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  1. A very inspiring article to thw working Mothers especially. I relate myslef to the following names of Allah Ar-Rahman, Al-Affuw, Al-Wadud.

  2. Ar-Rahman, Ar – Raheem and Al – Hakeem appeal to me in a special way. While the first two give me hope and assurance, the third helps me accept the choices my Lord makes for me. His (SWT) choices are flawless!!!!

  3. Jazakallah khair for the inspiring article. I personally connect to the names Ar Rahman Ar Raheem Al Kareem Ar Razzaq as I’m currently trying to get a job in the middle East.

  4. Mash’allah this is such an inspiring article. I appreciate that there are other Muslims that may struggle or feel overwhelmed in balancing the many hats we wear, from the doting Islamic wife/daughter to being the executive consultant at work – it almost feels like an internal battle of conflicting identities – its easy to adopt self development books, lifestyle blogs written by many non Muslims as to how to be a better version of ourselves, to be more successful, to be more efficient – And its somewhat even more stressful because the premise is not remembrance of Allah swt and his teachings – Our sole purpose on this earth is to serve and be obedient to him within the guidelines set and to consistently apply these teachings will give us ease in our day insha’allah.

    I appreciate especially the sharing of Allah swt Names.

    Thank you