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  1. I have always felt aftet taking out Zakat, Allah has given me wealth much more than I had given. My prayers has been answered very quickly too. Taking out Zakat even when has not much wealth is important.

  2. Salaam alaikum. Barak allahfikum for your effort to keep remainding of the good words of our Islaam. Please let me have a sheikh to answer my quations directly.
    I have a lot I would wish to learn from people who a blessed to teach us more on Islam.
    Let me have sheikh,s email I know he will help me with some of these problems.

    I wish every muslim Barak in these last days of Ramadhan period. May Allah answer all your



  3. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I have a query which i feel you can answer
    I own a house and stay with my family. I have a booked a flat under construction for around US$ 120000 and i have Two shops which are on rent.

    The flat which i have booked will take approx 3-4 years for getting the possession. I am not sure i’ll keep it for use or give it on rent or sell it off once i get a good price. Please guide me How do i pay zakat for this.