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  1. Ameen can u please advice me about some menators who i can share my aspiration and get advice from jazakAllahulkhair

    • Ayesha: Thank you for your comment. I would suggest thinking about the people who are in your circle of influence and reach, you have teachers who you admire from Islamic school? Or a role model sister in the public who you admire that you can write to via their website or Facebook page? One place I really like to find mentors is by asking people I know, it will depend on what you want to get out of mentoring such as professional development in which case a good senior manager you get on with would be a good mentor to ask advice for or for more personal development I’d suggest asking someone in your community who you admire, it could even be a friend or family member who will be honest and supportive about helping you achieve your goals. If you email me at with more details on what you’d specifically like mentoring on I’d be happy to share any names/useful contacts.

  2. Salaam,JazaakiLLAHU khairaat. Very good writeup. It’s concise,not lengthy and inspiring.As Muslimaat as well as muslimeen,we must endeavour to make The Holy Qur’aan our best friend. In it are ingredients of true success, known and unknown. May ALLAH SubhanaHU wa Ta’ala continue to guide us on the straight path.

  3. Once again this is an article that is coincides with exactly what I am struggling with. I am trying to start my own business and furthering my education in order to become a registered dietician. In addition I am trying to expand my limited knowledge of the Arabic language in order to better understand the Quran and better assist my Muslim brothers and sisters in the art of healthy eating with limited financial resources. InshaAllah I will be successful in all of all my endeavors. May Allah reward YOU for all of your efforts as well.

  4. nice article….but even following the same road map of success one may not succeed in his/her life, so we should have strong belief that everything in this world happens by the will of Allah Swt and His every action is based on His wisdom…and we must remain hopeful and possitive in every situation….m I true?

  5. Jazakillahu khayr for this wonderful piece! I’m actually having a hard time balancing things recently and I was amazed that the first thing I needed to do according to your list is related to the purification of intentions. I soooo needed that, mashaAllah!

    May Allah (swt) reward you for this :)

  6. Jazakillah Kheir Ukht Latifa,all steps and explaination are all true. Alhamdulilah I,m following the almost same steps that you gave us, me as a wife, mother and student in university. It is not easy at all, but by Duaa asking Allah SWT, every thing becomes possible.May ALLAh SWT reward us all in general, more effort and more inner strength so we all succeed in this world and in Akhera. AMEEN

  7. Jazakillahu Khair. These are wonderful steps that ought to be followed in achieving success in this life and the next. Thank you sister.

  8. Assalamulaikum,
    I am looking for a personal mentor to rebuild my life .
    I am wondering whether you can help.
    I don’t want to discuss the issues in a forum need personal support.
    Please let me know whether you can help.
    Have a good day.

  9. JazakhAllahu Khairan for this insight on becoming a productive muslimah. I am reading this at a time where I am unclear of my path as a muslimah. Often I get confused on choosing the right thing. Is it family first n career next or the other way round. May Allah make things easy to all !

  10. Assalaamu alakum, thank you for this write up, itl help in my pursuit of living my life according to what Allah swt would want. i really like reading these thing that can motivate me to become a better muslimah. may Allah reward you for this.