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  1. ASSALMU ALAIKUM, next week we will havd some holidays I wilç to apply thses tips not all. Of them since my situation doesnr allow it, thnk you very much the right article at the right time.

  2. assalamu alaykum. subscribing to this article came at the right time. i am a 57 year old lady still working. i am working 19 years for the company. recently new staff have joined and they tell lies about me to the new boss. do you know of any tasbeeg i can make to help me overcome this feeling of helpnessness. i make alot of nafl salaah, tahajjud, auwabeen, ishraq, shukr, salaah after taking wudu, gaajatie. i do not get alot of time to read quran. is this why these bad things are happening to me.

    • Wa’alaikumsalaam. There are 2 long du’as of the prophet(pbuh). We are putting the parts which might be relevant to your situation:

      1. O Allah! Give us a firm conviction whereby You may lighten our earthly afflictions. Let our retaliation be directed against him who oppresses us(only). Let not our misfortunes be a hindrance in the way of our faith. And set not in authority over us one who will show us no mercy.

      2. O Allah! Help me, and help not against me. Give me victory and give not victory over me. Scheme for me and scheme not against me. Guide me aright and let right guidance be easy unto me. And help me against him oppresses me.

      There is another dua:
      O Allah! In thy mercy have I hope. So commend me not unto myself for one instant, and adjust all my affairs. There is no God save You.

      We hope the du’as help you. Your du’as are more likely to be answered when you are being wronged. We’ll remember you in our du’as. Do make du’as for us as well.