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  1. A very interesting and motivating article! Hopefully, I’ll remember the points you mentioned when I start going to university next year insha’Allah. The one thing I really hope to implement is balancing my studies, so that I still have enough time and energy for my family, friends, health and religious activities. :)

  2. MashAllah I liked this article so much and InshaAllah I will try to do all these stuff to get productive life. Thank you for this article

    • Well, at one point you’ll of course have to work more, or even stay late at night, you know how university assignments are. but still , try to get enough sleep in order to be productive durign the day inshAllah :)

  3. I think that to have 8 hours sleep for a Muslim is hard to belief, because Muhammad give an example to wake up in the night, I remember that many history reveal that he just slept 4 hours aproximately

  4. a very comprehensive and detailed article MAsha’Allah….this will definitely help me , thou im in my last year….one important thing as a university student , also mentioned by sisiter yusra is really join the islamic associations or unions….(the right ones) this really helps you make productive as you get a bunch of real GOOD friends (the friends for IMAN) and secondly you get chances to make DAWAH also…during university life, your dawah premises is your campus and hostel(if your a boarder)…so for more and more dawah ..its good that you join a soon as you enter..

  5. So glad you brought this up, alhamdulillah, off to college next year so I’m sure this will be a lot of help! As regards joining clubs, I would encourage joining a sports club, for many reasons. 1) You get to play your favorite sport and unwind and enjoy. 2) It helps with focus and confidence, so you can do better in your studies. 3) It also gives you the exercise edge to university life, so you’ll get the benefit of a fit body and a fit mind, which translates to acing your academics! Looks to me like a win-win situation, but it’s ALL about the balance! If religion is balanced, then everything else just follows!
    All the very best and God Bless You!

  6. It’s as if she had read my mind while I was thinking “what could be written on such a topic?” yes I did enyoy reading and it gave really good tips,by the way could that organization be AIESEC? Is there any way to contact to the author?!

  7. Salam. Islam is a religion that inspire people to seek knowledge. Thus, the 1st revealation sent down to Prophet Muhammad (PBH) is “Read.” For this reason, I hope your write up entitled “Back to school.” will be translated into different local languages, so as to spread the message all over the world. May Allah contionue to guide us in all our undertakings.

  8. This is my first semester and I’ve made some mistake. But after read this, I’ll try to make sure, I won’t repeat the same mistake for the next semester.


    Pray for me ! Jzkk !

  9. Good effort, young girl. But it certainly needs to be clarified that the opening Hadith has been misquoted (AS USUAL). “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim [Tirmidhi].”

    It is the ‘religious knowledge’ which is obligatory for every Muslim to seek, not the worldly, secular, co-ed knowledge of universities that you’re talking about. This is a great misconception which has not done any good to our Muslim youth, who think they are acting upon this Hadith while getting into the rat-race of grades and degrees, while they are not equipped even with the necessary knowledge of fundamentals of Deen!

    The youth spends countless hours, big efforts and heavy amounts in trying to secure their Dunya (which may very well end anytime)………in contrast, HOW MUCH hours, effort and money do they spend in securing their EVERLASTING Future of Aakhira?? Ask yourself…. is the effort in proportion to the importance of the two lives?

    Btw, can you expound on the ‘good intentions for your studies’ mentioned in the first point?

    May Allah guide us all.

  10. MashALLLAH not only good for the students for uni but other different students in secondary primary as well

  11. SubhanALLAH.. Jazakallahukhair for all these awesome tips. I’m trying to practice them, insyaALLAH.. just pray for me ok..^_^

  12. Assalamu Aleikum,
    I have found that if you get a study partner, it is easier to motivate each other, to share ideas. It is also essential that you go to a library or study appropriate local. There you are able to get your resources and extra support if needed.
    Once again, great article! Thanks for sharing.