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  1. Alhamdulillah…

    Thank you. This article was very helpful & beneficial. I often worry about how I do not do enough charity bc time doesn’t permit it. This was what I really needed to read. May Allah bless you!

  2. Jazakalahu khayr,these are really great,awesome,fabulous and incredible tips,we dont realise how we can make tremendous use of our time while commuting or when idle.Thank you Aisha for sharing this tips with us,i really do love your articles and am a big fan of your blog.Keep it up!May Allah endow you with more beneficial knowledge and wisdom.(Ameen)

  3. Jazakalahu khayr,these are really great,awesome,fabulous and incredible tips,we dont realise how we can make tremendous use of our time while commuting or when idle.Thank you Aisha for sharing this tips with us,i really do love your articles and am a big fan of your blog.Keep it up!May Allah endow you with more beneficial knowledge and wisdom.(Ameen)

  4. Jazaak Allah khyran Aysha for the incedible tips oon how we can make tremendous use of our time while commuting or when idle. Keep it up. May Allah SWT endow you with more beneficial knowledge and wisdom

  5. Jazakallahu khair sister for sharing such a beautiful productive actions can be followed during commutation. I could add below as well.

    1. Constantly recite Ayatul Qursiyy & Dua while travel
    2. If commutation / long drive along with family , then spend more time in open fruitful discussion with spouse / family members
    3. I do not recommend talking or texting msgs while walking / driving. This is dangerous as our focus is diverted . Better avoid cell phone during walking on the roads.


  6. Assalaam Alaykum
    MashaAllah the tips are very beneficial. I read the book of a very Productive Muslim, the contents makes me to make use of my driving time to and from my office. The listening of Qur’an while driving using my iphone improved my memorization. Now with these tips, I will make use of them, such as offer a lift and the like to maximize Barakah
    Jazaakall Allah Khayr

  7. Shukran sister Aishah for this reminder, Most of the times we engage in the not so beneficial conversations that one might regret later on, especially in the offices when in the actual fact one could use those small breaks to do Dhikr and gain prosperity in this world and Akhirah

  8. JazakAllahu Khairan Sister, this was indeed very helpful and well thought out. May Allah (swt) continue to increase you in Iman and Hikmah. Aameen. Please I would love to have your email, I would like to ask a fitness related question.

  9. Aslm alykm. This is a wonderful article Masha Allah. You could also consider saying words of dhikr while ascending and descending from the stairs. While ascending you could say ” Allahu Akbar” while descending you could say “subhana Allah”.
    Using the stairs instead of the lift would also provide health benefits in Shaa Allah.

    • Sallam alaikom brother jehad,

      Jezak Allah khairan to yourself and obviously to Dr.Aisha.

      May I also add, if I may, and I am not too sure of the authenticity, perhaps you already know it and if not or if anybody else happens to come across this, please do ask and research if you have never heard or also confirm, but once at the top/ascension of a high place, ‘Allahoma laka al-sharuf ala kul sharuf w laka al-hamd ala kul haal’= O’ Allah Your Grandeur is far above every grandeur and You be praised under all circumstances’

      before and during all-awareness of Allah in all that we do- I remind myself first. istigfurAllah!

      As the article was about commuting, as our Beloved used to offer the extra nawafil on his mount, whilst travelling except the Fardh/obligatory and also the witr prayers (in-sha-Allah that is correct info-please verify)……….does anyone know if we can do so? especially, lets say on public transport, when there is someone sitting/standing in front of us?…and obviously, salat is kitaban muqutan..etc, i.e. prescribed at specific times and we should centre our lives around it, can one offer the fardh in the a fore mentioned situations?……

      sorry I know this is not the right place for such questions. Apologies.

      barak Allah feekom and may Allah bless our times.


      • can we also offer them if we can whilst undercover…i.e. with slight movements or even just with eyes? Albeit, there may be even be a time when that will be a necessity. Allah reward those who revive the sunnah, especially our super heroines. good to plan ahead-just in case- or at least think how things might or will have to be done…etc.

        Apologies again, and peace unto you and all of the Ummah.

        Dua is the strongest weapon (of which I am doing none these days-istigfurAllah)_ so those that are still making dua, please remember me too, after yourselves and the Ummah.


  10. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    Sis Aishah
    A very intresting&benifical post loved it .in shaa Allah in my daily routine im gonna add saying “Alhamdulliah&Reflect on my day”
    May Allah increase in your knowledge Ameen

  11. Good Article.You have shown good ways to utilise time on the go and become a productive Muslim. To add on to that if we make Good intentions of all above and incase do not get around to doing those things then Aslo we will get virtues of doing them due to good pre intentions

  12. Assalamaleikum that’s useful article . During commute I do my morning and evening adhkaar . It’s also am opportunity to do other extra adhkaar and to reflect on Allah’s creation like the sky, the birds, mountains or the people

  13. I think the above suggestions are very good. If I may, I want to add a few more.
    1. I always have islamic cds that I can listen to. I have cd’s on all the prophets, on life after death and various bhayaan that I listen to the the car, once I have done my zikr.
    2. When I am in the car driving the children, i play nazms ans nashiid. With the english nasms, the children ask me to xplain certains incidents mention and we have a chance to relate islamic stories.
    3. When I am waiting for someone, I try to be in wudha and have a small quran with me, especially in ramadaan.
    4. We have a lot of people begging and I try to have sandich, fruit or change which I can give as saddiqua.

  14. Amazing post! Another tip can be Reading self help and motivational books. I remember commuting some months ago and the idea to write about Productive Commuting came to my mind. I have a draft of the article.

  15. Jazak Allah Sister Aishah. Very well written post. I would like to add something. While travelling through the beautiful towns we should reflect on the perfection of Allah in His creation and praise and thank Him for them. May Allah give you more wisdom and knowledge! Remember me in dua.

  16. Jazakallahu khayr for the useful reminder, sister! It reminds me of a story of this busy muslimah politician in Jakarta, Indonesia. One can easily get caught in bad traffic jam for at least 3 hours a day commuting to work. However this smart mother of 11 children, used to listen to Al Quran to brush up her memorisation when driving during peak hours. MasyaAllah, when the mother herself is so efficient in managing her time, always in contact with the words of Allah, her children are also the same. According to their neighbors, they always heard the kids busy reciting the Quran in the house like a noise made by the bees.
    Just imagine the blessings Allah gives to those who appreciate their time and make efforts to be close to Him.

  17. Assalmu alaikum Aishah,
    Jazakallah khair for the incredible tips you given.
    We can say duas while entering vehicle, start every actions with Bismillah, say istighfar always and try to remember Allah (SWT) every single seconds in our life Insha Allah…
    May Allah give us and our families jannath ul firdouse….
    Ameen ya rabb Al ‘Alameen….

  18. There are countless more ways to attract barakah into one’s life and earnings, mentioned in the vast Islamic primary sources as well as the wisdom of the scholars and righteous.  We will suffice with what has been mentioned above. However, the general rule of thumb to attract blessings is always the same.  When we attach our hearts to Allah Most High and submit to Him completely, and make Him our sole goal and purpose and not the blessings, then the barakah will enter our lives from all sides without us having to worry about it.

  19. Asalamu alikum,

    May Allah accept from you. I would like to add doing morning and evening thikr, listening to lectures, or learning Arabic. All of which Allah swt loves and will add baraka to our lives in sha Allah.

    Barak Allah fekom

  20. I have also found commuting time to be an excellent time to learn more about a topic by listenkng to audio courses podcasts. I also do this when cooking and doing other chores around the home.

    In this way I am learning so much without taking any extra time out of my day in order to do it.

  21. Assalamu alaikum

    Jazakillahu khair for the great tips.
    When Im driving, I use a digital tasbih that straps onto my finger so I can read zhikr. I realised that from getting from A to B whilst driving, I get to read lots of duroods too.

  22. Jazak’Allah Khair. A great reminder to be mindful of Allah…

    Be mindful of Allah, and you will find Him in front of you. (Al-Tirmidhi)

  23. AssalamuAlaikum Sr,
    Ma Sha’ Allah this article is a good reminder for what we gradually “stopped” practicing. And maintaining kinship is still socially challenging. But gotta gotta give it a try this time In Sha’ Allah.
    J.A.K may Allah grants you tawfeeq in dunya and akhirah.