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  1. Very comprehensive write-up. Excellent, mashaAllah. Jazakillah Khayr, Dina. (Were you the Dina I met in Cairo, lol)

    • Jazana W’yakum, Syamira. AlhamduliAllah that you benefitted.

      I’m not sure we’ve met in Cairo, but you’re always welcome dear.

  2. An article that an every Muslim/Muslimah who is single needs to read. JazakumAllah khair. It’s going to prove helpful to me in the future InshaAllah😊🙈

    • Jazana w’yakum, dear Samar. May Allah help you through it, facilitate for you making the best decisions always and make you pleased. Ameen.

  3. Ma shaa Allah…amazing compilation of advices. Thank you for writing about this issue and connecting it with real examples and not merely theories/facts. I find reassurance in every sentence :)

    • All praise is to Allah who teaches us out of His Mercy and Generosity. I am genuinely happy you are reassured. May Allah continue to reassure you every step of the way in this life and the next. Ameen.

    • I am so glad you did, Sidra. AlhamduliAllah. May Allah expand your chest and give you peace always.

  4. Thank You for this important article.
    How many does it take to know the other partner for taking the right decision of marriage? (e.g. 3 months or more)
    What should We do if our network is small for reaching the right partner ?

  5. Great knowledge.. jazakumullah khairon katsir..

    Besides dua, Alloh want us to action. Any suggest, what we suppose to do (syar’i action) as our effort to find the man..

  6. Salaam thank you very much for the advice I am really grateful. May the good lord continue to bless you amen.
    I have always thought we should always put God first in everything we do or intend to do. Your article really helped me to understand myself better. There is someone who keeps telling me he wants to marry me for the past 5 years now but has not come to see my family! it is only recently that I have been feeling i should move on with my life. I have started looking for marriage on the dating sites. Kindly help and remember me in your prayers for me to find a husband. Thanks again

  7. Just exactly what I needed even though I read it late.
    May Allah bless the writer and his family and make his affairs easy for him.


  9. A very crucial article for today’s generation. The most important question will always be about anger issues. How often do they get angry? What do they do when they get angry? How patient are they? Do they hit people in anger? Also, check compatibilities of families. Will the girl be able to adjust in boy’s family? Do not ever expect people to change. Talk about goals and visions. A boy will compare his wife with his mother, sisters and sister-in-laws. So, please check that. If they are great cooks and excellent in household chores and you are al about career and women empowerment, then there is bound to be some issues. Likewise, a girl will compare her husband with her father and brothers. Marriage is difficult and requires lot of patience, compromises and sacrifices. You can make it a little easier by choosing a partner who is “right for you.”

  10. Masha Allah!!! Very interesting and profound tips. Jazakallah khair Sister Dina this is not just a check list but a treasure of knowledge, hope in Allah, Taqwa, and Tawakkul.

  11. Alhamdulillah and thanks to whom who represented this crucial issue regarding marriage. I was in dilemma and alhamdulillah now I got my answers.