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  1. Even the prophet of Islam used to observe a pause; he was used to retreat in Hira cave and reflect on the surrounding among others….

  2. Masha Allah Barakallah,this is really a wonderful is actually what we all need in this busy world we live in.may allah give us the opportunity to to attend the upcoming session.

  3. wonderful article.It would be much better if it is authenticated by hadeeth and quron verses.May Allah rewards Br.Faris

  4. Very beautiful article . Just what I needed to refresh myself and reflect upon my thoughts and tasks. Thank you. May Allah bless you.

  5. Dear brother and the whole team,
    I greatly appreciate your work and sometimes even become envious of people like you who by Allah SWT’s guidance are helping people to strengthen their eman while being ever productive in this world. I was fascinated by your idea about a retreat to pause and reflect and wish many Muslim brothers and sisters could be a part of this. In present times,many of our brothers and sisters seem to be in difficult situations not only physically but sometimes it seems far more psychologically. I personally know someone who could most certainly make use of this retreat but I am afraid neither I can fund it for this individual and nor can she/he spend so much on themselves.

    Sometimes it seems that most good things are for people who have much ,but if that is Allahs will, I cannot complain at all. May many continue to benefit from your efforts ,not only in this project but all that you do for the Muslim world and may you all be rewarded many folds.Ameen.

    • As-salaam-alaikum Afsheen,

      I understand where you’re coming from. It does seem like the good things in life require time and money, which are in limited supply, but there are free methods through which one can take a mental retreat. We all need a break sometimes in order to stay focused and healthy. For example, getting up in the middle of the night to pray tahajjud can be very calming because it’s just you communicating with Allah [swt] during the quiet stillness of the night. Taking an early morning walk and breathing in the cool, crisp air can be refreshing. Going early to the masjid to pray nafl and read Quran is another idea. Some deep breathing before going to bed can be relaxing. Another favorite of mine is to plan a day to spend at a local forest preserve or park; after I took the time to look, I’ve found some hidden gems close to home.

      All the best,

  6. Alhamdulillah that i get to see these beautiful vid and article.may Allah swt blessed you all. i wish i can join u guys. \(^0^)/