pleasing Allah so much to an extent that all those good deeds during Ramadan just start coming to you naturally
    Allah musta’an..Assallamu alaykum warahmatullah

  6. I found the article to be very educative. May Allah peace & blessing be upon you and may he increase your knowledge!

  7. Changing the portion of food consumed daily and increased supplication against the no-longer tied shaytaan works best for me. I also want to have the habit of fasting voluntary fasts as much as possible. Jazakillahu khairan.

  8. Your reward is with ALLAH.May ALLAH distance your sins AS HEE distance East from West AMEEN. but you did not reply me when I put up a request on you FISABILILAH.

  9. Bismillah and assalaamu alaikum….I firstly want to wake up for fajr everyday without fail… I found this app on your website and downloaded it……alhamdhulillah it has helped me to be more productive than before and I really loved the article on post ramadhan habits….it was such a good one….it helped me a lot…….;)

  10. Ma sha Allah. Really very motivating and god advise about keeping up the ramadan habits. First we should also remind our self of the primary objective of ramadan ” to improve your God consciousness” Quran 2 verse 183. You have to be conscious of Allah and your purpose in life every second, that will help you make the best use of everything, time and resources you have. So think abut this every waking up and going to bed. That was the objective of all the habits and effort of ramadan for you to use in your life both in and after ramadan. Allah knows best, peace and blessings of Allah on the noble prophet and all Muslim till the day of reckoning, amina.

  11. as salam alaykum, I find productive muslim very useful as it boosts our emmaan ,I am working really hard to keep on the track sometimes as was usual in Ramadan I try to keep awake on days listening to Islamic preaches but sometimes just few minutes before fajr I sleep off and find my self getting up after sunrise, but it is really interesting to fight in life to : wake up for fajr, to pray ur 5 salaah , try to fast on Mondays and Thursdays and to keep on helping people .

  12. Assalamu aleikum to you all. This is my first newsletter from the ProductiveMuslim team as I am newly registered. Jazaakum Allah kheir for this important message. Although this has been the hardest Ramadhan for me, full of trials and health issues- I was only able to fast for 7 days, the only thing I wish to continue doing is sincerely striving to be a better muslim everyday. That is my goal for all times.

    So the little I was able to do in Ramadhan I pray may Allah accept it (and all our efforts), and may He make us stronger and better muslims everday of our lives, amin.

  13. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu ,
    My plans are :
    Increase in supplication, more connection with Quran, control on sleep and food, avoid wasting time by control over tongue.

  14. Asalaamu alaikum wr wb sr. Zaynab Chinoy and all,

    Allahumma salli ala Rasulilah wa alahi wa sahabi wa salaam. Thank you all at ProductiveMuslim! MashaAllah, fantastic article sis, very informative and I liked it’s brevity (mashAllah talk about sunnah style!). SubhanaAllah all the comments were insightful, may Allah increase you all. May Allah grant us all the ability to be productive Muslims! And be those talked about in surah Waqiah as the foremost, “And the forerunners, the forerunners – Those are the ones brought near [to Allah]” (56:11-56-12). I hope to see you all and our ummah in Jannahtul Al-Firdaws bithinilah tala! Ameen ya Rabbi alamin wa salli ala Rasulilah wa alahi wa sahabi wa salaam. <3

    much love and respect,

  15. PS: I watched this short, intriguing video yesterday and found it to be very helpful in understanding how to get out of old ways of doing things and changing for the better. Alhumdulilah Allah has given such a powerful mind, we can alter it to our advantage: – let’s get rockin’ people, hope this helps rev your engines! :). <3

  16. I ‘ve focussed this year with fasting my missed fasts in shawwal, which gives a continuity to the Ramzan habit. Also, reading and setting targets of Quran for that continual bond with Quran.

  17. JazakAllahkhair for this reminder article and for all the efforts productivemuslim puts in…..may Allah reward u immensely…aameen. Increased supplication to seek protection is very important, the well known Fortress of Muslim book is very handy as it contains many essential supplications. Morning and evening remembrance should be made part of our routine, also constant istighfar helps gaining barakah and mercy from Allah. Also, with that sleeping early after isha will in sha Allah help us to wake up early sometimes even without alarm. Reviewing roles and responsibilities is equally useful to build a good routine for ourselves as well as family..

  18. Bismillah and Assalaamu alaikum again I’m sorry I didn’t mention the name of the app….it’s “Never Miss Fajr”……;)

  19. Alhamdulilah,jazakalahu khairan to productive Muslim for this remainder,after Ramadan has gone i stay connected wit the Quran and am asking Allah to help me to continue dat habit becus it gives peace of mind and am happy 4 dat,Alhamdulilah.

  20. Alhamdulillah. Ramadan is like a month where one strengthens his relationship with the creator. If a lot of mental effort has been put, one will find, In-sha’Allah, with much ease abandoning the old bad habits before Ramadan.

  21. Jazakallahu Kharian for Productive Muslim Team. May Allah give you strength to raise more and more productive Muslim Ummah. I am eagerly waiting for “ Productive Muslim Life Style “ book written by Abu.
    I would really appreciate, if you can update when this set to release. Do you plans to publish in India ? Alhamdulillah, I managed to read most of the articles / blogs and spending time to make us of the most. It is really great Productive Muslim Team.
    We need to focus on five things and make use of most before it is taken away from us.
    1. Health
    2. Life
    3. Wealth
    4. Time
    5. Youth Age
    During free time or early morning when wake up, Thank Allah for His Countless Blessings. Dua always for physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, professionally, and Personally being productive.

  22. Assalaamu alaykum sister Zaynab and brothers and sisters

    Jazaak Allaahu khair for your very timely and helpful comments regarding our post-Ramadaan dips. I especially found your comment about the ‘no-compromise’ rising and sleeping times to be particularly apt for me, as after Ramadaan, I can’t seem to manage on the lesser amount of sleep that, in Ramadaan, really energised and helped me to leap out of bed at Suhuur time! Now when the alarm goes for Fajr Salaah, I’m not ‘leaping up’ so actively, as the Prophet, Sallaahu alayhi wasallam used to, but kinda falling out of bed… So thanks for that.

    Another thing I would very much like to do is truly learn Arabic, so that my connection with the Qur’aan remains at the level that we all, Alhamdulillah, experience in Ramadaan. I’ve started learning from a brilliant (and free) website:

    It’s run by the scholar of Arabic, Shaykh Dr V Abdur Raheem, whom you may know as the author of the Madinah Arabic course. I will never forget what a friend, who has learnt Arabic, said when she recites the Qur’aan, ‘Now I really feel that Allaah is talking to me personally and directly.’

    May Allaah bless us all to achieve our goals, Aameen.


  23. This article is really useful and it’s important for us all to think about how we can sustain our productivity after Ramadan. Being a Muslim is about being consistent in our worship throughout the whole year not just for the month of Ramadan. One good way to do this is to continue reading at least some Quran (recitation, memorisation or translation) daily so that we maintain a good relationship with Allah and increase our understanding of our faith. Also do nafal payers and do dua and also give charity.

  24. Productive Muslim web gives me new style of thinking always. May Allah bless you guys. I love to watch the activities or updates you make. Im trying to continue the offering of nawafil and recitation of Quran that I used to develop in Ramadan. We guys actually consider Ramadan as a month just. Ramadan end development stoped. That should be managed.
    May Allah bless us with Isteqamah……… aameen
    love and prayers for Productive Muslims……..

  25. Salaams,

    Try the following tips to keep that Ramadan spike up:

    1. Listen and follow one juz of the Quran everyday (like you did in tarwih)
    – I’m not the best of reciters and get mentally very tired when reading Arabic Qur’an, so I figured why not follow an audio from you tube, each video in the playlist is one hour = one juz.
    I hope every month a finish listening to whole Quran, so that’s eleven times until next Ramadan (InshaAllah)

    2. Fasting whenever I miss breakfast
    -I work shifts so Monday and Thursday are not always ideal but (from prophet pbuh daily routine article) if I miss breakfast/on an earky shift I just decide to fast the day.

    3. Quran WhatsApp group
    -recently received a message to join a group that will give 20 ayats a day with translation. Wonderful idea – especially if I miss my juz as above.

    4. Closer to masjid
    I plan to move closer to masjid. I miss that feeing of brotherhood in salah congregation. Pray it will be affordable for me without any interest bearing loan or mortgages.


  26. THANK YOU!
    This post is what I really need the most all this time. Kinda sad ramadhan has been over. I also enjoy reading the comments here.

    Anyway, brothers/sisters, I created this one page template website for FREE. I took Mushalla as the main theme. If you want to download it, you can go to this link

    You can spread the link everywhere you want. Hopefully it can be useful. Thanks in advance! :)