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  1. Beautiful! Never thought of it like that! will insha Allah plan for a mini itikaaf for Arafat say which by Allah’s grace is a weekend. May Allah reward you for this truly productive barakah filled naseehah!

  2. Salaam
    Alhamdullilah, will try to spend few hours on the day of Arafat inshaAllah as you have advised. Thanks for this beautiful article. May Allah guides all of us to collect the barakat.

  3. Beautiful write-up and also inspiring. So much that can give us plenty reward yet we always have little time for these things. May Allah always guide us towards the best always. May Allah reward the writer and productive Muslim for their educative and inspirational topics always.

    may Allah incha’Allah grant you paradise and bless you with abandant barakka for this amazing beautiful beautiful article ^^

  5. Alhamdulillah and jazakallah khair. I thought I’tikaaf was to be done only in Ramadhan. May Allah bless and reward you abundantly for enlightening us.

  6. Assalamalaikum what ever you are saying it is really very effective and must follow to be a muslim we must realise our responsibility towards allaha may weall must understand do good towards allaha I must appreciate your work towards muslim umma may allaha give you strength and long life

  7. Will definitely do a mini itekaaf in shaa Allah. Jazak Allah for inspiring us. May Allah reward you immensely for all the hard work you do.

  8. I am an avid follower of your inspiring insights which have spun me on to revive some neglected sunnah in my general activities. Jazaakallaah khayr for the excellent work.

  9. assalamu alaikum now a days i am not feeling well my financial problem becoming very poor , becoming ill weak,
    i am not understanding what todo.

  10. Jazakallahukhoir….such a very inspiring naseehah full of ilm.. InshaaAllah will take sometime to be “among” those Hujjaj in the Arafah….even i’m not one of them…there…

  11. AssalamuAlaikum Br. Yaqoob
    Masha’Allah I’m really inspired and encouraged by this article. Considering to do i’tikaf and making a dua list, are pretty good ideas.
    Thank you for your share. J.A.K. May Allah grants you tawfeeq in dunya and akhira.