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  1. Assalaamu alaykum, sister! Jazaki Allahu kheyran for this article, eventhough I haven’t experienced a miscarriage I found it insightful and inspiring. May Allah ta’ala continue to strengthen you and guide you through this test and may He grant you healthy children that will grow up to be amongst the greatest in our Ummah, ameen!

  2. I didn’t suffer with miscarriage alhamdulilah but I suffer with similar anxiety and panic attacks ( claustrophobia) but after reading this article it made me so great full to allah ajawjul that he blessed me healthy kids and it’s ok if somtime you don’t have somthing you Realy want in life or Allah swt is testing you by taking it away from us. May Allah swt give us patience and guide us to strive in his path.

    • May Allah swt strengthen your health Uzma. Allah swt is the All Knowing and He knows what is best for us. Ameen.

  3. All Praises are due to Allah! My husband and I recently (3 months ago) lost our 8 day old baby girl. I know several Muslim families that have had this experience. The advice given is true. I am a birth doula and have recently begun a bereavement doula course so that in’sha’Allah I may be of help to other Muslim families that may share this painful experience. May Allah bless those of us that He chooses to endure this great trial with the strength to lean upon Him and to trust Him. We plan and Allah plans, and He is the Best of Planners!

    • I ask Allah swt to grant you and your husband patience for your immense strength and to bless you with children who will be the reason for your entrance in jannah. ameen.

  4. Maa Shaa Allah sister, this is a very beautiful write up. I pray Allah strengthens you the more and grant you pious children that will be the comfort of your eyes.

    I had a second miscarriage in May and it was quite shattering even though I have two beautiful girls previously. A second miscarriage felt like the end of the world. With family and friends sending messages and calling, it was too much to bear but By Allah’s mercy, I was able to pull through with my husband constantly reminding me that Allah is the best disposer of affairs.

    The only problem I have now is trying to plan for another baby. I can’t seem to get enough courage to do so as I still remember the experiences and don’t want to go through it again. I really pray Allah increases my faith as I’m at a cross road.

    • Ameen ya rab, we must never loose hope in Allah swt and the plans He has for us. Have tawwakul Sister Zaniab, and in sha Allah you will have a soon healthy pregnancy to term.

  5. Manar,
    Sending you lots of dua and prayers. It is very brave of you to write this article. I have also experienced a miscarriage and gone on to have healthy children, alhamdullilah. Prayer is what kept me sane in that whole grieving process. Sending you lots of prayers as well!

    • Thank you Leena, it was hard working the courage and strength to write this, but I felt the need to do so, and inshallah this article will reach any person who could benefit from it.

  6. Maasha Allah, Alhamdulillah. I went through the same issue two weeks ago .Trust you is not an easy moment when the doctor tells you this, but alhamdulillah being a Muslim one gets stronger and patience with such matters.
    May Allah increase us in imaan and sabr. Ameen

    • Fati, I ask Allah swt to give you a quick recovery and to ease your physical and emotional pain ya Allah ya Raheem.

  7. Asalamu Alaikum sister, May Allah bless you with fruit of the womb. Believe I know where you’re coming from I’ve heard several miscarriages and I tell u sometimes your Faith’s tested but Alhamdulillah once u understand everything happens for a purpose and your destiny is in the hands of Allah you get by day day and remain prayerful and hopeful….May Allah make it easy for us

  8. I had similar experience and spent weeks in hospital fighting for my life after 2nd trimester miscarriage. I must admit the pain is still raw every time, even as I am typing this message.

    While lying down on the hospital bed, like you, I took to Internet to search for related Hadiths to comfort me and my husband. I found solace in reconnecting with Quran. I journeyed through the Quran, read whole Quran day by day with meaning like never before. In there, I found healing and still finding healing and Mercy. Shifa’a wa Rahma.

    It is sad that only few know how to empathise with those going through this phase.

    I’m still praying to Allah to wipe off my tears and bless me with children that will be coolness of my eyes and others in similar situations. Oh Allah please hear my invocation

    • I know what you mean, sometimes when i think about my miscarriage its like I can feel the pain that i was going through, as if it is permanently carved in my head. Subhan Allah how much of a similar experience we have. Ameen Ameen ya rab. May Allah swt give us both and any person going through this healthy pregnancies in the near future. We have our trust in Allah alhamdulilah, dont ever forget that!

  9. Jazak Allah khair sister such an inspiring article. May Allah bless you with pious offspring who follow the role model of Prophet Mohammad (saw). Ameen. Man is created weak but through faith and trust in Allah we are surely strengthened.

    • Waeyaaki, ameen ya rab. Thank you for your sweet comment and dua. May Allah swt give you everything that is in your heart.

  10. Jazakallah khair,
    I am currently going through a missed miscarriage. It is emotionally and physically distressing. By the grace of Allah swt I am on my summer break and have time to grieve before having to go back for my final year at uni.
    My sisters in islam have given me some advice to support me, but nothing compares to what is written in this article.
    May Allah swt grant the author and her bayti sabr.
    Like the author I also cried too at the hadith about the unborn child.
    I will do my best to get this article out there so the support is shared amongst those who are in need. Inshallah.
    Once again jazakallah khair.

    • May Allah swt give you a quick recovery sister. I am also preparing for my last year in university. I ask Allah swt to bless us with children by the time we graduate. ameen ya rab. Jazak Allah khayr for your support.

      • Asalaamwalaikum
        Alhamdulilah I have great respect for al you sisters and sister out else in the world who go through this emotional and difficult time in test. I too have lost my 12 weeks pregnancy and last week my 5 month and 6 days baby boy whom we named Hasnain Ali. It was so hard for my husband to bury our baby but we found comfort from the hadeeth and words of wisdom and sharing of experiences with sisters like you. Alhamdulilah if anything my lord the exhalted one has bought me much closer to him and knowing the fact that he listens and believing steadfastly in Allah all mighty’s qadr I pray for all you sisters from the aching heart that I have that may Allah bless each and one of you with many of his abundant blessings and that one of them be children with Health and one with whom Allah will raise amongst his beloved….Ameen. Please remember me and my family in your precious Dua’s and I ask you to also remember those who are less fortunate then us and those whom already have children but who are ill and have no means for treatment and or help but only our Dua’s… may Allah protect us all and our Imaan.. Ameen.

  11. Assalamu alaikum..

    I have been through the same experience but I had less support system as we live in a country far away from our families and with no similar basic language with our neighbors. Hence I had to do everything by myself since my husband had to work and I stayed alone at home. No friends, no one was beside me during the rough time. However, Allah gave me the courage to go through that experience and I remember a week after the doctor confirmed that my womb was clean, I cried maybe like ten minutes and asked her in a broken voice “why?” She explained that there are so many unexplainable reasons. The moment she said that my heart responded..La hau la wala quwwata illa billah. After that I just smiled and said that I was grateful for her help and went home with less heavy heart. ALLAH is the one who comforts me. Subhanallah.

    • You have Allah swt alhamudlilah, and in sha Allah all this suffering will be the reason for your entrance in heaven.

      • Ameen…May Allah rewards you with His Jannah and blessings for making this article to comfort all the sisters having been through the same situation. Jazakillahu khayran.

  12. I went through this experience but dua was my helper, it was a lot, i don’t want to write too much but after hearing those words, I was about to faint. I asked a glass of water and I remembered to make dua, I have Hisnul Muslim app in my phone, just started dua after dua and alhamdulilah it worked wonders,it’s been a while, and I remember i swear trying to find something to read in this website, I found a lot about sadness and it was ok. Alxamdu lillah now i am in a better situation. May Allah give lots of kids with so much barakah in this world and the next.

  13. “I am very sorry, the baby does not have heartbeats.” Very painful to hear not only for a woman but for a man too. But it’s a test. He tests believers. You already has shown patience and strength of eman. You are very special. May Allah bless you in near future ( ameen) . You are always in my duahs inshaAllah.

    • Ameen ya rab. Thank you for your kind rewards. Yes, you are right. Miscarriage is difficult to both parents. I ask Allah swt to reward my husband for the immense strength and support he showed during my recovery.

  14. Sister,
    May ALLAH swt reward you and shower HIS BLESSINGS.
    Inspiring article. Happened many years back to us.
    Jazak ALLAH khair

  15. Having gone through a miscarriage just recently as well, this just speaks to volumes of the emotions one goes through and you’re right in due time with a great support system and strong prayers you eventually come to peace with it that it was nothing you could have done anything about. It was Allah SWT will and so it was. Those are the hardest words to hear and I can relate – having lost almost at 3 months and then to have go through a D&c after weeks of waiting to see if it would pass naturally. It hurts, it still hurts but I hope you find peace in sharing your experience as I know I do in mine. It doesn’t matter how long you were pregnant for l, you start planning and thinking and imaging and bonding from the minute you know and to miscarry is still a loss of life that you had come to cherish. May Allah grant us both righteous and healthy offspring in sha Allah. Be strong sister, we are all here for you.

    • Ameen ya rab, Thank you so much for your comment. Alhamdulilah i didnt have to have a d & c but that didnt mean it was any less painful. My husband and I had so many plans subhanallah and we wanted to start preparing the clothing and nursery and everything else right way, but alhamdulilah Allah swt is the best planners. i ask Allah swt to remind us that His plans are better then any of our dreams.

  16. As salam alaykum Sister.

    I read your article and it brought back memories. This happened to me on 3 occasions – sorry there is no heartbeat . Each time I turned to Allah. It wasn’t easy but I knew my only option was to trust Allah and I made dua.Alhamdulillah I have healthy children now. May Allah Al Mujeeb provide you with righteous children and all those seeking too. For sisters going through this right now – I can’t really explain how I felt each time I heard those words but know that Allah knows… and He responds to dua please turn to Him.

    • Every time I hear those words, they hurt me so much. May Allah swt reward you for your patience and trust in His plans.

  17. Assalamu Alikum Manar,
    The emotion behind Miscarriage and expecting a baby, has been drafted so clearly without missing any words. Relying on productive muslim has been a habit for me too, was not finding article and started to make Dua’s. But I am really surprised to find the notification of this article, Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward you sister for your words. Adding you in my duas and add me too.

    • thank you for your sweet words! Can I ask why you were surprised? because there are readers who also said they were.

  18. Jazakillahu Khairan for the reminder sister,it made me remember mine vividly,as you have said,it is finding strength in Allah. When mine happened,I could remember the first thing I said was Innaa LillAHI wa Innaa ilaihi Rajioon,Allahummma Ajirni fi musibati,wakhlifni khairan min ha and I felt this strength come into me and I had to drive myself to the hospital because I was alone at home,but it sure was not easy. Alhammdulillah

    • During my miscarriage, my mother in law continuously reminded me to repeat “allahuma ajirni …” Such powerful words!

  19. MashsaAllah Alhamdulillah for the blessings of Islam. SAW said, wonderful is the case of d believer when god touches him he is grateful n when the other touches him,he is grateful. It is only d grace of Allah n strong faith in Him that keeps on going inall situations. His promise will never fail. May Allah grant us the iman that will always make us realise His favors upon us such that will not make us grieve unnecessarily on any misfortune,but rather be grateful to Him. Cos He said whatever He does for a believer is favor. I have also experienced miscarriage there times consecutively now n I’m carrying the fourth pregnancy, only for the sonographer to tell me at my last appointment that its suspected blighted ovum-Suhanallah. although we’re still waiting I’m seriously praying to Allah to compensate me for the losses with good in this world n d next. As Muslims we must always prepare like soldiers for whatever good or bad while being hopeful for good. After all death is certain n we don’t know when so we should not let shaytan take advantage of our misfortune,n make us grieve n lockup,making us forget to move on with our duties in preparation for our meeting with Allah. Make Allah continue to make us strong n faith n grant us all d good we desire in this world n d next. May He put His barakah in all that He has blessed us with n grant us d ultimate joy of paradise amin.

    • Ameen ameen Ameen ya rab. Ya Allah I ask you with all your names to grant Fasilat with a healthy baby that will be the coolness for her eyes. May Allah swt reward you for all your heartache

  20. السلام عليكم
    Sister your article hit me hard. I had a similar situation a couple of years ago. I went in for my first scan with my husband. We were both excited. Then the ultrasonographers facial expression changed. She called in a second colleague and they then broke the news to me that the baby had no heartbeat. I remember crying that whole day and for days afterwards. Physically I was in pain and lost a lot of extra blood. Emotionally I couldn’t speak about it to anyone for months. I hadn’t told anyone I was pregnant until I had the first scan so they didn’t know either way, which meant I could choose the few close people to confide in.
    I’ll tell you one thing that got me through that low point in my life. The dua in hisnul muslim “oh Allah I am your slave, daughter of your slave, you hold my forelock in your Hands…( Allahumma innee Abduk ibnu abdik….”)
    I read it day and night and my heart healed. I felt contentment and peace in my heart with Allah’s decree. And the following year my Lord blessed me with a healthy baby Alhamdulillah Allah bless her always. That dua is still an amazing part of my life. I have had several huge tests since that miscarriage but I have found that dua that I memorised at that time still helps me in my lowest points. And when I read it i remember the sweetness of connecting to Allah in my hardship. May Allah heal your heart, compensate your loss and raise your status in paradise for the patience and pain you suffered. Ameen

    • sobhan Allah, my eyes are welling with tears reading this comment because that specific dua was what I completely relied on during a time when I was in deep sadness, fear and pain. I read it many times every day and night and it touches me that you relied on it too. Sobhan Allah

    • It was also my husband and i’s first ultrasound. We were beyond excited to finally get to see our baby. I love that Dua you said. Alhamdulilah I try and say it each time I pray Qiyam. It has such powerful words.

  21. Having gone through a miscarriage just recently as well, this just speaks to volumes of the emotions one goes through and you’re right in due time with a great support system and strong prayers you eventually come to peace with it that it was nothing you could have done anything about. It was Allah SWT will and so it was. Those are the hardest words to hear and I can relate – having lost almost at 3 months and then to have go through a D&c after weeks of waiting to see if it would pass naturally. It hurts, it still hurts but I hope you find peace in sharing your experience as I know I do in mine. It doesn’t matter how long you were pregnant for, you start planning and thinking and imagining and bonding from the minute you know that there is a tiny being inside you and to miscarry is still a loss of life that you had come to cherish. May Allah grant us both righteous and healthy offspring in sha Allah. Be strong sister, we are all here for you.

  22. Allahu Akbar ,got this at the best time needed, just had a miscarriage last week at 28 weeks, I felt helpless but pleased with Allah, subuano llahi wa tahla that all he does is always the best for us , if only we knew, I have consoled myself and pray that Allah bless us with a set of twins soonest.

  23. Well researched and educative write-up. May Allah reward the writer. Most times when we are experiencing one form of distress or another we always want to open up to people who may not help, instead of Allah who is The All-knowing, The All-Wise. May Allah continue to be Sufficient for us in all our Affairs. Aameen

  24. Thank you so much sister.I go through the same situation. I trust and love Allah so much.a prey for all who are suffering from infertility.may Allah bless us all with healthy children.

  25. Ma sha Allah, I gained a lot from your article, Sr. Manar. Alhamdulillah, you are overcoming the pains, both physical and emotional. May Allah continue to heal you and give you the Sabur to over any obstacles/trials thrown your way. Allah has promised that He shall test us and not accept it just because we say we believe. Our utmost is to be strong and have trust in Him.

    I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy too, and I’ve gone ahead to have 4 beautiful children after the incidence. I was devastated when it happened. I will feel puzzled why it happened to me. I was sad but I picked myself up and life continued. I got over it fast and cannot recall in detail all the thoughts I had after the miscarriage. I guess Allah wanted me to forget and move ahead in life quickly and continue to achieve great things.

    One advice from me to intending mothers and pregnant women is to always be calm and avoid any strenuous work at the first weeks of pregnancy. Stressful situations contribute to miscarriages. The Modern Muslimah juggles a lot of stuff- work, studies, house chores, pleasing the in laws, and so on. We tend to do a lot even at the set of a pregnancy.

    I think what contributed to mine was the motorbikes I took to work everyday then, at my early pregnancy stage. I found the bouncing up and down on it whenever the bike entered a pothole, caused discomfort to the foetus, Wa ‘Allahu Alam.

    In conclusion: Always stay calm, avoid strenuous works and don’t get overly excited about something.

    May Allah always keep us safe and bless us with pious and healthy children. Ameen.

  26. This was same my experience with my miscarriage!had two miscarriages in a row straight after two months!
    Was totally painful for me n still it ,when I see if I would be pregnant for a frst miscarriage I would be at this week or so!!!
    But after second miscarriage there was a hope in my heart that There is wisdom behind my miscarriages!!that was enough for me to recover !alhumdullilah
    May Allah swt blesd every couple with such a beautiful naimat Ameen

  27. Subhan Allah what an article! I’ve never made a comment on any Productive Muslim article but felt the need this time.
    I’ve read all the comments and it shows just how many of our beautiful sisters have experienced a miscarriage and needed this article.
    May Allah reward you with unimaginable goodness for using your pain and sorrow to help others in similar situation to you.
    I pray the author, all sisters who have commented and my sisters around the world who have experienced miscarriage to be blessed with pious children in the dunya and to be united with their lost baby in jannah. Ameen.

  28. To me, Infertility hits as hard as miscarriage. We’re having the toughest phase of life. I also found myself in a phase where I “wouldn’t even expect” beautiful things to happen to me. Allah forgive me. It is spine chilling to think of how ungrateful I have been. Sister, I’ll pray for both of you in my Hajj this year! In shaa Allah. This is the Only (and I think a good) gift I can give you from across the globe. Lots of Love!

  29. Subhaanallah! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the title of this write up in my email! I had a miscarriage about three weeks ago – my third in less than three years. Still in pain but yes, aside from when I read this, I have not burst into tears for at least 5 days. It still hurts, Ya Rabb, it does badly. But, Alhamdulillah, I know Allah is in charge and will continue to make things better for me so I take each day as it comes.

    Jzkillahukhairan Ukhty for the ability to put into words my deepest feelings. Alhamdulillah, it is a test we shall pass inshaAllah. May Allah accept our du’as, ameen Ya Rabb.

  30. Jzk k k sister. Alhamdolillah iv a son 10 years old. After his birth I went through a ruptured ectopic and four misscarriages… apparently for no reason. But one comment i received from my friend really helped me. She said in the current world and the way it is changing the world is full of fitnah. May be allah saved you from alot bigger disappointment. Staying positive is hard and yes its a test of faith and everytime you go through it you feel raw physically and emotionally but quran is a great healer forever.

  31. Asalaamu aleykum sister Manar.

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss. May Allah swt give you the strength to get through this very difficult period in your life.

    I lost my second daughter she was born prematurely.

    I’m a revert so am continously learning and at the time losing something so precious destroyed me and my emaan. I had no network of sisters or anyone’s support and i felt people just didn’t understand as they had not gone through this pain.

    I remember at the time our local imam did not do the funeral apparently because she didn’t draw her first breath. This was all heartbreaking and it broke my faith. My husband alhumdulilah stayed so strong.

    Everything happened so fast my waters broke which i didn’t realise and then the hospital just kept me in and i gave birth to my beautiful daughter 2days later. SubhanAllah I knew exactly when she had left this dunya as i was still carrying her it was 12hrs before she was born but i knew SubhanAllah. I cried and cried and begged in my duas but she still went.

    Only later on i regained my faith and began to understand she is in a beautiful place something we all hope to achieve in shaa Allah and I know the almighty knows best and in shaa Allah one day i will see and hold her again.

    Alhumdulilah I now have 3 daughters and a son. I have had them with great difficulty with operations and a nerve wrecking 9months with each of them….under constant observation of the doctors i have put my body through so much to have them but alhumdulilah i am so so blessed.

    I see now Allah swt knows best and he is the planner of everything. I am proud to be a muslim not perfect but i try very hard and i teach my kids about islam everyday.

    I will keep all you sisters who have suffered in my duas and all I can say from experience the pain never goes away no parent should have to bury their baby but time allows you to deal with the pain better.

    May Allah swt bless you with children my dear sister and keep you strong always Ameen. what Allah swt has written no one can change but in shaa Allah the almighty replaces what you have lost with something you could never imagine.. and never burdens us with more than what we can bare.

    Stay strong and keep talking to the almighty only our creator can hear your pain and can ease it.

    Asalaamu aleykum

  32. Subhanallah you said each and every world that was in my heart for the past 8 months, you expressed everything step by step I cried so much readying this as I felt someone was reading my mind, I gave birth to a baby boy at 6 month and then berried him,prior to that had 2 ither miscarriages at that time I didn’t know what I was doing or what was happening to me, u said everything I was going through every word, alhumdulliah by the will of Allah I am 5 months pregnant again please make dua for me as I feel scared all the time
    May Allah bless u and make it easy for you too sister love you hit the sake of Allah xx

  33. V nice artical indeed. Our daughter deluvered healthy boy 9 days before. N daughtr. N her hubby prayed that this our Lord’s gift n oh Allah pl give others too those who donot have. V r unable to b grateful to u in words n deeds for this enormous teach us how to be.

  34. What a beautiful article sister. I had a miscarriage at 23 weeks of pregnancy. She was my third child. My older two daughters are Mashallah healthy 15.5 and 8.5years old. Third pregnancy was a total surprise for my husband and I. And when things went wrong out of nowhere we were really shattered. We lost her on a Friday , named her Fatima and buried her before Jummah prayers. She was perfectly formed with tiny hands and feet and fingers. Even when I looked at my dead foetus I could see Allahs wonder in her complete formation. She was just too small to survive.
    This offcourse left my husband and I in a lot of emotional pain. And offcourse my older girls were really shattered too. But the comfort and peace came only through remembering Allah. For Allah knows what’s best.
    I was 40 when I conceived this baby and we were not even trying for another child yet this happened as a surprise and ended in a shock. I wondered sometimes that if she wasn’t meant to survive why did she even begin in my womb. And then I remember the Hadith you quoted above and realize that she will drag me and my husband to Jannah. InshaAllah.
    May Allah give you and others healthy offsprings InshaAllah and may they all be a source of sadqa jaaria for you.

  35. It was a great relieve and the sense of being a Muslim, seriously came as a blessing. Especially reading the part where I will be reunited with my lost child again brought the joy and a cold, happy vibe within me. Verily, Allah Subhanawatalla loves us the most. I am a housewife, n also lives abroad with my husband only.Luckily when I had my miscarriage I was here in my home country. In your case you were lucky enough to have the support of your husband and your mother in law.For me it was just my mother and my family who were giving me comfort! My husband and his family gave me the maximum level of discomfort may it through their words or actions. I was despair , it was agonizing painful, it was as if I was responsible of killing my own child. I can never forgive their words or their attitude. However, reading this article gave me a lot of strength to face whats coming along and pray that Allah give me the strength to recover. Ameen!

  36. Very good article. I suffered 8 losses. 7 in various stages of pregnancy and my 8th baby died after 5 days. Rach time, my faith was rocked to the core. The death and janaaza of my last child felt like the last straw. Allah knows best but its really hard to go on. You have to dig deep deep into your heart to hold on to that faith because you are so shattered thst you want to die too.I eventually adopted two children and now have six grandchikdren. This was the path Allah chose for me and I love my children and grandchildren with all
    my heart.

  37. my prayers goes out to all the sisters who suffered this trauma!
    may Allah swt grant them sabr.
    ohh i cried a lot while reading this article!
    May Allah swt protect us all.

  38. Jazakumullahu khairan.
    Had a miscarriage last year at 27weeks and just had another on the 5th of August 2016. At first I queried Allah because I devoted my pregnancy to him and believed all was going to be well, but as time goes on I got to realize I have to be greatfull for being alive.
    I stayed indoors throughout last week to avoid people from asking about my pregnancy but had to summon courage to go out yesterday without minding what people would say. Its very hard to come over but I always give thanks to Almighty Allah for keeping me alive and also praying for another healthy pregnancy that will get to full term. Insha Allah

  39. JazakAllah for this article. Even though I had an early miscarriage, the experience was at first traumatizing. However, I, like you, turned to the Quran and Hadith for solace and came across the same Hadith you quoted. It then became a more humbling situation. I wish people talked about it more,

    May Allah grant all our sisters easy and full term pregnancies inshAllah.

  40. Assalamualeykum waramatullah.
    May Allah reward you for writing this article and sharing those advices and experiences.
    I also had a miscarriage. Later on I found out that I got endometriosis, so I have treatments for the moment. Allah does the best for each of us , and He knows when is the best time .
    I thank you for those words you have shared, which I will certainly come back to read again. I pray that Allah give you what is in your heart , remember me also in your dua .

  41. Dear sister,
    I have been through miscarriage, went through the same passage as you went. Only faith in Allah helped me move on.eventhough I haven’t been pregnant again, I feel that Allah has best plans for me.and that hope is moving me forward.please include me in prayers, and I will pray for you to have a baby soon.In Shah Allah…..

    • Subhanallah, May ‘Allah always keep us happy with whatever he has decreed for us .
      Inshallah you will be in my duas.

  42. As salam alaikum. I too suffered similarly. I gave birth to a dead baby girl at 28 weeks last year. It was terrible. But I said Alhamdulillah alaa kulli hall. My second baby was born just 2 months ago, ma sha Allah, all fit and fine, Alhamdulillah. I feel Allah has rewarded me for being patient and replaced with a better replacement!

  43. This honestly couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Not even a week ago, I got the bad news that my baby has not grown and that there is no heartbeat. I was supposed to be 8 weeks pregnant. This is my second miscarriage within the past 2 years. My husband and I have been trying for over 3 years and the whole experience is disheartening. I cried for hours and had to remind myself that Allah swt has a plan and that plan is much greater than our own.

    This is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. I’m so very glad I ran into this article in my inbox.

  44. My dearest sister , Assalam o alikum. May Almighty Allah continue to give you strength and wisdom to carry on.
    Thank you for sharing your story and helping those of us who did not know how to go on.

  45. Jazakallahu khairan sis! These words of advice cover a wider range and is essential in other spheres of our lives as Muslims. May Allah grant you and your husband blessed offspring and heal your hearts. Thots…

  46. This is really educating! May Almighty Allah ease your affairs and give a healthy pregnancy very soon. Jazakillahu khayran for sharing it.

  47. Jazakha’Allahu Khair sister for this, though I’m unmarried and haven’t had the experience but this is not just an article to enlighten sisters who have gone through…but a message of reminder that Allah knows what troubles our heart and souls as he is very much aware of all affairs. Reading this tonight has really comforted me, giving me a reason to smile once more in midst of all my worries. May Allah the Almighty bless you and every single sister out there (us all) with the best amongst the best of offerings, a reason among many reasons our lips never cease to sing his Praises. Ameen Ameen.Wasallamualeikum

  48. Thanks for writing….
    I ‘ve plenty of self write-ups in my personal diary by which I gained strength over the years…
    major monster is Mood swings…I would like someone to throw light on it…
    As we r not in control of our hormonal ups n downs n so the mood flows…
    But also it’s necessary to keep our wits together or regret the explosion…
    Definitely Allah is the All Seer and Protector , Cherisher.

  49. Assalamu alaikum dearest Manar
    May Allah grand you with healthy kids soon..
    Allah is the best of the planners and his plans are the best..
    Jazakallah Khair for the message you shared :)

  50. sallam alaikom,

    sorry sisters to gate crash.

    the article recommended some great acts ma-sha-Allah!

    I’m sorry to say this, in case anybody does read it…but please be-aware of modern day technology in regards to pregnancy tests and the likes. ‘Knowledge is power and absolute power corrupts’….Understandably, most of us are in the west. As to whether the hadiths about al-sufuyani of end times are correct or not…..lets just say may Allah gives us the barakah of fulfilling the Beloved’s wishes of multiplying the muslims.

    May Allah alleviate the mothers and families sufferings and provide for them from His bounty.Ameen.

    Sorry and thank you.

  51. Assalamualicum sister, although I did not suffer any miscarriage but I and my husband were suffering from a different situation. We are trying to have a baby for 2 years but we are not blessed. Every month we hope for positive result but…. Everyone asked us when we will have kids. I am just fed up with the same question and that’s why, I just said that we are planning for baby after I finished my study but in my heart ALLAH knows I always prioritize my family than my carrier. When I saw pregnant women, I can not explain how much hollow I feel inside of my heart. I always share my feeing’s with Allah and pray for healthy children. Sister Manar, my deepest sympathy towards you. Your article really inspire me. I will pray for you. May Allah, bless you with Islamic minded healthy children.

  52. As I read through the article, It was more like going through what I did two months back.
    I had a miscarriage after 9 weeks during Ramadan and believe me the one thing that pushed me through was that Ahadeeth, where you will be reunited tomorrow. Alhamdulillah, what more could I ask for ?
    I knew from the beginning that some thing was not okay and so for some reason had not been too attached, or maybe that was Allah’s plan after all who knows ?
    My umma , my husband’s umma and many many more came up to me with their personal miscarriage stories and that was to a level comforting to know that Inwas not alone and it happening on a friday eve during Ramadan could not have been a coincidence.
    Missed almst half of the fasts but I prayed so hard and alhamdulillah, feels way better now :)

  53. Asslamuralaikum sister,alhamdullilah fr reading zis
    I hv my miscarriage last one,due to zat,I hv ‘panik attack ‘.
    I still suffering emotional n physical..I cn not stay alone,I always wanted some1 wz m..
    Wen I wke up in ze morning, I cannot do my household, l cannot cuk,I don’t want to stay at hom,I cried a lot….i ask Allah to gv me lots of patience n courage.
    N gv my family n hubby patience wz me
    We must accept whatever happens to us
    Alhamdullilah i hv recover a little..I hv full faith in Allah, zat I wll b fny soon.
    Jazakallah khayr sister
    Fink m in ur dua

  54. Thank you so much for this inspiring article. May Allah (Swt) bless you with a healthy pregnancy and to heal you.
    I am Sarah bukirwa from uganda who has experienced four miscarriages and the last one was 3yrs ago at 7months. The experience is solo horrific to Tell you the truth I don’t have the energy to try again. But your article has opened my eyes to trust Allah and get myself together and try again. May allah bless me and you and both our husbands and all the sisters who have gone through these experiences with healthy pregnancies and healthy banies. Amiina.

  55. I remember the very first time I came across this article, I quickly clicked on the x button and immediately closed the page. I didn’t need to read about miscarriages being pregnant. Somehow I have always be terrified of reading anything to do with miscarriage when I was pregnant. It somehow felt like if i read about it, i was somehow going to lose my baby.

    I am usually glued to pregnancy websites checking the progress of my unborn child and looking at the comments, concerns made by other parents. BUT I WOULD ALWAYS AVOID ANY COMMENTS WHATSOEVER where a person was talking about their miscarriage.

    This article was no different.

    Within a few days of avoiding this productivemuslim article, i was running back and looking for it, googling “productivemuslim miscarriage”.

    I had just returned from the hosptial having suffered a miscarriage at 18 weeks. I had just be discharged.

    I desperately needed to read this article; the article was so desperately avoiding.

    Allah aye!

    Alhamdulillah, I felt everything you had said.

    For some weird reason, I kinda take a deep breath now; I am no longer afraid of reading about miscarriage. I have experienced it. It was painful, yet it was Qadr!

    I had gone through what i had always been terrified of. Alhamdulillah Allah kulli haal!

    Thank you so much. May what you have lost be a means of your entering jannahtul firdaus and every sister who had experienced this painful test. Ameen

    • I am so glad I found this article I really needed it. I have been through 3 miscarriages the most recent one only two days ago. I was 12 weeks and this miscarriage has been the hardest for me as I prayed really hard for a successful pregnancy. But although I am devastated I know deep down that Allah knows what is best for me and he will answer my dua in his own time. I just need time to recover and I pray for all those in the same position as me that Allah gives us sabr and blesses us with successful pregnancies soon Ameen.

  56. Asalam aleikum,

    Hope all are well. Am sorry for your loss sister. I too have gone through misscariage twice this year at 16 weeks baby girl (Aisha) in feb and in oct lost my son(wissam) at 20 weeks. I left empty even though i have other kids. I am craving of a baby more like an obbsesstion In nov this year i have conceived again and am currently at 7 weeks. Am terrified and scared to go through it again. May Allah make it easy for all of us.. Ameen…

  57. Alhumdulillah for such a beautiful post i have just had a miscarriage at 17 weeks it was my first pregnancy i felt completely broken but reading this had reminded me that Allah swt is the best of planners im so scared but InshaAllah we will be blessed with more children in the near future.

  58. Salam sister, you wrote everything soo beautifuly mashaAllah.. I have question about early miscarriages when the soul is not blown in the baby? Are they treated the same?

  59. Assalamualaikum sisters, I’m blessed with a 5 year old daughter alhamdulillah thanks to allah swt….I experienced one still birth my second daughter 8 and a half months was dead in womb ..she was dead 2 weeks ago when I delivered her….3 months ago I had a missed miscarriage end it up having d&c …it seems I’m starting to have anxiety due to my two loses …I totally understand your feelings sister I cried while reading your article..I know it’s not easy to Corp with this pain…both time I fought with my sadness and try to live happily but it really bothers me…I cry every time ….please sisters pray for me to allah swt to bless me with healthy babies

  60. Assalam alaykum
    Jazakallahu khairan for this piece; I recently suffered a miscarriage and this being the second time hits me really bad emotionally. I was looking for support when I googled “what to do after a miscarriage in Islam” and this article popped up. I feel physically and emotionally drained but after reading this piece I have resolved to just leave everything to ALLAH Bi IthniLLAH! It’s hard but as u rightly said, ALLAH doesn’t burden a soul beyond that which it can bear. I’ll say that prayer for my husband too. May ALLAH gift our marriages with pious children soon! Aamiin
    I can’t say so much because I’m not in the right frame of mind, but I hope I have been able to sincerely express myself.
    Jazakallahu khairan for this piece

  61. I start a habit of reading at least one article on productive muslim every night before bed. I must say this is the most important article I read. jzk keyran fir shedding light on such important topic yet not alot written about it. So important to hear from anothet sister. I was discussing this with my best friend today about another sister who lost her baby about a year ago. For some reason this seen as almost a taboo in my culture and it shouldn’t be, it should talked about just like any topic because womem who experienced it need support and as many resources to cope with it. sorry for the lengthy comment, May Allah reward for it. I will share this with my friends and family.

  62. As-Salaam Alaykum Sister Manar!
    Masha Allah! Your article is so much on point.
    8 months after a full term still birth at 41weeks, still feels like yesterday.
    Amazingly, time does help with the healing, day after day and Allah remains faithful as always to give us the strength to move on.
    Also found it difficult getting Islamic articles on the loss of a child and this right here is a worthy one.
    May Allah grant us a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies that would be His vicegerents on earth and the coolness and comfort of our eyes very soon, Aaameen.
    Jazakumlah Khairan

  63. AssalamuAlaikum Sr,
    Alahmdulillah that I came across this beneficial article. Mom has miscarriage twice, she lost one daughter before I was born and one son (my youngest brother’s twin) before my youngest brother came after him. Masha’ Allah she felt hurt for their loss (including my dad who cried for them) but they were patient and thanked Allah (s.w.t).
    Thank you for your generous share for those useful tips, J.A.K.

  64. I had miscarriage at 11 weeks couple of days ago. I have full faith in Allah SWT ‘s decree. People around me started to blame me that I am suffering from disease that I can’t have baby in future. This makes me feel down sometimes how can say such things which they can’t do.

  65. I just had a missed miscarriage and felt very agonizing but after reading this article i felt really relaxed and comfortable… jazak Allah my sister

  66. JazakAllah Khair for this article sister. May Allah compensate you for your loss with what is best for you. Can you believe I read it when I was 40 weeks pregnant and I went over my due date and I had just googled articles about trusting Allah’s plans. And then I came across your article just by ‘chance’. Everything in my pregnancy was alright at that time. I had quickly skimmed through it. Fast forward one week and I was at the hospital and the ultrasound technician told me there was no heartbeat and my baby had passed away. I was 41 weeks pregnant! But that was Allah’s plan. That was the time He had written for my baby girl. And He has a plan to why it was best. But alhamdulillah the fact that I came across your article a week before I heard this news helped prepare me for what was to come, it helped prepare me with how to respond. Allah truly does have His ways. I have written more about this here ( and have linked to your article as well.

  67. Salaam alaikum sister thank you so much for this I’ve had two miscarriage’s five months apart and I’m extremely emotional and sad

  68. Slmz
    I found your comment enlightening as I have had my second miscarriage in 3 months. Only Allah knows the reasons as to why our pregnancies are failing.after. Reading your comment today I realized I need to put my whole trust in Allah . And constantly engage him in dua so that he helps my husband and I get through this a second time inshallah.

  69. Aslamualikum dear sister… I am nazia rehman..I have lost my son my ist baby boy just few days before my ist wedding anniversary…on 10 feb 2017..everything was good a day before and the I ended up in stillbirth..its been 7 months again I conceived but this time a more big trial for me I was gone through ectopic pregnancy…I have read ur article amd it gives me light in this dark part of my life..plz pray for me to get through this hard time…and bless me and husband with pious and healthy kids soon…

  70. i have just suffered a miscarriage and I was 8 weeks. i heard the similar words to you, “we cannot detect a heart beat” following an uktra soynd scan and the last words I heard from the consultant were “it’s not looking positive”.
    It felt as if someone had pulled the ground beneath me, you don’t realise even at 8 weeks pregnant your maternal instincts are to protect. The next few days were hard, it was like sand was slipping out of my hands as the bleeding I suffered got heavier. On the 15th September 2017 I completely lost my child right before my eyes. i ended hospital with blood transfusion due to amount of blood I lost. i went through this on my own as i had come to visit my parents. my plan was to help my mum out post her surgery. However Allah sweet had other plans for me. It will take me a long time to accept and get over this but Allah sweet made me realise I an stronger than what I thought I was. I thank my Allah for everything he has blessed me with and everything he has removed from my passion, Allah has better plans for me.

    I pray Allah gives every woman and father sabr who have endured such a loss. Life is not gurantateed that’s why you should appreciate every second you breath.

  71. Hi,
    I am completing an assignment for school, on an Islamic adherent’s response to their own religion in light of a ‘contradictory experience’ or suffering in other words.
    In my research I have discovered that suffering is apart of Allah’s plan and is a ‘test’ – as you have already said but, I have come across another explanation for suffering, which it being a ‘punishment’ for sins.
    Do you agree/believe/find comfort in suffering being a form of ‘punishment’?
    Thankyou in advance if you get back to me!

  72. Assalamu alaikum sister! I’m currently going through this pain. I just lost my child in 8 week’s. Feeling devastated as I had gone thru intense pain to conceive. This was my 3rd IVF and 5th frozen embryo transfer. After so many failure Allah blessed me with this pregnancy. Still trying to figure out why Allah snatched my blessing suddenly. It all happened even before I could think. Praying to Allah that I should never ever leave his hope and continuing to pray for healthy pregnancy in future InshaAllah

  73. This is something I needed. Thank you so much for writing this article. I had three miscarriages one recently and each time I’ve gotten closer to Allah . Thank you for sharing your story really helps to know I’m not alone.

  74. I am a guy and my wife had the same issue was expecting but got no heartbeat endin into abortion. its been a year since then but me being a guy still feels for the lost child i cud have. i came across this article of urs coz today was the exact day since lastyear that i had lost a soul i never met. despite me being a guy i can not say how much it has affected me , however phsyical pain of my wife is no comparision. its been a year and yet i remember it and my eyes fills up with tears and this tears cant be shared with my wife coz i dont want her to be reminded of the pain she went thru last year. All i say is please pray for us that im reunited with my lost child in this world as soon as possible.

  75. Assalamoalaikum sister
    I am going through the similar state… it was second miscarriage, at 20weeks…. whatever u have written is really beautiful… while reading i was thinking that u are writing about my own situation and circumstances… i gained enough courage,strength and patience from your write up… may Almighty Allah grant u ajar e azeem… and bless u and me with beautiful saleh and healthy children… ameen suma ameen… remember me in ur prayers…

  76. I have been longing for a child for 17 years.I am almost 44 doctors say there is no chance at all.I have lost all hope and faith in Allah.

  77. AOA sister, your article gave strength to me as last night I had my second miscarriage at 11 weeks and I had my first miscarriage last year same time at 12 weeks. This time I was not expecting same pain but ALLAH’S plans we can never understand. I can totally relate with every word you share here, and I am sure ALLAH will have mercy on me and will reunite me with my two unseen babies in life hereafter Ameen

  78. Thankyou so much. I am going through the exact scenario. I googled the same and came across this page. Trying to find strength and courage in your words. May Allah bless you and your husband.

  79. assalamu alaikom sister. May Allah reward you for writing this. I was actually looking for some material to send my non muslim friend who lost her 4 year old daughter and I got thinking again about my own 2 miscarriages and read your article. I cried fresh tears again in memory of what i went thru one year ago and 7 years ago. Actually I cried and cried abd made dua because of the hadith you mentioned of fetus dragging mother by his umbilical cord to Pararise ! I read that before many times but always that it applied to still births only. I had hoped and hoped it applied to me as well. And i know Allah is merciful and even having miscarriage at couple months inshallah will be my keys to paradise. Ya Rab ! Alhamdulilah Allah has since rewarded my patience and I have two healthy beautiful boys. Allahu akbar !! Alhamdulilah for the blessings of being muslim and having islam as our guide.

    may Allah reward you and give you what us best for you. ameeeeeen

  80. Salaam sis , thank you for sharing your article. It has brought me some comfort ❤️
    I had a miscarriage about 2 moths ago. I went for my 5 months scan and I was told there is no heart beat and that the baby had died between 14/15 weeks .
    I was very sad but I understood what Allah had planned for me.

    It was when I was researching online about what Islam says about miscarriage made me very sad and angry. The sheikh was saying because the baby didn’t have a soul so it really wasn’t a baby. It was like a blood clot.
    I was so heartbroken and I felt like Allah doesn’t love me!!!!
    If the baby was less then 120 days does that mean I am not allowed to mourn over the baby ? Will I not see her or ask for her in haven ? Will she not be allowed to pull us to heaven ? I am just so confused and lost. I can’t seem to find the answers I am looking for .

    I hope Allah swt bless you and your husband with a healthy baby in the future!!! Ameen x

  81. Assalamualaikum..

    Thank you so much for this inspiring article. I had a miscarriage on Tuesday as the doctor told me there was no heartbeat. My husband is not with me during this crucial time as he is working on the other side of the country. Praise to Allah SWT that i googled on how to cope with miscarriage and i came across your articles. In Sha Allah one day we will be bless with having children Aamiin

  82. i read your story …and its really motivate me…recently i face this same heartbroken situation..child loss is really unbearable but Allhumdolliah now m fine and hope for best ..Allah Pak always do which is best for us…lot of prayers for u and Pray for my health and Allah Pak blessed me with healthy kids in future …ameen