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  1. masha’Allah, I olways appreciate what my parents did for my siblings and I Alhamdulillah. May Allah swt give them jannah Aameen ya rabbi. jazakillahu khair sister .

    • Feeling the importance if your parents is a blessing from Allah that will guide you to his love subhanah I Wa talaa.

  2. I needed this subhanallah. This came at the right time. Barakallak feek. May Allah reward you immensely ❤❤

  3. SubhanAllah. What a beautiful and informative topic. We as children sometimes doesnt realize the wisdom behind advice given by parents. We take it as insults, then simply go ahead and discard what they told us. We will only realize when we are parents ourselves the true wisdom behind their words. May Allah protect and guide us. Aameen.

    • This is why knowledge is very important. In our Deen. We need to learn from our Quran to be guided. May Allah bless you my dear sister.

    • MashaAllah brother faris a very good reminder may Allah help us in every way possible n guide us to straigth path jazakillaAllahu khair……

  4. I feel this is a excellent article, I thank Allah and my brothers and sisters,and writer for publishing such a beautiful article,JAZAK ALLAH

  5. Jazakallah khaiyar for reminding the status of parents.I was almost lost in this busy world.Barakallah fee…

  6. Salam alaykum. I wish I had to access the this article ,when I was younger. But I still have time In Sha Alllah. Thanks for this wonderful piece.

  7. There is one time when you will appreciate your parents more. That is when you are a parent yourself. Alhamdulillah, I appreciate my mum and the difficulty she has gone through. May Almighty Allah have mercy upon us all.

    • Ameen. You are very blessed to appreciate the efforts of your mother. This is what we all need to do if we want to go to Jannah.

  8. What a wonderful article may Allah reward d author abundantly, by Allah swt our parents are our precious gift given to us, we should value them as long as they’re alive and we should remember that repay what they had given to us.
    May Allah swt forgive our parents and grant them Al Jannah.Amiin

  9. Assalam-o-aliakum
    well said,ideed parents are the greatest blessing we have.i love them!
    thank you for having such a nice topic!
    #deligence to become a productive Muslim.

    • I am so happy that the reminder was helpful. From my side I need to thank zainab who chose the title and got me involved. May Allah bless her and guide her to his love.

  10. This is certainly a powerful reminder for me and I also plan to share with my daughters. This article has demonstrated the realistic side of what actually takes place offering solutions as well. Shukran!

  11. Mashallah a good reminder.It’s always hard to deal with difficult parents and Allah tests us all the time.If we remember that whatever good we do is for Allah set,it becomes easier to overlook each others mistakes and remain positive. May Allah make our parents a blessing for us,ameen

    • I totally agree with you. If we only reflect on our purpose of Allah we would realise that all our life is a worship towards Allah. قال تعالى ” و ما خلقت الجن و النس الا ليعبدون
      “I have created the Jin and mankind only to worship me”. Every test needs sabr to show our worship towards Allah sunhanahu wa taala.

  12. MasyaAllah. It brought tears to my eyes …. Sometimes we forgot how much Allah SWT loves us and how much we take things for granted. Jazakallah for the reminder ….

  13. Masha Allah.An important and very informative article. May Allah reward you for your remembrance.
    This is particularly relevant for families living in the west where treatment of parents are deemed to be mutual. Scratch my back I will scratch yours
    As you said children are holed up in their rooms fumbling with computers ,their phones and their friends
    Parents are stressed expecting worst outcome
    Virtually there is communication breakdown.
    May this be à wake up call for all party

  14. Thinking about myself at their position helps me to better understand them. As you start getting closer to become a parent, you start understanding their perspective. Sometimes asking “why I want to react like this?”, before acting on our emotions also help.

  15. Salam aalaikom wa rahmatollah wa barakataho,

    Jazakom Allah khairan 3ala el maw3ida.

    Wa salam aalaikom wa rahmatollah wa barakataho.

  16. Salam alaykom,

    May Allah bless you for this amazing topic, may He Subhanahu Wa Taala make us kind to our mums and dads.

    I have learnt a lot through what you have posted sister, and Subhan Allah, if you dont interact with our parents the uff wont come while being away, even though we are not suppose ld to this to them, but it shows us the beauty of Quran.

    May Allah make me and you aming the people of Allah’s book the Quran, Ameen.




  18. Assalam aleikum,

    A timely topic which am quite sure is a challenge to many Muslims around the world. Thank you to the author, May Allah put this in your mizaaan of hasanaat.

  19. Allahumma Barik’llah for such Great reminder ,This an eye opener to me to value my parents and taking advantage of serving them until they are pleased with me …May Allah give our parents long life full of good deeds Ameen ””’They said that, ” Blessed is person who knows the value of his parents while they are still a live” #reflect

    • Yes this is very true and rasul Allahصلى الله عليه و سلم explained that when your parents are a life you have two doors of Jannah opened for you and if one dies you will have one door opened but if both dies you will have none. Look how great is to have your parents around to gain lot of ajr to lead you to Jannah.

  20. Subhan Allah. Perfect timing. I was being so impatient with my mother. Ya Lateef. And I end up discussing our arguments with my friends. astagfirullah. May Allah make me the coolness of my parent’s eyes. And make them the coolness of my eyes

  21. Ma Shaa Allah a very useful topic for children and parents . May Allah reward you all for your efforts and make us all good Muslims . Amin

  22. MashaAllah!! I need to apply this. Sorry, sometimes I usually find myself Isolated because of bad cultures that we have. I wish I have courage to rekindle this relationship again. And reconnect our long time gap.

  23. Thank you for this awakening call it is truely much needed now as the world is ever becoming lazy and Muslims as well are lacking in one of the most important aspect of their Deen respect to Parents. Rabbigh firli wa li wa lidaiya wa lil mu’uminina yauma ya qumul hisab. A dua from the Qur’an which includes ourselves, parents and other muslims to be forgiven by Allah. May Allah increase you in knowledge and guide your children to the right path.

  24. Jazakallah

    I had a thinking that my problem is not universal….

    Now i understand that for these issues allah swt ordered not to say even an ufffff

  25. Alhamdulillah. Jazakillah khairan katheera for this wonderful article.
    It really reminds me a lot on how much I have this great opportunity and chance to gain this barakah. While reading this article, I suddenly remember the smiles that father and mother gave me today. They were really wonderful, and touches my heart.

    As a child, we often forget about this – most parents always try their best to give the best for their children. They want us to grown up and be a good person. We should try our best too!

    I have a personal thought to share based on my experience. I consider myself as young adult, whereas my parents are already in their senior ages. Each of us are undergoing different phases in life, which I believe it involves changes in emotion and needs as well as attention. It is kind of struggle too, especially to fulfill what they actually need. I take this opportunity of semester break to spend time with them. The first trial wasn’t really good. But then, I decided to change my mindset, and have faith in myself that Allah knows well what is my heart and I’m trying to give my best. I decided to focus on understanding them. I change my attitude here and there and try to adapt to the situation. I also try to show more on the maturity side of me so that my parents would feel like I am no longer a small child who is too dependent on them.
    I believe a lot of you have done better.

    Barakallahu fikee.

  26. Mashallah, a very well written article. I was engrossed in it mainly because i’ve been in the same situation and plus, your writing is as such as if you are talking to the audience through your words ! It’s absolutely true what you said. Pleasing parents makes you feel so worth it, especially if they didn’t knew that you washed the dishes, vacuumed the house and so on ! But it all starts so well but then gets tougher. Even our good deeds start to decline or loose their quality. But the concept of ‘Sabr’ answers it all. Really a good reminder to all of us, thank you.

    Jazak allahu khairan

  27. SubhaanAllaah. Just amazing tips in the light of Quran. May Allaah Subhaanahu Wa Tala make us more kind towards our parent. Alhamdulillaah as the ultimate aim is to please Allaah Rabbul Izzah.

    JazaakAllaahu Khairan Ukhti for sharing such beautiful tips.

  28. بِسْم الله الخالق الباري المصور
    Wa salat wa Salam ala al-rasul al-kareem ou Beloved Muhammad and Jesus/Moses and Abraham wa husn olaika rafeeka

    Ma-sha-Allah, verily Allah is beautiful and with out any doubt loves beauty and the article sister Fatima was very beautiful in every sense of the word.Allah Akbar. May Allah bless you and your six little ones and may He continue to soften your heart and theirs too. (Not forgetting those you’re endeavouring to assist and help).Allahoma ameen.

    Personally I really enjoy this web-site. May Allah continue to give Barakah to those involved and those of us who use it. With that said, I was a bit upset as after learning from here and in an attempt to be productive in organisation of my emails…etc, I have not received these articles unfortunately for a while! I assume I have received them but have not checked them as of yet. Not my phone…etc! Hopefully, I can call myself a bit of a productive Muslim by coming here, I.e. Checking the site. With all said and done, all we can say is Qadara Allah ma-sha faal

    Got to go, if Allah wills -to be continued!

    Before then and if Allah/time does not permit- sincerest apologies to the authors/sites for often over writing instead of just commenting…etc.

    Heresy may be coming-need for creed!

    Children filled with the spirit also the second childhood too. patience most definitely needed in our actions and satan’s plots and plans too. Kubr muqtaan on my side perhaps yet again, Quran and sunnah also the Beloved’s final sermon.



      • Barak Allah feeki manifold and may you enter the garden of peace, you , your family and loved ones. Allahoma Ameen

      • sallam alaikom sister Fatima yet again :)

        just wanted to offer an apology. I hope it was not inappropriate in anyway about mentioning beauty and your article, obviously because of satan and how he can twist things….for anyone who reads anything…so sorry, I did intend to direct towards Allah’s 99 beautiful names and did plan to say and remind and direct to ‘Allah’s 99 beautiful names’ by boona M.

        albeit thank you again and sisters like you are an inspiration and with out sounding rude keep up the good work and please make dua for me too. peace unto you

  29. Jazallahu kharain sister. This article benefited me a lot. Do you have any advice on how to advise parents in regards to something about the deen without hurting their feelings?

    • Fiki khair al jazaa dear Najat. The best advice is to practice your self. Be good Muslim with them show them practice in real life. Believe me my dear Najat they will start to change. Second advice do not give up.
      May Allah make it easy for you.

  30. Preserve with peace and patience and joy of increasement of Allah’s love in return for our endurance,
    May Allah give us all the courage to be good to our parents despite their shortcomings. May Allah grant us the valour of a momin to rise above the nafs and to defeat it with full certainty. To please Allah with full might. To remember we are doing it for HIM. Inshallah then our parents will learn to treat us with respect as well.

  31. Preserve with peace and patience and joy of increasement of Allah’s love in return for our endurance,
    May Allah give us all the courage to be good to our parents despite their shortcomings. May Allah grant us the valour of a momin to rise above the nafs and to defeat it with full certainty. To please Allah with full might. To remember we are doing it for HIM.

  32. My parents in law is very happy witb my husband but they aren’t happy with me and me too. problems come there.

    • Salaam alaikom

      Dear sister

      Sorry you are going through your little situation…etc. i just made dua for you and in sha Allah will do again.

      Do yourselves eat together round a table…etc?..if you do not…perhaps try it..there is great barakah in such. And also if you know what causes the little issue….have you looked into how and what angles you could approach it…etc?…..sorry silly questions…..just wanted to let you know, that we are an ummah….and alhamdullah Allah is always listening to us all.

      IstugfirAllah the all Hearing the All Forgiving, forgive us all.

      Salaam alaikom.keep strong and make dua for me too. Fe aman Allah.

  33. JazakAllah khair this reminder came at the right time, but how does one deal with marriage in a situation where the children want to marry according to their choice but parents will not agree on being part of the wedding ceremony or agreeing to their personal choice at all?

    Any advice would be really appreciated?

    • I think this is a very difficult question and need a scholar to give you a reply to it. May Allah guide to the right path.

  34. Bism Allah w salat w sallam al-nabi al-rahma

    Sallam alaikom,

    Part 2 of the above….

    Once I met a wise non-muslim in her majesty’s royal hotel, and we talked about parents…etc. To cut the story short, what I pictured in my mind, was my mother and father..(and parents in general)…as statues..and auz Billah…etc. But as if they were to be worshipped, and with Allah al-mithl al-alaa…..Also, joseph’s dream…etc.

    As to what was mentioned above in a bit of a rush…(remembering that haste is from satan and I suppose we as humans when ungrateful as me are such…w iza mesaho al-shur jezoua). Albeit, would any one agree that the holy spirit is in us all, like they say the kingdom of God/Allah is in us all?…….probably talking to myself as usual…so I’ll just carry on…..As to the children and the second children i.e. the elderly…etc. As is known I hope is that we all learn from one another in life, and much so from the little children, i.e. the teachers and future leaders of tomorrow, hence the agenda behind the corruption of the minds from a young tender age!

    Uff….mother Aisha….thank you!

    Hypothesis; could work, could not!……they say that in the blessed city of Madinah, the inhabitants when referring to the Beloved peace be upon him they say ‘ Gidi’….i.e. their grandfather. (whether true or not-Allah yalum) carry on..if I may….but whether any of us are ahl-al-bayt or not, who knows anyway, as their was a lot of marriages back then…! So whether man or woman, man/woman up….sorry just wanted to use hawa again…. Back to theory of how to improve or could be a way to improving our relationships with in the family…etc. as WE ALL LOVE SAYINDA MUHAMMED?…..who knows who might be our fathers or our mothers? And even our selves and our roles…so let us all thank Allah for surat al-kauthar….Muhammed definitely lives on………………..

    ….and many waves make up the ocean!

    As to start heresy and in-sha-Allah not to cause despair…there may even be and Allah knows best more than one Mahdi and to cause doubt even more, more than one jesus!…and even so, legends were still made and continue to be made whether Mahdis/jesus’ or not. (be aware-more to come ,i.e. heresy and doubtful matters-so tawheed in la ilaah ila Allah)

    And to end, the aim of us all should be to be walking Muhammeds and Khadijas!

    As back to main topic…’kazmeen al-ghayz’ and most definitely ‘al-afeen ala al-nas’

    So/and Hanzalah says : giving is receiving and receiving is giving… to the lost property of emotional intelligence!

    Peace unto you

  35. Jazakallahu khair for such a great article.

    Thanks a lot Productive Muslim for creating platform to all productive authors to exhibit their skills which helps too many Muslim ummahs to be productive in every act they perform.

    Loved this article. Perfect reminder at right time. It is quiet obvious that there are some hiccups with parents after people grown and start earning. We need to be always positive, talk in kind words, ensure that parents are always happy.

    Paradise lies under the foot of Parents. May Allah give us strength to make our parents always happy.

  36. Baarak Allahu feeki sister Fatima for the incredibly insightful and practical article!

    I especially loved theseeing three points:

    -Do you think your parents won’t change when they see this kindness?
    – …when your intention is to please Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He), then your motivation is more durable.
    -Their mindset will not change overnight, but through your patience and kind actions, Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) will help you soften their hearts and make the way to Jannah much easier.

    I agree whole heartedly with your experience of going the extra mile! Alhamdulilah

    رَّبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا

    Shared via Bayan Quran

    Aameen yaa Rahmaan, yaa Raheem

    Was salaam wafee amaan ill ah

  37. Alhamdulillah, thank you for sharing this. This came at the right time. I was tearful while reading through your article. May Allah bless my parents always, Aamin..

  38. Beautiful article, this should be read by all our youngsters who are bubbling in their youth. May Allah enlighten the hearts of our youth and keep them guided and steadfast on this beautiful Deen aameen!

  39. Alhamudilah every day I thank Allah for giving such parent for me.after reading above article I got some more tips to please my parent for my Rab.
    Jazakallah for the article,in Sha Allah,hoping more related articles.

  40. Masha Allah. This is a reminder we are all in need of to constantly reminded of. May Allah have mercy on our parents

  41. This article truly hit a raw nerve. My parents and I haven’t been on the best of terms and recently, things have made it even harder for me to accept them. I’ve been isolating myself from them for years because every time I look at them, I’m reminded of painful memories. I guess this is exactly what I need right now- to be reminded the status of my parents in my life regardless of their shortcomings. Thanks so much for the article.

  42. AssalamuAlaikum Sr,
    I really appreciate this article deeply. I seriously need to put those tips in my daily actions. It’s such a good reminder for me. Thanks for your share. May Allah grants you tawfeeq in dunya and akhira.

  43. Assalamualaikum!! Wonderful article Masha Allah!! I think what particularly hit home for me was the tip on going the extra mile. I do listen to my parents and do as they tell me but I realised that I’ve never done extra for them while they always try to make sure everything goes perfect for me… :( Insha Allah gonna try implementing this asap!