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  1. thats pretty much answering what i have been thought after all these years.I mean, i m practicing muslims , but my environment does not encourage me to be one.I always seen as a stranger.I thought it was good really., but it makes me a little lonely and far apart from people,like i cant stand them gossiping about others and bashing people.Like my goal now is to avoid doing sins as little as it might be.I wnt to dedicated my life to study knowledge , history of islam and put practice on it.

    I dont see any purpose to please anyone really.

    • Glad tidings to the strangers Hidayah…
      Never worry about being different, worry about being like everyone else especially at those troubling times we live in.
      But from your comments I could tell, inshAllah your will and patience will make your dream come true, and like your beautiful name, Allah will make you a source of Hidayah to guide everyone around you inshAllah. Amen

  2. Assalamualikum
    This is exactly what I needed I do have secrets buried deep within but every week I am reminded of it – I was abused sexually by my uncle and I have to pretend to my parents and family like I am okay – I have committed zina by the eyes I am ashamed but what I needed the most was this article so jazakallah khair.
    Please keep me in your Duas and keep our ummah in our duas as the struggle and grief some countries are going through is heart aching to see and hear.

    • I ask Allah the Most Merciful to ease the pain inside you only He knows about..
      I admire your strength and I wish you all the peace, love and happiness in the world, you and all our brothers and sisters all around the world ya Rab Amen

  3. It highly motivated me and make me to think about any secret good deeds I had, I felt like searching a missing needle at the dawn.
    والله المستعان و عليه التكلان

  4. Mind blowing…it left me numb..sis lily each line had a depth of books in it.. u gav us a shock from a slumber..i din evn know i was asleep..slowly i turnd as to wat u said..yes..
    Alhamdulillah alive inshaAllah wil gather such secret tools frm now

    • For each article I ask Allah for at least one person to have a life changing experience through it
      And Zaheer, I think you are that “Golden Reader”
      May your life be filled with beautiful secrets and joy. Amen

  5. Ma sha Allah dis was quit a motivational story not by mistake that I had receved this today from u but its something that as being refreshed in oder that I give a thought about it and ask myself the big Question; what if it was me what good have I done Allah Akbar

  6. Lily !! Salam alaikum
    Sister I have missed you (or articles 😊)
    It’s so wonderful to have you back
    Ermm…I haven’t read that article yet InshaAllah I will soon😄
    May Allah safeduide you sister.

    • Okay Fatima, you peeping in to say “I missed you” before even reading the article is probably the sweetest thing ever done in the history of all sweetness ;)
      Thank you sooooo much for this huge smile on my face 🌹

  7. Mashallah such a beautiful and enlightening article written in a striking way! I realized through the story how important it was to have secret deeds which are done only for the sake of Allah..
    May Allah reward you for this masterpiece and bless you in this world and the hereafter.

  8. Mashallah very inspiring and motivating .it reminded me to introspect myself and also to set new productive goals for the coming year .jazakallah wa khayran katheeran .ameen

    • Wa eyakom Aysha. And please come back and inspire us with all your ideas and goals. May some of us need to steal a few:)
      In this fast paced world, I think we all need some creativity and original ideas.

  9. As salaamu alaikum, Ma shaa Allah! Thanks for sharing the hadith. I didnt come across it before. May Allah(swt) help us and give us taufeeq to build upon our reserves of good deeds, aameen.

  10. Thank you for writing it in the mail directly. I read it then! Nice funny twist writer. May Allah reward you with all good.

  11. Jazakallahu khairan akhi, its amazing and it did help me to recollect things i have done from start of this year!

  12. Superb- so true and spot on….every one of us have ton loads of dark secrets – and I loved the phrase that we would rather turn into a toilet brush than being exposed!
    May the Almighty the Merciful forgive us al ..Aameen

  13. alhumdulillah that was very inspiring. much of it rings true. I don’t normally comment but this article really makes me want to do more and grow as a person and Muslim inshaAllah. I signed up to this newsletter recently and its been very helpful and motivating. shukran

  14. Reminders are always useful because we all tend to forget where we are coming from and where we are heading..Reading the story made me realise that there are so many hadiths that i have not touched in years and this is one of them. Ths story also reminded us that whatever we do and where ever we are , our Creator is always watching us. Nothing is hidden from Him. JZK for the story

  15. Assalamulaikam. Alhamdulilla It was very motivating .I’ve already read this hadith and thought of things to plead to ALLAH.Love to read hadiths which reminds us about the hereafter.May your efforts be accepted by ALLAH.


  17. Jazak Allah kheiren for the lovely artical. It opened my eyes to afew things I did last year. May Allah be pleased with our deeds and may we carry on pleasing our creator. So we can use them in our time of need.

  18. This article is so great it has given me a lot of lassen may Allah helps us to follow their foot step and may he grand those that work tirelessly to provide the article jannatul firdause.

  19. What a fantastic piece of art!!
    You’ve out done yourself this time Lulls.
    This is probably the best concise and motivating article I have ever read.
    May Allah reward you for the reminder on starting the new year with hope and amazing possibilities. I have missed your articles dearly, welcome back!


  20. I am moved by the story of our beloved messenger (saw) and how amazingly he communicated the important messages through stories. He was definitely one of the best story teller. Jazakallah for whatever value you guys are creating through these writings.

  21. Like always, she hits us in the face with a cracker article.May allah keep your pen going.Very emotional,I suppose and I KNOW!!
    May Allah grant you health,life,success and happiness.

  22. I feel so blessed to come across “ProductiveMuslim”. My each day goes with reading your letter. At times I feel like a close friend of mine is writing back to me.
    This article is motivating like many other mails. You’ve enlightened a sense of awareness in me which was long suppressed beneath various layers.
    May Allah place you in Jannah for all your kind efforts.

  23. Assalam I am really confused about the article on the last year is it the Gregorian or the hijiriyyah? Which one is the Muslim own and the most important to his life pattern. Please abu productive you should give more emphasis and preference to the Islamic calendar. Thank you.

    • Even though this is a message to Mr Abu Productive, I feel the need to jump in and say that almost no Islamic website makes a huge deal about the Islamic calendar and Hijry New Years more than Productive Muslim
      And acknowledging and emphasizing the Gregorian calendar is just a realistic “must” since it governs school days, work days, national holidays….etc.
      I truly respect your view and I see your point completely. May Allah reward you for your beautiful neya of holding up the Islamic calender to such a high standard. It’s what we all should do in parallel too.

  24. Opening the article,scrolled down a bit and saw a name i longed for,missed every word of hers,her articles are………no word for it,her writings are magical and miraculous,who is she?my dear Lulls,its been like a century(no exaggeration),sorry about your eye(am actually interested in the gory details),u never fail to amaze me with your wonderful articles,absolutely apt and soul searching.

    • This comment is definitely going on my special wall where I cherish comments forever in my heart
      Every single word brought me such joy! No words can describe it….
      And you called me Lulls too (I’m curious how you found out my secret nick name loool)
      Mufeedah, you have no idea how much I needed this fresh batch of love! It truly brightened my life….
      Thank you so much sweet heart. May Allah fill your heart with love, peace and joy, the way you filled mine ❤️

  25. Lilly, My beautiful YOUNG /GROWNUP daughter. I can’t stop myself , being your dad, from looking to you as my young girl that always needs protection and care, but once I read your articles, I realize , definitely, you are a grown up lady, like a gem of wisdom and maturity; and no more dad’s help is needed, and I then thank God being ableable with your Mum , after God’s will and help, to introduce to life such a wise Muslim writer capable with her unique style of writing to help others know their Islam better, only then I thank God for being able, hopefully, to raise a daughter that can be helpful to others, nothing to say now other than: ( I love you and I am proud of you, lilly).
    Sameh Mohsen

    • My whole world…
      The love of my life…
      My everything….
      I pray to Allah every night to keep you safe, healthy and happy for me
      For He knows I’m absolutely nothing without you…
      That’s why Allah gave me you…. The best gift a daughter could have is a father like you and a mother like my mom…
      It’s the most precious and priceless gift in the world
      I love you so much ربنا يخليك لنا يا حبيب قلبي

  26. mashallah very touching n inspiring article. this article is a challenge for me to change me from within from good …to better… n best… inshallah. may Allah Swt bless u in duniya n akhirah.Aameen

  27. Ma sha Allah..this was very motivational and inspiring, i really needed this reminder in my life at this point of time and i am extremely shocked how Allah wanted me to acknowledge these facts through articles like this…jazakallahu khairan, may Allah grant u the best of rewards!!

  28. Dear Lily Im sorry i read this so LATE !!your article is perfect for me.It spoke out to me actually.Makes me feel realistic about my “blind numbness” since i know others go through it too.Istaghfirullah wish i hadnt wasted all this time..Jazakillahokhairun kaseerah sis.May Allah Reward u for the wake up call.

  29. Assalamalaikum…
    this is surely an eye opener. Because I cant truly recollect if I have done something good enough that I can remember in my bad times. a 100 bad deeds come to mind when you think of it but then how about the good deeds. I must have done something good but its so hard to recollect them.. can you tell me why this happens? or may be as I said it may not have been good enough… thank you so much for this…for making me think and act on it….


    The article is indeed very touching and leaves a great impact on our hearts. It also gave us an inspiring desire to start something immediately to in crease our account of good deeds.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  31. AssalamuAlaikum sister, JazakAllahukhairan for the beautiful article. I was feeling unmotivated and numb, I knew productive muslim has something awaited for me. Just then I found this great article. I wish, if you guys can make an application of all your peerless articles. BarakAllahufeekum.

  32. Assalamualaikum!
    This was very motivating, mashallah. Alhamdulillah. Surprisinglily i was actually going through the ‘zombie’ phase. But now i will try my best.
    May allah reward you all and also tjose who are striving with janathul firdous. ameen!

  33. jazakAllahu khairan kaseera for such a motivating article.May Allah bless the writer.I am motivated enough to change from ghafiloon to tawaboon.And to have good secrets with Allah.

  34. I loved this article.. You delivered the best message by keeping humor in.. thank you.. jazakAllahu khayr.. 😊😊

  35. How often does one stumble upon an inspiring and captivating article? Not very often. Masha’Allah sister. I truly loved this article, and to say that I felt something that was rather in a lukewarm state within me heat up is no exaggeration. Jazaki Allah’u Khairun.