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  1. funny. I’m on the edge of a feeling of helplessness. Until I read this right now. Perhaps through this passage Allah subhanahu wata’ala want to entertain myself. Alhamdulillah.

    I wonder, like you know what I’m going through right now Lol

    • exactly.m this was me throughout this year, alhamdulllah things are getting better, i said to myself, if i saw this about 3-4 months ago i would have burst into tears. Allah really is the best of planners. SubhanAllah..

    • Allahu akbar…same here… much needed words…I don’t know how I got here.Always remember Allah knows before your heart knows.

  2. Alhamdulillah! I am currently in a class that I always find difficult to get what the professor explains since at the beginning of the semester. Alhamdulillah I Rabil A’lamiin! I believe I will be successful at the end(dunya and akhirah) after I read this motivational message.

    Thank you sister for your help through the help of ALLAAH.

    • Best motivation for everyone including me as I was not feeling good nd thinking like I am hopeless after reading Alhumdulilah now I am feeling good nd did gratitude for everything :)

  3. Assalaamu alaikum
    Excellent article sister Chereen and just what and when needed mashAllah!
    I hope many others will benefit too inshAllah
    Jazak Allah khair katheeran
    Wasalaamu alaikum

  4. May Allah bless you with all of his rehma and barakah and grant you all the goodness of this duniya and Aakhiraah. I thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  5. Assalam aleykum wa rahmatu’Llahu wa barakatu !
    This is exactly what I need right now Subhana’Allah. May Allah reward you immensely and help every one of us to never lose focus and to be successful in both worlds.
    Jazaka’Allahu Khayran !

  6. Jazakallah qair..Masha ALLAH…I cant believe.u know itself I decided to quit life but after reading your article it just helped me go through my soul.shukriya……i shall sit n seriously think on it…..

  7. This is indeed the most therapeutic guideline for our testing times.
    Usually, we go astray and feel lost when things go wrong.

    The right and apt path to success in life, you have shown us.
    Thank you, dear sister.
    Jazaak Allah Khair!

  8. Salaam,
    Ma’shaa Allah very good article! May Allah(swt) give us taufeeq to always be thankful. He(swt) says of Ibraheem(alayhis salaam) in Quran-e-kareem, he was our thankful servant. May Allah(swt) make us on his footstep, aameen

  9. JazakAllah khair, perfect timing as I was just discussing this topic with a friend last night, and pondering over these concerns.

  10. Alhamdulillah that I found what I needed today. Many of my problems come from too much future thinking that makes me to giving in to unwanted distractions and procrastinating to work on my goals. As you said it is time to absolutely focus on what needs to be accomplished right now rather than the unwanted stress and false predictions( or fantasies) over the future. JazakAllah Khayr.

  11. Alhamdulilah for this article. It in fact addresses the issues wandering in my mind presently. I believe Allah has responded to my queries through this article.

  12. Assalamu alaikum sister,
    Masha Allah indeed a great article.. This site always special. May Allah bless you and all Muslim around the world…

  13. As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Masha Allah! ! Very apt and motivational article. May Allah reward you immensely sister and bless each and everyone in this academy . Aameen. Jazak Allahu khair.

  14. Assalaamu Alaikum sister Chereen!
    MashaaAllah a beautiful post reminding us to think positively beyond the here and now in this life, SubhanAllah.
    Jazaakillahu khair!

  15. Assalamualaikum sister..
    I just wanna thank you for this inspiring article. This is really what I need now :)
    Jazakillahukhair !

    Indeed. I’m very grateful. And really overwhelmed,
    And this deeply reminds me as well the verse of Quran in Sarah AL-ANKBOOT( CHAPTER 29: 69). where ALLAH (SW) says :
    والذين جاهدوا فينا لنهدينهم سبلنا وان الله لمع المحسنين
    “And those who strive in our (Cause), we will certainly guide them to our paths. For verily ALLAH is with those who do right”

    ALxamdu LILLAAH – WA jazakumu ALLAH

    • In my above comment , I was trying to explain what I have understood from such inspiring article. ( i.e. if we want to overcome obstacles/struggles/difficulties/hardships throughout our path of success we need to exert great efforts and make sincere dua using our faith and then here comes the promise of ALLAH SWT that Allah will certainly guide us to the path towards our goals and this is where I remembered the above verse of the Quran. This is only my understanding. As I admired the Fruitfull article . (والله اعلم ) WA Jazakumu ALLAH

  17. Jazakumlahi khairan sister, may Allah SWT increas you more in knowledge n understanding. This motivational article came at d right time 4 me

  18. The most relevant part for me is Live in the present here now and do not take unwanted stress of false predictions over the future. I really need to practice that.

  19. worth reading article.. the content can be related to any of us as ups and downs comes in everyones life..
    very well written and highly motivating..
    solutions were given after mentioning the problem which helps to adopt an optimistic attitude during dark phases of life..
    May Allah swt bless u immensely in this world and in the hereafter..ameen
    loved reading it…:)

  20. Ma’ash’Allah, what a fantastic article and stark reminder that the word Alhamdulillah does not come out of our mouth often.

  21. Asalam aleykum warahma tulla wabarakaat
    This was very inspiring. May Allah reward you all for putting this. It reminded me of starting my night prayers again and also to not give up.

    Jazakallah khairan

  22. Beautiful article. I needed this reminder very badly at this stage when so many things are going wrong in my life. I should concentrate and thank Allah for the blessings.
    Thank you for the article.

  23. Subhana Allah, I got no words to explain how amazing this article is. And what’s even more amazing is, reading through the comments and reading how all of us go through the same phases and same struggles, Subhana Allah. May Allah reward u immensely dear sister.

  24. Alhamdulilla,as if the article is talking about me, I have much going on right now, in shaa Allah everything will ease up, am always hoping for the best from Allah SWA.
    Jazakumullahu khairan for the article it’s really inspiring .

  25. MashaAllah what a beautiful and uplifting article this is! Let’s just say this is what I needed to hear this time of my life. Alhamdulillah through you and your write-up Allah brought it to me. SubhanAllah. May Allah bless you immensely for your efforts.Ameen.

  26. Alhamdhulilah…. Thank you so much for such a helpful and motivating message… These are the much needed messages rite now for my life…. May Allah bless you for taking some effort and time for making a useful article and helping us through our struggles… Jazakallahu Khair :)

  27. Salaamu alaikum. Masha Allah. May Allah bless you and the entire productivemuslim team. The article is very timely in my life.

  28. Allahuakbar!
    Alhamdulillah….its as if you know what’s going on my mind.
    Really appreciate your wonderful & soul inspiring messages.
    Jazakumlau khayran!!!

  29. Wow. Masya Allah, TabarakAllah. Love this! Wonderfully written article that clearly articulates the gentle reminders that I need. I have read countless articles written by the Western & non-Muslim writers/teachers/self-enrichment authors/psychotherapists/healers, etc, you name it. Somehow the Imaan messages from the du’a & verses above, (even saying Allah SWT) are massaging my heart today. This helps when I read this article out loud, of course. ;) Jazakillah Khair for this. Please write more ok? May Allah bless you & your family. Aamiin.

  30. Wow its really needed
    words are beautiful and make us wonder why r we not happy when v hav alot to b thankful for

  31. Assalamualaikum really wenever i feel some bad situation in my life the articles of this website s really supporting me a lot alhamdulillah

  32. A friend of mine once told me, “If you face any challenge in your life, I assure
    you, someone, somewhere wrote a book about it”.( ProductiveMuslim-Manifesto page 26)
    same happen with me here.

  33. AssalamuAlaikum Sr Chereen, Alhamdulillah I’m so glad to read this awakening article, Mashallah it’s such an eye-opener. I feel greedy not to share this with my loved ones who also go through difficulties in life. Looking forward to sending them Insha’Allah.. Thank you so much for your generosity to share with us your knowledge sister, May Allah forgive us all and elevate us in dunya and akhira. J.A.K.

  34. “Your struggles are meant to one day blossom into accomplishments.” that really hit the nail on the head………our struggle for the sake of allah doesn’t go to waste. jazak allah khair