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  1. Mashallah jazakumu Allahu kheyr. Thank you for your help these articles really help me out with my imaan in to deen.

    • AsSalaamu’alykum,
      May Allaah reward you with good. This article is what I need in my busy schedule. I appreciate your steps.

  2. Thank you for keeping us reminded of how we can become better Muslims !
    Your news letters are very informing .
    May Allah bless you always!

  3. Ma Sha Allah.. Honestly this is a very brilliant and relevant article…. I pray Almighty Allah rewards you in abundance and may He make out connectivity to the Quran easy and fruitful.. As Salam alaykum waramotullah wabarakatuhu

  4. Jazakallahu khairan sister. I’m striving to continue with the ibadah done in ramzan. May Allah azza wa jalla bless us all to do the same.

  5. The Holy Qur’an is the speech Allah (SWT). It is the constitution He revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to regulate and govern human life. Therefore we ought to venerate it, read it, ponder its verses and strive hard to abide by its instructions .
    It provides the guidlines for all human being makes the relation between Allah & all human beings not for the month of Ramadan but for each & every moments .
    So, I appreciate for the post!
    Zajak Allahu Khair !

  6. Assalamoalaikum, very informative MashaAllah

    may Allah (swt) bless us and open the doors of guidance (Aameen)

    JazakAllah khayr for sharing this article with us, may Allah reward you (Aameen)

  7. Salamualaikum
    Jazakum Allah khairan for these valuable tips and advices . May Allah. set guide all of us to the right way and make it easy for us to read and understand and follow its recommendations.

  8. may Allah keep guiding us in the straight way and protect us against evil and evil doers. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL LEGACY. Thanks for the article i really much appreciate it.

  9. I have been looking for wats to sit recite and ponder on the words of Allah Azzawajal. This is just what I need. Jazakillahu khairan sister for this wonderful reminder. I would love to have more reminders from you if that is possible. this is my email

  10. MashaAllah very good tips as always. Jazak Allah khair.
    My tip would be to memorise the Quran. If we aim to do just an ayah a day then there’s no day we don’t visit the Quran also we then revise those surah which we have memorised making our relationship with the Quran stronger.

  11. Using mobile app, for example, alQuran for iphone, i read the translation while listening to the recitation. It automatically scrolls through it. I find this method to be more efficient and interesting and therefore, Alhamdulillah i have been able to maintain my time reading Quran in these few days since Ramadan ended. The article looks great. I need some help with planning on how to maximize my time spent reading Quran i.e. When and how to start reading tafseer or how can i manage those monthly goals you talked about. Please share some tips if possible. Jazakallah khayr.

  12. Assalammua’laikum everyone. Jazakumullahi katsiran, l really impress with this article. Once, l’v read the similar discussion about how to keep relation with the quran. It’s really simple, just provide our time in ten minutes before or after 5 times praying. In ten minute we can complete 2 pages of the quran then if we commit doing this in 5 times of prayer we’ll accomplish 1 juz a day. When l try to apply this method, subhanallah,it’s really work that then it amazes me how Allah ta’ala make it easy to keep contact with the quran. It is really such a nice experience and a beautiful soul journey. I hope l can another amazing article from this website that then l maintain what l’ve started and try to continue the soul journey by recitating the quran and maintaining my memorization. Once again, syukran katsiran, your article woke me up and it had amazed me much. May Allah granted you and we all jannah.ameen.

  13. اسلام عليك و رحمة الله و بركاته
    Alhamdolillah we are blessed in many ways and constantly …. And we can never Thank our Lord Allah swt enough for His mercy and blessings. And I’m so grateful to receive this reminder …. It has prompted me to contact a Quran teacher for my children …, May Allah swt keep us on the straight path and help us to gain His reward and enter Jannah Ameen

  14. i am thankful that I joined in here, always having somebody to boost ur emaan is really heart touching , thank u so much jazak Allah khair.

    just wondering … I am living with my parents who are not yet muslims, at home there is always a trend of sleeping always at unusual times, it is a trick of shaitan?

  15. wallikum saalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu you are a blessing to human kind more esspecially to Muslim Ummah may The Most High the Most Gracious (Allah) Al-A’leem, Al-Khabeer, Al-Hakeem, Al-Waajid, grant you more insight and wisdom in this life and the hereafter.Allahu Akbar

    I like this artcle because laziness is creeping in slowly but with brothers and sisters like you we keep hanging in there hoping for the promise of Jannah.Shukrin

  16. Jazakalohu Khairan,i will try my best to implement wht have read and Inn Shaa Allah,i pray dat Allah wil help me through it and anyone dat read it too, Allohumma Aameen.

  17. Alhamdullilah. It is a superb article and offers very practical and comprehensive tips on strengthening our bond with our Holy Book, Quraan al Kareem.

  18. This is an eye opener,just the push I need to proceed. Thanks,may Allah reward you abundantly.

  19. your words were really motivating.I have tried this previously and memorised one surah,after that my iman dropped.It gets to the peak at times and drops deeply too.:(

  20. Some people can’t reach a madjid for some reason or don’t really understand the translations (like me). I really find islamic lectures on YouTube to be helpful. Well known scholars such as nouman Ali Khan have many videos explaining different Surahs from the Quran. Hope this helps. Great post by the way :)

  21. Jazakallahu khair, this is very helpful, may Allah bless us and give us the ability to work hard and worship HIm

  22. May Allah reward you for this great advice. Here’s how I do it: After Fajr and after Isha everyday, I sit and read a minimum of three verses. I try to do this without exception, and there are days when I’m literally rushing through the door, but when I’m done dressing and packing my bags, I put everything down, sit on my bed and read at least ONE verse before coming out. I read it in Arabic transliteration, but with the translation attached so I understand the verse meaning and I think about it as my day unfolds. I make du’aa to Allah to help me always get my priorities right and Alhamdulillah I’m trying. May Allah help us obey Him and His messenger sallalaahu alihi wa salam and may Allah help us to love Him and choose His deen regardless of our conditions. Amin.

  23. Ma sha’a Allah Bro. Md Abdul Quddus. JazakAllahu bi khair for your guided comments. Al-Qur’anul Karim should be a companion for all Muslims inside or outside Ramadan. Likewise, we should continue with all the good works (Ibadat) we were doing in Ramadan. I pray Allah (SWT) will always give us consistency and steadfastness (Istiqamah) inside or outside Ramadan in sha’a Allah. Also, I pray Allah (SWT) will make us to be among the beneficiaries of the Holy Qur’an, Amin.

  24. Masha Allah lovely article. Jazakallah khair for boosting each one of us.
    Learning n understanding d Quran is so marvelous. There is so much to learn n beautify our lives I. A.

  25. Salaam alaykum,
    Jazaka’Allahu khayr, I really like this article. Halfway through I stopped to right down a list of goals for the end of this month (just four :) ) which I believe are both manageable but also a bit stretching. I planned them out in the next week of my planner, and told a family member about it to In’sha’allah increase my consciousness of my accountability. Then I came back and finished the article, and am about to start on one of the goals, so barakallahu feel. I’m really excited, and hope this works bi’ithni’llah. I think it’s doable, and then hopefully the sense of achievement will motivate me more in the weeks and months to come.

    May Allah reward you abundantly, ameen.

    As salaam alaykum

  26. As salau alaikum, Great article and jazakum ALLAH khairan.
    After reading this I am committed again. i will do with the help of ALLAH.

  27. Jazak Allah for this article, day 1, & am a work-in-progress
    May Allah All Mighty shower u & yours with His choicest blessings
    for ur ibadah

  28. Jazkallah khair one can learn a lot the Quran is the most beautiful thing to read. May almighty Allah reward u ameen

  29. InShaAllah, I will try to follow these tips. Starting slowly but consistently is a good way to achieve success. Jazakallahu Khairan for sharing such wonderful tips. :)

  30. Salamu ‘alaykum, jazakumullahu kher for this tazkirah!

    If last month, I’m very focussing with khatam al-Quran, but after Ramadhan I will focus to tadabbur the meanings. Insha Allahu taala ‘alam.

  31. Thanks for this precious tips ^^ , Yea many people remember to read Quran only in Ramadan , and they don’t know how much it can help them in their life !
    I used to read Quran even page a day , and many times I feel sad but Allah send me a msg while reading Quran ♡
    Quran is the best medicine for our souls ☆

  32. Assalamoalaikum. .
    Jazakallah kher for the bful article and inspiring sha Allah I won’t keep this knowledge upto me only. .I will share it for sure!!

  33. MashaAllah a great read :)
    May Allah help us light our ♥ n life with the light of quran.ameen.i really love to read ur articles, n appreciate ur work deapite being a medical student. :) keep it up.

  34. Dear Productive Muslim Teams
    Subhanalloh. I wish highest gratitude for the beautiful articles. May Alloh (SWT) grants you His Jannah. Ameen.
    Billaahittaufiq wal hidayah
    Yours faithfully,
    ine ventyrina
    lecture/state employee of Minister Education of Republic of Indonesia

  35. Walaikum as salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa bsrakatahu, JazzakAllah Khairan for the Naseehah. I want to post this to a group on Facebook called “Surah of the Day” I think it is very helpful information, and motivating.

  36. Ma shaa Allah! Shukran for keeping us on our toes with these wonderful tips, because lapsing back after Ramadaan is a fact and a sad reality. Implementing these tips means that the blessings will continue to pour in and that we will continue leading focused and blessed lives beyond Ramadhan. Jazakallahu khayran.

  37. Jazak Allah for the amazing tips!!
    I have planned to read surah mulk at night and surah yasin in the morning and a few random verses with translation whenever I get time throughout the day.. May Allah grant us all the strenght to fulfill our goals and may He guide us all the way to Jannah Ameen.

  38. As Salam Alaikum , thankso may Allah reward you and your team abundantly for this. Just what I needed. Thanks a lot

  39. Jazakallahu Kharian for such a nice article. During the busy hours as Medical student, you were able find time to being productive and write blogs for the upliftment of our society. May Allah bless you and all Muslim Ummah.
    As you rightly said, it is very important for us treat every month as Ramadan to become productive. We don’t know when our last day is.
    Whatever good deeds we decided to do. Do it right away. Whatever we decided to do tomorrow ,Do it today. What ever we decided to do it “Today”, Do it “ Right Now “. No delay in doing good deeds.

  40. JazakAllahu Khairan. This article is my best. Many people will be productive by reading and implementing the article. Thank and may Allah SWT increase you in knowledge.

  41. Mashallah! Wonderful article and I read it at just the right time too. Jazakallah khair for the great tips which are spot on especially the realization that each day might be the last one we have. Also loved the reference of the Quran being nourishment for the soul. My favorite tip as someone already mentioned is to read the Quran on my phone, there are several great apps available with a variety of translations and tafaaseer in different languages too. So we literally have no excuse.

  42. A really well structured article and great use of relevant linked material. I hope I can find you after you become a doctor as I reckon you will diagnose and prescribe ‘par excellence’ !
    Seriously – thank you and may you be rewarded for your work.