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  1. JazakAllah khair! May Allah SWT grant barakah in the works and efforts of the whole ProductiveMuslim Team and everyone who contributes, and may Allah grant you success in this life as well as the next. Ameen! :)

  2. Assalamualiakum, Great work has been done by Productive Muslims.I really appreciate that. May Allah give you the ability to do this work more and more. Just one thing I feel lack of materials of plan for small kids or youth. I am not sure that would be totally a different platform,specially those people live in west and North America having lot of challenges to keep their Identity when they are going regular public school. And every country has different celebration , festival and lot of things has been done in different way to different religion. So if we don’t have enough resource or guide or audio or video or cartoon or animation or books based on the current needs than our Muslim kids productive generation wont be produce from the childhood. Please if you guys have plan some work in future that would be great or if you know some resource or organization who are doing the similar work please share with us. .

    Zajhakallha kaher

  3. Jazakallahu khair to the entire productive Muslim team for your great work . May Allah swt bless you all and may you succeed in this world and hereafter….aameen. Remember in your duas. Jazakallah khair

  4. I love this site . I had come across it only a few weeks back.I was totally disrupted with the relationship with Allah (SWT).I strongly believe that Allah Showed me the productive Muslim site to lead the remaining life productively .May Allah grant all his blessings upon you.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Masha Allah, very nice brief about best of productive Muslim . Looking forward to have productive Muslim workshop in India or Saudi Arabia .
    Barakah effect series, covering everything . Really very good one keeping productive in every aspect of our lives.
    As the year passes , we are one year closer to our death ? One year closer to our grave ?