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  1. Assalamu Alaikum

    Jazak Allahu khayran for your efforts and insightful articles.
    Please note that there is no salatul shukr but there is sajda of shukr as pere the practice of the Prophet SAW.

    Regarding your article, no doubt Islam does not teach us to separate our different spheres of life, Allah has created us to worship Him and hence whether we are working or praying, the aim should be to worship Him SWT, to dedicated our efforts for the pursuit of the pleasure of Allah SWT. Thereby barakah will automatically result from our efforts.
    It is an insightful article and a good reminder.
    Jazak Allaho khayran

    • asalamu alaykum brother Nusrate,

      Please forgive me, I just wished to comment on the salatul shukr!
      I understand this is not the right platform for this. Do you want a debate?  sorry. Forgive me. Perhaps it was meant to be alluding to the Night vigils/Prayers, like our Prophet (peace be upon him) despite being forgiven past and future sins, yet still offering prayers until his blessed feet swelling and when asked why, he would say’ should I not be abdan shukura, i.e. a ‘grateful slave’ I am sure you know. With that said, can we not offer prayers of gratitude or getting close prayers/forgiveness prayers any time one wishes…etc. And also prostrations too?! Or even duas…etc. There is no sin in doing good.
      Just in case any body else reads this, can we not even pray in the makruh/disliked times, say after Asr prayers like the Prophet (p.b.u.h) also did, when he got busy to offer the sunnan of Zuhr prayer?
      I do pray that this comment to yours is a form of worship from my side and I hope I have not caused anything not too good in terms of confusion or feelings or the likes in-sha-Allah!
      Apologies if anything and may Allah reward you and the rest of us too.
      Allah knows best and obviously all.
      Peace brother.

  2. As salaamu alaikum
    Ma shaa Allah very good article. I cannot agree more with it. In fact I found the way for making ‘dua’ for getting work done productively at work and Alhamdulillah its the best way because no matter how good we are, we are nothing without Allah (swt)’s help.
    Also it will avoid us being ‘proud’ when work is done.
    May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala help us to carry out work with good intentions, aameen.

  3. I find it more stressful at work whenever I will miss supplicating before setting off to work, and most especially when I miss Fajr and ask for Allah’s guidance and help in everything for the day. There is no might or strength except with Allah. Subhanallah.

  4. Jazakallah for the insightful sharing … Making your journey through life more meaningful and connected to your Creator … Simply loved it!

  5. Good insight

    Sometimes i Begin the work day and make niyah thay this job is from Allah and im striving to esrn halaal

    we pray usually when we need to find work

  6. Jazakhallah Kheiran, an eye opener. I’ve never connected spirituality and work except praying Dhuha at the workplace.

  7. Aslm alkm brethren
    May Allah make this article a turning point in our lives. For sure i’ve ever read about such biographies but I have always been neglecting such practices taking them as minor, but thanks to you brother for opening up my mind, may Allah unite us in jannah- ameeb

  8. May Allah bless you abundantly for this article.It has surely opened my mind to important things we take for granted.

  9. Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarrakatuhu, our actions should always be to seek Allah’s mercy. May Allah reward the writer and guide us towards the best always. Aameen

  10. Thought Provoking article.In fact I have been doing some of the practices mentioned above. For us Muslims Work is not just Work but it is a form of worship.AD DUNYA MAJRAUL AKHIRAH.Those are do’s at workplace to inculcate Barakah there but more important than these are the Dont’s at Workplace like keeping away from lies in business deals,frauds, cheating,keeping up with business promises,not overexacerating in presenting quality of our brands

  11. Al hamdulillaah! I found this website.. A Google search for wallpaper brought me here. The articles are very good. I pray Allah Ta’aala accept our good deeds.

  12. Jazakallohu Khair! I need these tips about the barakah at the workplace very much.
    Praying two Rakaahs to thank Allah when a project is completed was the most useful tip. The only difficulty I face is that I feel awkward to pray Salah in the office, because none of my colleges are a muslim. I suppose, I should just go to the masjid after work and pray there. Assalamu alaykum va rahmatulloh! :)

    • Salaam Abdullah,

      Have you tried looking for a quiet room that you can use (especially for ur fard salah) whilst at work. My work location and team switches quite often as projects change, and I rarely work with other Muslims.

      Personally, I find a quite room or a health and safety room (usually helps to ask reception/facilities as first point of call) that I can use for 5mins to pray. At a last resort, I and others I know of have used basement staircases to pray our fard if we are in locations where it is difficult to find a suitable room.

      May Allah swt make it easy for u to practice the deen at your workplace.

  13. Masha Allah, very good article. May Allah, the Almighty help us to implement these steps in our work places.-ameen

    Jazakallahu Khairan

  14. Every time I see your article title, I say to myself what he can add more to this subject. But after reading the article I found many amazing and add value stuff.

    thanks and Jazak Allah Khayr.

  15. excellent article with very valuable and meaningful guidance.

    jazakallah qair & may Allah accept your good deeds. May Allah give us the strength to follow the sunnah or beloved Prophet (PBUH) and bring us more closer to his Mercy ameen

  16. I am delighted to be part of this productive Muslims movement! I am looking forward to this book In Shaa Allah!

  17. Alhamdulilahi. This is exactly what I needed this morning. My coaching business is now taking off & I needed to be encouraged to continue seeing my work as an extension of my relationship with Allah. It is Allah that has given me the opportunity to earn al living AND make a difference through my work. Sometimes I feel tired or like slacking around. At that point, I’ve missed the point. It looks like another project to work on, another meeting to attend etc. But when I involve Allah in my work, my perspective changes. I see my work as an opportunity, and one that I wouldn’t have without Allah’s generosity and favour on my life. When I see my work as a blessing from Allah, I go hard. Allah loves those who are grateful. So when I see my work as an opportunity, I feel grateful. May Allah bless us all. Ameen.

  18. This came in such a time of need! I tend to forget why I do what I do and this was a wonderful reminder. I Will do my best to apply all that I can to my life. JazakAllah khair, May Allah give you ajr for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

  19. Assalum o alikum
    Interesting article. Although I believe in supplication and istikhara for work related issues but as far as fast or sadaqa is considered I feel that if I do it to gain some worldly benefit, my niyya no longer remains pure for Allah. What do you think?

  20. This article is definitely an eye-opener…. To keep Allah (SWT) in the mind always and in the workplace too is a fact mostly overlooked by many…. Hope to put the tips outlined in the article into action and seek Allah’s Mercy…

  21. Aslamalimkum Abu Productive,
    I totally agree with the concept of Barakah and actually I am feeling it and practising it in every aspect of my life. Right now I am doing an Arabic course and I never attend my class without wadhu. I am performing very well in this course. Another thing, I usually go to work after wadhu and two rakha, but if I am heading to my job without it, I clearly feel the difference in my performance and results.

  22. I really appreciate this piece… It just gave me a rethink on how to start approaching my career.. . . All aspect of a Muslim’s life is worship… JazakAllahu khairan… may Allah increase your knowledge..

  23. Salaam alaykum,am proud to be one of the fans of productive muslim,av seen changes in my life style since have connected to Allah and av practice the tips to tap into barakah in my working place and av seen some changes within a week of practicing the tips may nahlatullahi never have a hand in our business amin

  24. MashaAllah thank you and JazakAllahu khair brother in Islam for sharing this important advice. Another way to Insha-Allah receive more barakah/blessings in one’s day is to pray the Fajr salah on time instead of oversleeping and if one does oversleep then he/she can Insha-Allah compensate by praying Sunnah Duha prayer even at least two Sunnah Rak’ahs of Salat Ad-Duha after sunset or anytime in the forenoon before Dhuhr salah can Insha-Allah make one’s day more blessed. More ways of earning barakah would be to recite more Surahs from the Noble Qur’an especially from Surah Al-Baqarah, lowering your gaze, avoiding taking evil people as close friends, minimizing unnecessary chit-chatting when one can instead learn more about Islam and remembering Allah whenever possible.

    May Allah the Most Merciful accept all our good deeds. Ameen.

    Salaam from the Philippines remember us and all Muslims in your sincere du’as :)

    Sister Mariam JustSharingIslam

  25. It is the accompany of allah in every minute detail of his/her life .To ask allah the support and the guidance and the help to achieve any work as it is said in the hadith ( I became the hearing with which he can see; the sight with which he can see…….) that’s why they exhausted themselves in doing these nawafals.

  26. Brothers/sisters
    Salam alaikum ..
    2 of the reasons that I don’t have BARAKAH in my life sometimes is because

    1.We are not praying FAJR.
    The prophet PBUH once asked AAISHAH may (ALLAH pleased with her)
    I’m shocked from people who pray fajr in the morning when they wake up after sunrise, how does ALLAH provides them with sustainance (RIZQ)?
    She said : HE will give them sustainance but HE doesn’t put BARAKAH in their sustainance.

    2. Sinning..

    Narrated in one of the ahadeeth of the prophet PBUH
    He said : indeed, the slave will be deprived from sustainance with a sin he commited.
    (إنّ العبد لَيُحرَم الرزق بذنبٍ يصيبه)

    May ALLAH love you all.
    Make du3a for the ummah please.
    Jazakum ALLAH khair for reading.

  27. mashaAllah! great article. I like the part it is not about using the religion. Before this I always thought like that but now I understand.^^

  28. very beneficial article!:) even i myself have witnessed the power of dua and barakah.miracles take place when u consult in Allah always:)

  29. Mash Allah inspiring article, simple, easy to do tips to help our connection with Allah SWT in our work, where we spend a substantial amount of our time. Jazak Allah for sharing.

    This article have made me realize that, seeking Baraka at work as I always do is the secret behind my successes. The only step to improve upon is fasting and being in a purity state when engaging in any work.
    Thanks and God bless.
    Yusuf Yakubu

  31. AssalamuAlaikum Abu Productive,
    Masha’ Allah this article is so far really mind-blowing! Esp. the part when you said “Many of us just see work as a means to pay our bills and live a comfortable life. What we fail to realize is that our paid work is part of our spiritual journey, which ultimately fills our lives with meaning and purpose.” and the part in “2. Be in a state of purity”. I once read that work is worship in the book of “Damn Good Advice (For people with talent!)” but I didn’t really understand it this way until you clearly explained it.
    Thanks a lot for sharing us those beneficial information. May Allah grants you all tawfeeq in dunya and akhira.