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  1. This is good but does not take into account muslim’s with genuine physical health problems who need islam more than most, (such as a stroke, a head/brain injury, heart problems, memory problems or physical health problems or ME or injuries that limit their speech or mobility and therefore have difficulty in communicating and interacting socially). What they need is muslim friend’s who are willing to step up and help by doing things for them at their convenience and at their pace and finding practical solutions for them. The last thing they need is someone giving advise on how to motivate themselves and do more when what they really need is to do less and get other’s to do more and change their patterns of behaviour around them. Telling someone that it is not good to stop communicate verbally to someone who has speech problems and it is a severe strain on their heart to interact socially is counter-productive and makes them more tired when they are doing 100% . There are too many unregulated lifestyle coaches and not enough caring people who give hands on help on your website

    • Assalamu alaikum :) JazakumAllah khair for your comment.

      This article is specifically dealing with a certain type of personality, called introversion. They typically are seen to be as shy, quiet and reserved, so both articles in this series are dealing with how Muslim introverts can use their personality to their advantage and improve themselves.

      The point you have raised is something that does need to be addressed so in sha Allah, we will have something in the future discussing how to deal with people who have suffered major physical traumas.

      BarakAllah feekum.

      Umm Maryam

  2. I used to be very good at being a introvert,but due to the requirement of islam to enjon good and forbid evil,I have become normal now,Alhamdulillah

    • That’s great to hear. Being an introvert is never a hindrance to success and happiness, introverts just choose to go about it differently.

  3. Salaam.
    This is a very good article. I find it very helpful my husband is an introvert and requires a lot of encouragement and he texts e mails me when he is ok break from work etc and doesnt like socialising with work colleagues. I do understand as he feels he works with mostly women and says he doesnt want to give off the image that he is happy to chat and talk to women freely so struggles striking a balance. He doesnt want to seem closed off and unapproachable yet he does not want to give off the image to fellow muslim women that he is ‘free’ and an open type of person.

  4. Jazak Allaah for this useful advice. Being an introvert myself, I find this peace of advice very important tips on how to get along with life as an introvert.

  5. Very helpful tips.since i had started working in a new place , asking for help seemed rather off the cards.But reading your well supported tips with the Knowledge from The Noble Quran has given me strength to ask Insha’a’allah Aameen.JazakAllaho khaira

  6. Alhamdulillah, Thank for your share. This is a new things, i guess. Between introvert and extrovert can help each other. One thing often forgotten we sometimes want to be another people, therefore Allah give us each our potential. How to change introvert become extrovert or the contrary. do not necessarily again, but the most important is become our self with all of power and potential that Allah give.

  7. I’mI’m sure praying to Allah for guidance and sharing your thoughts with positive people around you is one of the best ways to become productive

  8. Assalam Alai kum,

    I am greatly enriched reading the articles on Productive Muslim.

    An article for extroverts would also be helpful.
    Jazakallah Khair

  9. Jazak Allaah khair, i think this advice may help introvert’s and all other for “how to explore or come out from those situation”. The best and most better way to be active is to, live the life according to what allah(s) says and the way Prophet muhammed (s) shows as. If we are success in that defenitely, we will be success in our both life, here and life after death.

  10. Great reminders and great advices! May Allah bless Productive Muslim Team and the speakers/ writers for the great efforts! I really love it! :)

  11. As an introvert, I don’t think I would be at my best in the corporate work environment. For me, and for many introvert s, working from home has been the perfect solution. We get to do something productive without having to sacrifice our true nature to get there.

  12. Being an introvert, I love to listen what people say and also find tahajjud is really enjoyable. But I feel very uncomfortable to communicate with people since from my childhood, its like my mind always stopping me to socialize. InsaALLAH, I will try to use those tips to improve myself.

  13. Assalaamu alaiki Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh
    It was an amazing article to help introverts discover themselves in a better way….
    It would be great help if I could read an article that is fantastically written for narcissists and how can we deal with them
    Jazak Allahu khairan….

  14. This is very much helpful for introverts and I being one can understand what the article is really about. Thank you for the article . May Allah bless you.

  15. AssalamuAlaikum Sr Chereen,
    Making time for social interaction and developing communication skills are things I should work on to make it my social goal as I find it easy to give up in this. Thank you for sharing. J.A.K. May Allah grants you tawfeeq in dunya and akhir