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    • May Allah sunhanahu WA ta Allah strengthen your Iman and remember the Hadith of the prophet subhanah
      من ترك شيئا لله عوضه الله بما خيرا منه”
      Whoever sacrifice something for the sake of Allah, allah will reward him for something better”
      Therefore you are not losing with Allah but you are gaining the best.

  1. I will sacrifice my love for a man for the sake of Allah ! And work hard to stop backbiting ,gossiping and slander! May Allah help me .

  2. Maashaa Allah and thabaarakAllah as i have mentioned in many places i am a grandparent and to tell the truth i was not very good in practising islam when i was young but i always feared Allah and was obedient.Alhamdulillah i feel shy to tell about the sacrifices, the charities, ibadahs etc that i do. Its between Allah and me and alha mdulillah i am contented. Sacrifices for the sake of Allah is never a loss.

    • I totally agree with you my sister, sacrifice for His sake is a business that can never go down. May Allah make it easy for you. Please keep us in your prayers.

  3. JazaakAllah khayr.
    Yo’ve touched my heart with. Quran chapter 2:245.
    May Allah swt. Soften our hearts, Yaa Rabbanaa make us among those who give charity.

  4. Assalamualaikum.
    The above article on the ways to increase spiritual productivity in these blessed days of Dhul Hijjah made for very beneficial reading and I found the tips most useful.
    As such, in sha Allah, I will give in charity for the sake of Allah (S.W.T.) a part of my savings to a needy acquaintance.
    In sha Allah I will clear some debt and increase my taqwa.
    I will also do some almsgiving and feed the poor in the name of my deceased husband in sha Allah.
    And in sha Allah I will make plenty of Dua for my near and dear ones and all Muslims.
    May Allah (S.W.T.) help me to stay focused and make the best use of my time. Aameen.

  5. JazakAllah ghair. I think “Sacrifice your desires for your inner light” resonates most with me. It’s not only haraam desires that we should sacrifice, but even those things which are still permissible – yet we OVER-indulge in them, when we could be using that time on more productive or beneficial things.

    And you’re spot on in saying that this is the perfect time to implement these intentions…because it’s a loooongg stretch until next Ramadaan, so the reality is that we’re not going to get another spiritually-charged season, where everyone is striving, for another 9 months.

    • I totally agree with you agree with you, there are many halal things that wait our time. staying long time ours on social connections like face book, what up and many more. They are not Haram but they prevent you to do many good deeds that can bring you close to Allah unless you are using them to enlighten your heart and encrease your knowledge. May Allah guide us all. Please keep me in your prayers.

  6. Mashaa Allah for such a wonderful reminder, this is coming to me at no better time than now. For one thing i want to put more effort to sacrifice more for the sake of Allah is in charity, giving alms to the needy. I realise my weakness in this, i want to do more in giving up something i love for the sake of Allah. Inshaa Allah, i promise to improve on that and i pray Allah will guide me in fulfiling this, ameen.

    • May Allah strengthen your Iman with these acts. Remember with each sacrifice there is a fruit from Allah that helps you in your Dunia and akhira. May Allah make it easy for you.

  7. Masha Allah, A great series of thoughts about sacrifice. May Allah give strength for you to ponder more and more articles which transform Muslim Ummah to lead life productively.

    I decided to sacrifice myself in wasting productive time in social media like facebook & watsapp.

    Insha Allah will try to be away from FB most of the time this month.

  8. As Saallamu Alaikum.
    Dear Brother. as we are about to acknowledge the Day of Eid-ul Adha and Nabi Ebraheem’s sacrifice, I wish to thank you, Shukren, for the inspiring words. and your sacrifices to give us a better understanding of our Deen. Was salaam

  9. Alihamdulilahi, i am able to connect again with my cousin, when reading through this article, i feel guilty for lossing the connection for so ong time. what struck my attention was about the role of kinship that was tied to the throne of Allah. swt. i wanted to be attached to mt creator and indeed will not want to be cut off from him.

    i have called her and she intend to vist me on the eid day. Allihamdulilahi, we are connected again. May Allah reward u sister fatimah for this article and productive muslims for increasing the awearness. Jazaka Allahu kairan.

    • This is really amazing, Rofiat. May Allah make it easy for you and bring you close to Allah by trying your best to please Him subhanah and contacting your family members. This Dunia is very short, this is why Allah always remind us to think about al akhira most. Please keep me in your prayers.

  10. In sha Allah I will sacrifice my time for Ibadah,… Jazakallahu khair for this BEAUTIFUL article thank you thank you thank you I needed this :)

    • Al hamdullia, we all need reminders as the prophet peace be upon him said ” renew your Iman by meeting each other” meaning going to the places where you get reminded by Allah like circles. Now al hamdullilah you can meet Poeple on line to improve your Iman such as reading articles or listening to videos.

  11. Jizakil Allah Khair for such a heart touching article. May Allah give us all Taufiq to submit/ sacrifice before HIS WILL. Ameen

  12. I am going to sacrifice to cut the amount of time i spend on social media like facebook. i will use this time to increase my knowledge in reading quran. B’itnillah

    Sister please keep me in your dua :)

    • May Allah make it easy for you my dear sister. Make sure to sacrifice this time for His sake to gain the secret of all our deeds acceptance which is sincerity.

    • Dear sister the best thing u can do for someone to change his habits is praying to Allah…again n again…and believe me that person comes to the right path by the grace of Allah…its my very own experience…may Allah help all of us…Ameen

      • I totally agree with you. Praying to Allah is the key to our problems. Allah subhanah says ” قل ما يعبؤ بكم ربي لولا دعاءكم ” in Surat al Furqan

  13. Assalamu Alykum,

    Jazakallahu khairan for such a nice reminder, the last sacrifice,i.e. sacrifice your desires for inner light is best suited for me, Inshallah, I ‘ll sacrifice all those bad things especially immoral watching that lead to displease Allah SWT.
    Please remember me in your Duas that Allah make me firm to sacrifice these things just for His sake and pleasure.

  14. AssalamuAlaikum Sr Fatima,
    This lovely article, is really useful for me to go back to and read again.
    THE KINSHIP part’s so challenging for a young person like me. I’m not supposed to say this, but in my social life. I seem like an ‘easy target’ to my paternal aunts including most of my cousins (both from paternal and maternal side). Due to my ‘naive’ character and seemingly hard to lie, they ask me a lot of nosy questions. Keeping a low profile isn’t easily. Besides, some of them seem ‘ignorantly’ arrogant and their attitudes can be unclear and a bit ‘tricky’ using unfavorable tactic. I really need help to deal with these. Is there any idea/suggestions for this?
    Thank you for your share. May Allah grants you tawfeeq in dunya and akhira. J.A.K.