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  1. Assalamalaikm
    While waiting in a traffic jam,in a doctor’s clinic,for our loved ones in car or for any other thing instead of being impatient and grumbling,do some dhikr and thank Allah for every blessing.

  2. asslam alaykum
    while commuting
    1-do zikr
    2-listen to quranic tafseer/lectures etc
    3-memorize new surahs and revise them
    4-make lots of dua

  3. close your eyes and imagine that Allahs mercy is decending on your heart,cleaning your sins
    as a result ur heart says Allah Allah
    Or do tadabbur over something

  4. Alhamdulillaah I managed to go through the entire tafseer of the Quran (by Dr. Farhat Hashmi (Fahm-ul-Quran)) while commuting to University. Once I finished that, I used to listen to miscellaneous lectures until I found out about Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s Seerah lectures. Alhamdulillaah I finished 82 lessons and they are simply amazing!! Here is the link to Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s podcast:

    Google play:


    I love to commute just because of the immense knowledge I gain. :)

    • Alhamdulillah me too!
      Listened the complete Seerah as well as Surah Waqiah and Mulk numerous times (Mishary Al-rashid’s recitation) that I almost learned it now by heart! :)

    • Assalamualaikum Shanableh Hammam

      Music is not permissible in islam, replace it with quran, islamic lectures, nasheeds without music etc…

      May Allah help us all to do good, avoid the impermissible and make the path to paradise easy. Amin

  5. Baraka llahou fiqum on the road car train u can listen to coran and make dhikr very easily with out disturbing inchallah

  6. My commute time to my office was half an hour daily one way some time back and I used to listen to Qalam Institutes’s Seerah Podcast. Alhamdulilah, that was one of the best times of my life. There were instances I just used to cry in the car listening to the Seerah. Caught up the entire podcast in the 3 months I had to travel and I consider that 3 months to a blessing from Allah so that I can learn about the life of the greatest man that walked on the earth.

  7. A good book can be read. It’s a beneficial thing to do while waiting for anyone or anything.
    Getting involved in Astagfar for it is a relief from all difficulties.
    Starting a good conversation with anyone around you whom you know or know not. Sharing something good with that being will become a sadaqa e jariyah for you.

  8. We can download Quran recitation frm different scholas on our phone and Arabic quran and recite it or listen to it anytime we less busy or weting for doctor as out patient or impatiEnt or inside bus while traveling inshaAllah

  9. I have downloaded Quran in my phone when ever I have to commute long distance l put on my headphones and listen Quran

  10. Assalamu Alaikum what I usually do is to read as many azkar as possible or any surah of the Qur’an or I use a headphone and listen to it with my Phone, it reduces the stress of waiting

  11. Slmalkm,
    I mostly have at least one book I always carry in my bag, I read in on trains and busses, sometimes even when walking on the way to the Seminar =D because I have been walking the same roads for years, so I don’t have to concentrate on the way constantly.
    I sometimes also take out my planner and collect and organize my to-do-list for the evening, the next day or days which also takes lots of time. I occasionally also read socio-political articles on my phone since we do not have newspapers or TV in our dorm.

  12. * Listening to Qur’ân recitations
    * Reading tafseer
    * Reading other books (productivity, personal development, etc)
    * Listening to tafseer and/or podcasts, especially Nouman Ali Khan :)

    Also as important as these, things NOT to do while commuting:
    * Waiting idle
    * Playing games, or checking unnecessary things on your phone/tablet
    * Heedlessness, especially in guarding our eyes

    • In addition to above do’s…….. I write my reflection on my note book………………refelection on any surah, roadside scenece, blessings of Allah etc etc.

  13. Asalamualaykum,
    If on a train or bus, give up your seat to some one who needs it more than you.
    Reflect on Allah’s creation when seeing things during travel. Often you can do that with a scenic view
    Always thank the bus driver
    Make Dua to Allah in your heart to give people around you hidayat when commuting
    Recite the Dua for travelling, entering a built up urban area.

  14. Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!
    As we fumble ourselves in the busy streets, we can do lots of things like dhikr, listening to Quran or even do dawah! though most of the times, I am stucked doing the first 2, i want to try doing conversational/ informal dawah (though it is not that easy). Had an experience when i tried giving some flyers in a train as I sat with a non-Muslim, and we are living in an islamic country by the way, and she refused to accept that flyer…Accountability hits me everytime i fail to do my part as a Muslim…
    In sha Allah, may Allah accept from us and may Allah make it easy for us…ameen..

  15. Bimillah:
    In my walking time;
    I like to listen to a radio station which broadcast Quran recite and religion teaches.
    I ponder the building of my city Cairo-Egypt and exert a mental exercise on how to restore the architect of the buildings.
    I plan to what should I do and say during my next activity.

  16. Salam. I usually write my goals and break them down during long commute. Also, after securing my valuables I nap especially if I have a companion. I also write some duas on paper or read e-books on Islam.

  17. I enjoyed social networking trends and I tend to balance it by posting religious tips, encouragement tips etc in accordance with Islamic etiquette. Majorly I posted hadith and illustrations to back it daily on Facebook with intention of having a lot of feedback signifying the number of follower of such teachings.

    • Salaam alaikum Brother, I sincerely hope you’re not driving while Facebooking. That could be a wee bit dangerous. ;-)

  18. Salam! I start my daily commute with the 3-kuls, ayat al-kursi, and certain dhikr until I reach my desk! I get this sense of accomplishment and a rush of positive energy even before I have had my daily dose of caffeine. Try it!

  19. Assalamuaaikoum,
    we can try to identifyopportunities to do good by observing our environment, particularly, recurrent opportunities, like homeless people for example. Recurrent small deeds are most beloved to Allah (swt).

    Or simply read useful books, not necessarily Quran, ghat would help us improve.

    Or recite parts of Quran we memorized as a revision.

    Or have purposeful conversations with other commuters with good intention behind.

    Or purposefully trhinb to have a seat in order to offer your place to someone who needs to sit more than you do

    Or having Daawah material or reminders and give it to someone

    Or reflect upon yourself and your goals and make decisions

    Or send personal emaiils to people you love but often forget to stay in touch with

    Or let purposefully any material you want, book or else, for people to benefit from it…

    There is an endless list of things we could do while commuting

  20. Example of such quotes from hadith of the day
    “The Doors of Sadaqah

    Abu Dhar al-Ghafari said: “The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) said: ‘Sadaqah is prescribed for every person every day the sun rises.’ I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, from what do we give sadaqah if we do not possess property?’ He said: ‘The doors of sadaqah are takbir (Allahu Akbar), Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, La-ilaha-ilAllah, Astaghfirullah, enjoining good, forbidding evil, removing thorns, bones and stones from the paths of people, guiding the blind, listening to the deaf and dumb until you understand them, guiding a person to his object of need if you know where it is, hurrying with the strength of your legs to one in sorrow who is appealing for help, and supporting the weak with the strength of your arms. These are all the doors of sadaqah.” [Ahmad]

    In other words one does not need to have financial resources to earn the reward of sadaqah. There are many deeds that qualify as sadaqah with Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). In addition to those listed above the following ordinary courtesies are also sadaqah if we do them with the intention of pleasing Allah with them.

    1. To administer justice between two people is sadaqah.
    2. To assist a man upon his mount so that he may ride it is sadaqah.
    3. To place his luggage on the animal is sadaqah.  
    4. A good word is sadaqah.
    5. Every step taken toward prayer is sadaqah.
    6. Your smile for your brother is sadaqah.
    7. Planting anything from which a person, an animal or anything eats is sadaqah. “

  21. what I’ve done

    1. recite along a daily wird (litany) of quran and dua. e.g wird al-latif on YouTube (and goodle for pdf), or Ratib Al-Haddad, or morning athkar, or afternoon athkar.
    2. plan your day in your head, and recite your intentions for leaving the house (to please allah, to enjoin good, to exercise patience, to forbid evil, to help people if you can help them, to earn halal income, to feed your wife as a sadaqah, etc)
    3. Reflection on your previous day.
    4. listen to Islamic CDs – hook Nouman Ali Khan’s mobile app up to your car or headphones.
    5. have a tally counter in car/bag and take it out and hold it on the way.
    6. if not driving, call family + friends and ask how they’re going.
    7. re-summarise last lessons’ notes
    8. prepare talks on Islam

  22. Assalaamu alaikum
    Alhumdolillah it’s a great opportunity to make dhikr and or duaas as all the brothers and sisters have mentioned and hope to have our duaas answered as we are travellers? Jazakum Allah khair. Wasalaamu alaikum

  23. On the way to work, I read my azkaar then read quran as much as I can. On the way home I read my evening azkaar then I make dua for myself n the whole ummah from a 2page dua document.

  24. I spent minimum three hours in my car to commute to my office every day. The office is not far away but the traffic jams causing this delay. In the begining , it was terrible to sit in the car without moving or very slowly. I use to be on the internet in the begining but the time I arrive to the office , I was feeling of mental tiredness then with blessing of Allah, I start to read Quran in the car. Normally I can recite two Juzz everyday and I feel fresh and more satisfied when reach to office.

  25. Depending on the kind of commute there are a bunch of things that can be done.

    If it’s early in the morning the the morning azkaar are a good choice.
    Other than that if you’re not driving then you can read the newspaper, a book, write emails, a journal, etc.

    Sometimes it’s a good idea to just sleep (obviously not when you’re the one who’s driving), so that you can have enough energy to spend the rest of the day more productively or with your family.

  26. As for me I usually check my emails , msgs and read articles while traveling or elseiI plan for the day and do dhikr of Allah

  27. I commute to work by train. While people were sleeping, listening to music i spend my time reading. Either the quran or books. Thats a way to kill time.

    Hope you find this beneficial. :)

  28. Dhikr would be the best, I think, for those who are not fond of reading while commuting. That would also defocus one from daily matters as well as keep one’s mind busy and block evil-potent thoughts that might be wandering in one’s head.

  29. You can hear ebooks . if you are on public transportaions and not driving, you can read .
    it can also be an opportunity to think and plan about something you want to do .

  30. Assalamu alaykum! :) We are usually too busy with getting done so many things in one day and sometimes that leads to losing connection with our deen. That time while driving or walking from one place to another is opportunity to just relax, recite some dhikr, listen to Quran or make duaas.

  31. I like to reflect on my daily activities…what I am going to do that day, how I will benefit others through it, how will I remind others about Allah and how to live that day to attain His pleasure..
    A one hour ride to my work place is filled with reflections and emotions, for His sake.

  32. Allhumdualla WE are told about time and how its important to use it usefully.I feel more than travelling the time we spend in walking to the masjd for prayer the people we say salam to and the people we talk to are so good an opertunity to do dawaha and islah, many are no not muslim i talk to surprising many even greet me before i do them.BUT then howmany of us know the importance of walking to prayer?.

  33. You can call your family or friends to greet them as it is important to uphold the ties of kinship. You can also ponder on Allah’s creation do dhikr or think of how to improve as amuslim or even think of what to do to help spread Islam or benefit the ummah.t

  34. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakatuhu
    While commuting, we are reaching towards an objective. Examine what could be the challenges that we may face for the day and prepare to face them.
    look at the people around you, their expressions speak a lot. Thank Allah for His blessings and for giving you the opportunity to do dhikr, speak to Him in our hearts, seek His guidance.
    Revise the memorization of surahs you already know, and do it slowly, trying to get the meanings and ponder over the same.

  35. We have no idea how much time we spend in commuting from one place to another. If you travel via train/ public transport then pop in ur headphone and listen to your favourite speakers.I completed listening to many series of Islamic lectures in the last year Alhamdolillah and it surely is a good iman boost.

  36. When I’m driving / walking / travelling; I perceive that as an opportunity to learn something; because my daily life doesn’t give me as much time as I want to do so.
    So basically, I listen to islamic and self empowerment podcasts (“Bayyinah” is a very good one) or i use a wonderful app named “ilmstream” which gives you a huge list of famous shuyukh’s courses/speech ready to be played!

  37. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahu wabarakatuhu.
    I agree with you completely Iffat. You can get through a lot of Islamic lectures and provide yourself with an Imaan boost. Listening to Qur’aan and doing dhikr is also very productive. Along with saving articles when you are busy to read when you are commuting.

    Allahu alam. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahu wabarakatuhu.

  38. Read Quraan or tafseer of Quraan, and if we can’t read, especially at night we listen to lectures, or quraan, or make thikr. May Allah accept it from us.

  39. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
    My opinion would be to use this time for Hifdh of Quran.
    I’ve been doing this myself اَلحَمْدُ لِله and I see great results.
    Though I memorise other times also but the outcome when I memorise while commuting was always better. This also has added benefits like you are in the protection of Allah while you travel, you have control on your actions and you remain cool and humble even in tough situations.
    Try for yourself with lots of dua. إن شاء الله you find it productive.
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  40. 1. Dhkir (Istighfar, صلاة على النبي, Tasbeeh,..)
    2. Reading Books.
    3. Listen to audio Islamic lectures on (Phone, MP3, Tablet…) or Soundcloud.
    4. Write Plans and To-do-lists on Notebooks.
    5. Quraan Time (Listen, Revise Hifdh…)
    6. Tafakkor (Thinking deeply in everything around us and remember why we are here in this life)
    7. Search for small and big Good deeds to do.
    8. Renew Intentions for what we do in our life.
    9. Judge yourself & Jihad in yourself.

  41. Asalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,
    I personally make zhikr during my commutting time and that is “subhanallah, wal hamdulillah wa la illaha ila allah” and I think if all of us learn to do we will benefit in this world and the hereafter bi izni Allah inshaallah.

  42. i prefer to engage myself in zikr especially those r lighter on tongue but heavy on scales “Subhan-Allahi- wabi hamdi, subhan-Allah-il-Azeem”.

  43. i spend two hours a day commuting and alhumdulillah have an app on my iphone where i ccan download videos from youtube and i then use an fm transmitter to listen to them in my car. i am listening to dr yasir qadhis seerah talks at the moment. very useful alhumdulillah

  44. Asalamualikum,
    I normally drop my children in Car and by the time we reach School we Recite Travel Dua (Subhanal Ladi …), Surah Fathiha and Aiyatal Kursi each one time. its better that one recites and other listens till all recites so that all read. and discuss few things of School etc…

  45. Assalamu Alaykum
    Jazaakumullahu khairan
    while commuting remember the commandments of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
    Allah describes the men of understanding as those who remember Allah while standing , sitting or reclining…..V3: 191.
    Then remember the very common authentic prophetic tradition narrated by A’isha (R.A) that the messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to always engage himself in the remembrance of Allah.
    Remembrance of Allah include: subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu akbar, La’ilaha Illallah, Recitation of Qur’an, istigfar etc

    May Allah accept our endeavours as an act of sincere worship

  46. One should definitely listen Quran and Hadith while commuting , but at the same time I will also advise my esteemed readers that they must listen Allama Iqbal’s and Jalaluddin Rumi’s writings as they are so motivating and inspiring that they will have permanent impact on their soul.

  47. As’salaamu alaikum. I personally enjoy listening to lectures on the go. It distracts me from the dunya and helps me to be in remembrance of Allah.

  48. Slms.oftentimes I go thru all da dua s n some koranic ayah on my actually SCREENSHOT important dua s so I can memorise while commuting…its gud to hv da screenshots…because u can b travelling overseas n still read all imp duas. Also I mke a point of reading 10each astagfurulla darud… subhanalahi wabihamdihi….lailaha illala…ya shakuru..for gratutude..ya latifoo…..yahayu yakayum berahmatika astaghees… zikr n dua saves us from calamaties.n feel so safe.

  49. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Mine is 60 minutes I spent commuting everyday. So I normally engaged my self by tunning to a radio religious broadcast by renowned scholars on different topics especially the program that I have been following, and it helps from missing the program fully.
    Infact I learnt a lot with much concentration during my commuting being the only person driving. May Allah guide and add us more knowledge.

  50. Zikir while walking to class from home or everywhere i go are my favourite multitasking ever! I want to die in peace this kind of way. Insha Allah…amin

  51. Assalamu allaikum warahamathullahi wabarakathuhu, first of all i thank Allah for giving the Opportunity. The one who started productive islam myself congratulate them as they have done very good job. Now, i share my ideas , as others mentioned while we are waiting for thing we may do dikr . And please help the poor and needy. As we are posting so many thing but in case of following we lack behind in each and every good deeds. Many post the islamic things inorder to attract others. Plz fear Allah in each and every times then we may avoid most of the unwanted things.sorry if i have spoken wrong. Please forgive me for Allah’s sake. Jazakallahu khair.

  52. I usually don’t get time to make my to-do list because of my little one so if I have such a commute then I think and plan of all the tasks- long and short term that need to be done. There is already a weekly to-do list which needs occasional touch up so do that.
    After that I read some news cz again since I had my baby I have hardly had the time to read news :)

  53. I usually think about how the world and people are busy as well as Allah made me a Muslim inside a million mushriqs and I wend sad and happy too

  54. I think in order to become a productive Muslim we should carefully observe our surroundings and try to gather information as much as possible. This is how we can get knowledge and information about our society and then can use that for betterment of ourselves and also benefit other people from our information and knowledge.

  55. As Salam alaikum
    I do dhikr, listeñ to the Koran from my smart phone, read some ahaadith and also do da’wah in sha Allaah. May Allaah reward our good intentions and deeds. Ameen

  56. wow. These are some great ideas mashaAllah.

    Commutes are a great time/place to go through what you don’t get a chance to go through in your schedule. Here are something I think you can do,

    a. Review or recite Quran – I don’t think the commute is a great time/place to memorize because of the level of concentration required.

    b. Listening to a lecture

    c. Listening to podcasts relating to personal development or your field of work – the commute can be a great time to build on your skills and knowledge

    d. Read books

    There is a lot of valuable time that you can take advantage of during the commute. Don’t let a tired mind discourage you. If you don’t have the energy to read or study something, then podcasts and audios are the way to go. You can even download audiobooks!

  57. Assalamu Alykum,

    While we are travelling we can do Dhikr & thank ALLAH (swt) for adding one more day to our lives.. we can look outside observing Nature’s beauty & appreciate the weather, the trees, the birds, the clouds, all of HIS beautiful creations…!!

  58. 1.Try to leave your house/all affairs in that state as you’ll never come back again.
    2.Or if BeizniAllah will come back,it should be welcoming.
    3.Keep yourself with wudu and Taharah and your stuff organized as no ones death/acciedents take oppointment first.
    3.As I usually commute with my two children so we choose one leader among us (sunnah+fun) and then do all those zikr and sunnah along them.
    4.Have niyyah that Ya Allah make our journey a source to be closer to you.
    5. Alhmdulillah being only niqabi in western society here,I get a lot chance to do dawah so I always pack some dawah material,some balloons,extra treats for other kids to give in case get chance to talk with someone.
    5.During our journey I spend quality time with my children teaching them every possible thing including their concept about Allah,nature,science,culture etc instead of social networking.
    6.Always carry positivity with you that world is filled with good and bad people and I have not to focus on down side of anything.Do a lot of Astaghfar mean while all the time.
    7.If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail (saying),manage your time wisely specially about Salah n get the job done accordingly.
    8.Back home with thanks that Allah have blessed you with a home/family, when many are homeless in the world.
    9Finally Aiboona Taiboona liRabbina Hamidoona.

  59. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu
    I read ‘lahawla wala quwwata illa billah’ consistently till I reach my destination and for me every journey is an eye-opener and reminder …as we see so many poor people on the streets suffering from various problems and afflicted with body deformities.. May Allah protect us aameen…i make dua for them as we know of a narration wherin rewards are mentioned for making dua for our brothers/sisters in islam without their knowledge /in their absence… Make dua for them on one hand and the same time make dua for ourselves to protect us and last thing lots and lots of shukar /thanks for our better conditions and one more sometimes making tawbah right then after realizing if I was unthankful for any of the ni’mah/ bounties Allah s.w.t gave us….

  60. As Salaam Alaikum my Productive Muslims and Sisters.

    When travelling by car which is my usual routine and with kids, I play Surahs, Islamic cartoons and Nasheed for kids. I keep on playing it till’ we reached our destination. In between I am praying Subhan Allah Wabihamdihi. Before we start the journey we pray travel dua.

  61. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu

    Generally, I listen to bayans of our respected scholars, or recite Zikr, till I reach my destination.

  62. Assalamu alikum wa rehmatullah,alhumdullilah i also do the same as sister esra had mention in her reply and i do dhikr astaqfar a lot .may allah guide us all and forgive us all.jazakallah khairan.

    • I smiled … that u have read my reply.. Sister I would like to talk to you… Can u mail me on ……need some help regarding studies…or any sister intrested to help me wd studies is most welcome… Assalamualaikum.. :) eagerly awaiting

  63. Its important to do something which will keep you entertained.

    My daily commute takes an hour and half to uni using public transport (one way). I sit on 1 bus for exactly one hour. For me, I try to stay away from getting work done or active learning. (If youre organised, study or work should be localised to its environment). For me, sitting on the bus is meant to be when I can get away from that sort of thing. So what I do is either 3 things:

    – Read non-fiction (self help mostly)
    – listen to podcasts (in love with the tim ferriss show), muslim central podcast
    – journal on my phone – thoughts, feelings, pour out some stress, get my thinking straight.

    On the way back home, some days im ready to knock out, so podcast is a good lazy option when i dont feel like reading.

    I have a blog if you guys want to check it out: Feel free to visit! :)

  64. This is a paraphrased version of what I heard about someone long ago.

    When asked why they chose to walk to the Masjid rather than ride (or drive) they responded: I get more time with the Qur’an when I walk!
    Imagine the reward one can accumulate when walking and reciting the Qur’an (ten hasanaat for every ALPHABET)

    We can listen to the Qur’an (helps memorisation) too.

  65. سلام عليكم ورحمته الله وبركاته.
    الحمد الله.

    I live in Afghanistan and that’s where I am From.when I am on the way to my work I listen to an Islamic radio which has nothing to broadcast but all under the shadow of Islam, which is great thing to benefit from during my ride. But for those who are not in my stage I mean those who live in love where such thing is not available, I want them to download some audios of Qur’an with Tafsir Sharif, the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, afterlife, some other lecturers of the scholars of the world for example they can find lectures of very knowledgeable person Imam Anwar Alwaki in and thousands of things like that and listen to it durine the time they drive, walk or sitting and if they are still unable to do that do remember Allah by mentor his names, Allah syas in the Qur’an verily with remembrance of Allah do hearts find comfort. And if that’s not possible, at least think about the creatures of Allah SWT and think about your past and see where are you now and be positive about future. Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar.

  66. 1. Remember Allahs countless blessings and always thankful to Allah
    2. Learn seerah/Biography of Prophet Rasool S.A , one of the greatest leader of the mankind
    3. See the good things and move on
    4. Count as much as Dhikr and Salaats
    5. Learn the seerah of Companions of Prophet Muhammed S.A
    6. Visualize your goals and dream about it on achieving it
    7. Remember best moments of Life
    8. Recite as much as Duas
    9. If you find any muslims brothers / family then talk to them and understand about thier families , business , etc etc…