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  1. A basic principle is that: “the body of mankind is created from clay (earth), so its food (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals, vitamins, etc) comes from earth (plants or plant eating animals)”. Our soul came from Allah (swt) that is “The soul is of the affair of my Lord. ” [Quran: Chapter 17, Verse 85], so its food [revelation, Divine messages, Quran and Sunnah] came from heavens.
    To make our body stronger, we need to eat food produced from earth.
    To make our soul stronger, we need to get food for thought, guidance from Quran and Sunnah.

  2. Am short for words due to the veracity of this article. It’s truly inspiring. I have been listening to Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed talk about the need to nourish the soul and this article further buttresses that point. More needs to be done in terms of similar articles like this to awaken the Muslim Ummah to the true purpose of life. We need to connect with the soul that lives within our bodies and not just spend our lives chasing earthly dreams.

  3. Living a spiritually conscious life is our source of happiness as human beings.
    Without it one lives a life which has no meaning.
    It is our duty as humans to find out what really it is the soul needs as food.
    And the moment we find the answer the better.

    • only by the remembrance/zikr of Allah do the hearts find contentment / satisfaction…..whether the heart is the seat of the soul or not , only Allah knows. but it pretty obvious that Zikr is its food..there will come a time too when it will be our psychical food too…Allah is the Mustaan.

      peace unto you brother Musa

  4. JazakAllah kheir for an amazing article! I was just feeling how my life isn’t productive and there’s no sense of purpose and Subhanallah I came across this article at this exact moment. May Allah SWA help us all be productive throughout our lives.

  5. Ma shaa Allah, this truly just give me the connection I have been searching for. connecting the secular with islam? ? what’s the meeting point? feeding my soul will help me clarify my goals for this world and get me to Jannah in shaa Allah. because feeding my soul is only connection I ve with my creator
    what am I feeding my soul?

  6. Jazaakumullah Khairan Fiddaarain. We are going to need each one of us to be at their maximum level of productivity to tackle all the negativity in society and turn it into a positive one.
    Allah(swt) Yardaa alaikum wa Baarik Allah(swt) feekum

  7. Bism Allah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

    Sallam alaikom,

    Br Abu Productive wrote in the above article,’’If we feed our soul with meaning and purpose, it’s amazing what it gives back in terms of motivation, sacrifice, and hard work for the meanings we truly believe in.’’ That reminded me of Vicktor Frankl’s book ‘’Man’s search for meaning’, even though I have not read it but just the summary of it and his logo therapy…etc. Proffesor Frankl being a fellow Jewish brethren, a survivor of the holocaust and I think who studied under or with Freud. But with the above said, i.e. the motivation, sacrifice and hard work…etc, I’d like to add HOPE, even though the three summarize it in one way or the other!

    As to the world we live in today and how certain forces are taking us away from our purpose, and promoting the denial of soul, faith and the way of the prophets, what they term the word Religion, just to divide us…etc. I personally believe, and I am sure most of you agree according what has been said obviously, is that we need to connect our soul back to its source…i.e. getting to know the one who breathed it into us in the first place, Allah.

    The Buddhists pose a question ’’are we Human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience’’, i.e. we all meet the same fate, whether believers or not, and that is the destroyer of pleasures, that comes to us all, and it is that what leads us to boost our productivity. Basically, putting the world in its place before it puts us in ours. ‘’Be in this world, but not of it’’, i.e being travelers in its true sense of the meaning, just crossing the bridge to the Here after, not building on it, doing with little, having Zad al-Maad prepared all the time! To the cut the story short, and in agreement and a response to the first comment, is yes just Quran and Sunnah, and as sheik Khalid al Gindi once said in Tafseer of surat Al-Shams, ‘’ Kad aflah man zakaha, wa Kad khab man dasaha’, meaning something like, he/she who ever purifies their soul has won, while the sheik was pointing higher, as the Quran makes us imagine it (the soul) going higher, if we aim to purify it. And he/she who dasaha i.e. as if to bring it lower, as if being pulled downwards to the Earth, has lost or gone astray…etc.

    It goes back to the beginning I suppose, i.e. the tree, i.e. the whole purpose of Life, the Test. Are we going to be on Earth for ever?..hanNakhlido fe al Ard?

    All the above is a Kabr Muqtaan/most detested with Allah on my side, but I do aim to implement what I say in-sha-Allah and Al-Hamdullah the intention is there, even though that changes, as it changes through out writing this. May Allah forgive me and forgive us all. Allahoma Ameen!

    To summarize, what is needed to boost productivity, is the removal of Wahn from our hearts, so that we can lead ourselves, then our families, then our communities, then our Ummah, then the World back into right way, the way Allah intended it for Humanity, i.e. Islam, through worship, in all its forms, i.e. mixing practice with our prayers, thinking with the end in mind always.

    Worship through Fear, Hope and Love!

    Sorry, all I mentioned is probably of the subject perhaps, but the main aim for us all to aspire to be walking Muhammeds alaih afdal salat wa sallam, through implementing his ways, as much as we can, but always remembering to do things bit by bit and on the middle way!

    I’d like to end by saying no matter what they say or do, always know that after darkness must come light!

    Any good is from Allah, any bad is from me and my rebellious soul!

    May Allah forgive me, a sinner.

    Peace unto you all

    • sorry may I add if I may, I understand there was an article sent out about the effects of music and productivity… I haven’t really read it as of yet but will endeavour too in-sha-Allah.

      but I just wanted to add that the above quotation about putting the world in its place before it puts us in our place was taken from a song sung by br lowkey. just to give credit where it is due and if with out sounding disrespectable to br lowkey, I do understand as soldiers of Allah mentioned in a song that there are no copy rights in Islam etc. But I just wanted to adhere to productive Muslims policy on plagiarism etc.

      on the last note can I ask any one out there, if you do happen to read this, personally I have not completed my higher educational studies, so where does one get information on essay writing with referencing and all that goes with it and how to get help and advice on how to write and structure such with its prose…etc.

      barak Allah feekom

  8. Allah likes things that are done constantly, even if in small doses..i.e. repetition repetition…etc. and that is what determines our behaviours…etc. Excuse me again, :) that’s exactly what I am not doing, with writing essays, I’m just feeding my little ego, in this big world. There’s a saying beware of your thoughts they become your words, beware of your words they become your actions beware of your actions they become your habits , which becomes your character…etc. I know you are all aware, but just wanted to remind, as I think ibn al-Qayim said, that the eyes and ears are windows to the soul…etc. so what goes in and gets digested, ultimately comes out, i.e. the good tree and the bad tree and their fruits.

  9. Jazakullahu khair for the article! You mentioned something that we as human beings are starting to forget more and more; the article is very interesting. May Allah (SWT) send down barakah upon the ProductiveMuslim team and their work. Ameen

  10. JazakAllah khair for the best written article I’ve come across on Productive Muslim.

    The efforts to ignore the soul are not a natural consequence of science but a deliberate effort to make us more materialistic in this hyper-commercialized world me live in, and is is important we recognise this.

  11. Brilliant article! From the day i turned towards Allah (swt) i have been asking the following dua. Ya Allah! Please protect me from the sickness of the mind, body and soul! I feel that these three elements need to be taken care and developed and any of these three are left idle they would decay and prove to be harmful! Alhamdulillah!

  12. Alhmdlh for having you in my life. Like you said the soul needs to be feed with meaningful stuffs.
    To my understanding the only thing one can do to feed his soul with life full of happiness is acting in accordance with the prophet sunnah. The soul that is nourished with worshipping ALLAH will be the happiest soul ever

  13. Beautiful subject and touched very logically. Awesome article!
    Thank you Abu productive. Excellent thinking.

  14. Thank you for sharing such an insightful article. For reminding on thing that people may put aside on this fast paced world. Beyond the tips and tricks to be productive, we also need to work on the core of human, which is the soul itself.

  15. JazakAllah Khayr. This article touched the missing ingredient in my life. One of the best articles I read. O Allah give us the tawfeeq to follow this. Ameen.

  16. For you to be completely productive, you must be able to connect the dots of what you do to what your soul really needs. We are what we eat, see,feel and think. How well do we nourish the soul? We must continue to ask ourselves this question everyday so we are able to reassess and improve were we are lacking.

  17. Jazak Allah khair. A brilliant article indeed. Happines truly comes with connecting with your Creator and sadness and depression comes when aperson turns away from his Creator. And that’s why some rich people commit suicide despite the money they have because money can’t buy happiness. But when you feed your soul wiwith it’s food(dhikr) you become truly happy.

  18. Salamu alaikum Noble peace pls try to spell Muhammad as Muhammad with an a not Muhammed. Abu Productive should also spell it as Muhammad not Mohammed because if you change the pronounciation of an arabic word(by changing the spelling) you might end up changing the entire meaning of the word. May Allah make it easy for us and may Allah reward the Productive Muslim team for their efforts to make the Ummah truly Productive,amin.

    • sallam alaikom Rukaiyatu,

      Jezakom Allah kul khair for pointing out the spelling of our Beloved’s name….i will endeavour to try and bare that in mind in-sha-Allah. May i also point something out about speellings too…in regards to amin…should it be ameen? i am not sure..please someone correct us?

      may i also share a message i once recieved, stating that br. dr. Zakir Nakir was advising the Ummah to spell things correctly especially religious words…like instead if ISA / IA it should be spelt fully in-sha-Allah…and instead of jzk, it should be jezak Allah kul khair ..and on and on…etc………I understand no body above or below has done that, but just a reminder to myself and yourselves too, as only Allah knows best, and with out sounding too paranoid, but a form of magic could be involved in such things!

      Does any one know if there is any website or what can we call it…erm…anything out there,that can give us a correct way of writing our religious terms..etc.?

      thank you again

      and asawrawb… :)

      sallam alaikom w Rahamtu Allah w Baraktu

  19. I completely agree with this. I realise that everytime I do not pay attention to my prayers properly, it always indirectly has an effect in my productivity as a whole. I remember trying to figure out why it was that I became lazier, why my work was not up to par. I tried to recollect all the things that I’ve done and I realise that it is when you do not take care of your soul aka prayers and all things related to religion, it inadvertly affects you in other ways. Perhaps its the guilt or your conscience reminding you to return to the better ways. But it’s definitely so important. Thanks for raising this, May Allah bless you.

  20. Masha Allah.Insightful article.Just the reminder i need at this time.
    Indeed in the remembrance of Allah does the heart finds contentment.

  21. I am an avid reader of productivity and self help books; have been since high school, but this article resonates more than anything i can remember reading. MASHA ALLAH.
    The more I learn about Islam the more I realize how easy Allah has made it for us. We have a complete set of guidelines that covers every imaginable aspect of our lives. No need to travel around the world to “find yourself” or ponder the meaning of life or be anxious about making big decisions. The Quran, Sunnah and prayers fill all those needs, answers all those questions and more!
    Thank you for this reminder. May Allah reward you immensely.

  22. AssalamuAlaikum,
    Masha’Allah, I think now it makes sense to me about “feeding our souls” no wonder why I had a bit of a hard time to figure out my spiritual goals. Thank you so much for sharing us this precious information about souls. J.A.K