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  1. Thank you so much for the tips! A lot of them are really practical and are well represented in this article itself. I can’t wait to put them to work myself, inshaAllah :)

  2. AsSalaamu Alikum. Love this article ! As I was reading I said to myself that is probably Sister Lily. Great writing style and great information.

  3. You made it sound so simple…coz it is simple… For those who just do it n stop giving excuses… Thank you… And carry on to motivate others.

  4. As always, great information to read and read again. Lulls, you’re the master of getting the attention of readers and bonding with them on an emotional level. Who wouldn’t want to see you pull back the curtain and reveal strategies that have led to hundreds of comments on your articles published on Productive Muslim and many other sites. I just hope you truly know the impact you have on your readers and how using only your words – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE LIVES! Many thanks to you for all the great information you feed us. You are one of a kind. Blessings to you always!

    • And there she is ladies and gentlemen… My true and beloved source of inspiration… And since no words would suffice, I choose to continue paying it forward, for nothing I can do would ever be enough to pay her back for all the love, patience and support she’s given me….
      My soul mate and my back bone and the reason I am here to today (after Allah’s immense mercy and blessings)
      My Julia…. ❤️

    • Oh Sherry! This is one of the sweetest and best comments I have ever received. I don’t know what to say…
      Now I’m just a speechless mortal :) Thank you from my heart for this big huge smile

  5. Thank you for offering your valuable insights on a regular basis, Lilly. I’ve bookmarked several of your posts, and refer to them periodically. You’ve helped me gain a stronger grasp of the mechanics of writing Keep up the good work.

    • Could not agree more Shakespeare. Writing for Productive Muslim has been a wonderful blessing from day one. And working closely with this great team is a true honor. They really are the best mashAllah

  6. I’ve had a few good posts lately that really struck a cord with my readers- and I’ve noticed that when a post comes from my gut and not just my head, I get more feedback and people seem way more excited, as do I. So your advice to write with emotion and from the heart is what works for me and I can feel myself and my blog about to hit our stride because of this discovery.

  7. Lilly, no wonder you write so well: “When I write, I like to imagine the reader is sitting at their computer, half-asleep, and my job is to wake them up and get them energized.” Whenever I read your stuff, my eyes are glued to the screen. I should take on your perspective when I write too!

    • I’m actually gonna try yours too! I’m pretty sure a lot of us read in bed while we are sleepy anyways. Perhaps a touch of suspense could hold a reader’s attention at that time. Thanks Lila

  8. Lilly; another good lesson in writing to connect, thank you. Have another validation of your skill and focus in helping one more scribe find her platform and speak from it. You’re inspiring.

    • It’s always a wonderful joy to hear from the lovely Rhonda! I read your name in my comments and that’s when I know I’m still on the right track. I’m blessed with your support

  9. Thank you for all the advice for helping me get more insight on writing. I’m going to starting my journalism courses in May. Wish me luck once again Lilly thank you.

  10. I never realized why I follow you so emphatically until now – ALL OF YOUR ARTICLES TOUCH ME ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL! I know what your saying is true.

    I think that may be what has been lacking from my writing… I try to play it too safe.

  11. One thing I’ve found that works well, as you mention, is writing with emotion, or tackling a somewhat controversial topic. I did both of these things once or twice on a previous writing, and it sure did seem to get more traction than other content. I really enjoy your articles Lilly. THANK YOU! :)

    • Stirring emotions is a powerful thing and we all need it. Even with sadness or anger, we need to face those emotions and look them straight in the eyes. A wise man once said: You can’t heal what you don’t feel
      Thank you Diana… And all the best of luck

  12. BarakALLAHU feeki sister :)
    This article is just beautiful as you are.
    Your article made me realize that ‘hey, I can write too’ :D

    JazakAllahu khairan
    May ALLAH reward you for every letter that you wrote in this article and other, for the sake of ALLAH.

  13. As salamu Alaikum,

    There sister, you just strung the right cord in my heart (sorry, not my brain). You did it! I must try doing it again for my grandchildren. They are our future and very fertile soil, so i must start putting the fresh seeds so the grow up to be huge and stronly rootrd oak trees of our Ummah.

    • Well the heart speaks a beautiful language of its own Shairah
      All my love to you and your lovely grandchildren, and may all your dreams to benefit this great ummah come true inshAllah

  14. Another secret to keep the attention of the readers is to keep it short. Somewhere I lost interest and started skipping. This was too long.

  15. dear sister Lilly,
    It’s so fresh and lovely article which do push up people to take a pen for better. You r a coach.
    Thanks so much

  16. Thank you for an inspiring article. For years I have searched for my talent and a few years ago I started writing. Ihave since realised that I’m a wtiter and have written a no-fiction book but I am about to finish my first work in fiction.

    What would be the best way to get the work published? Please advise.

    • I asked myself that question for years Ahmad!
      I’m very happy for you that you found the talent Allah gave you and I wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams.
      Publishers are categorized really. If your fiction book is Islam Related I suggest you check out this amazing blog. It really helped me a lot!
      If not, then please check for First Fiction
      Good luck!

  17. Assalam alaikum.
    What you have presented in this article is similar to my thoughts. I usually sent some of my drawings to be published in the newspaper but it always fail. After seeing the topic of essay competition I generally think that I CAN’T DO THAT. Even though my English was poor. I just given up. But I am inspired with your thoughts. Now I came to know about the reality. Failure is the step of success. Thank you for providing such beautiful article. Thank you so much.

  18. Assalamualaikum. Thank you for that wonderful article. You give hope to everyone with the articles you write. Goal isn’t easy to achieve and you have to go through a journey and do a lot of sacrifices to succeed. Jazakallahu khairan, my fellow muslim.

  19. Assalaamualekum…such a wonderful article…a wiffe of fresh cool breeze…jazakallah for taking us through this beautiful writings like a peaceful sojourn. Jazakallah khairan

  20. Asalamu alaykom

    A wonderful and useful article which came at exactly the right time for me masha’allah. I love writing and shall in sha’allah utilise this. Jazakallahu khayran, wasalam

  21. Assalaamoaleikum Sister Lilly,

    You’ve managed to actually demonstrate all that you want to teach us through this article within this article itself. It’s a great little piece of writing. I say so because it is one of the longest articles of it’s kind that I’ve read in a long time. Thanks a lot for the valuable tips. Jazakillahu Khairan.. May Allah enhance your talent further..

    • I honestly must give most of the credit to the Chief editor of this amazing website. She is the one who gave me the idea to write this article and is always encouraging me and the rest of the team to do better.
      I guess it’s the passion for doing good that pushes us forward AlhamduAllah
      Thank you for your lovely words Dr Sara

  22. Asalam Aleykoum. Jazaki Allah kheiran sister. Your words are so inspiring! We have to be ourselves and let speak our heart. Have a good intention and express our feelings to helps others;)

    May Allah bless all of you. Writing is a gift al hamdoulilah.

    • The one and only Mohammad Zahid Mateen of Ink Of Faith, one of the most blessed and closest Islamic websites to my heart. Im not used to talking to you here though :) but I find it to be the best opportunity to thank you for always encouraging and motivating me and for making difficult times beyond easy! You’re a true inspiration and a real Islamic leader…
      Thank you for your constant support of me and everyone who tries to help others in the sake of Allah

  23. I am a huge fan and have read every writing you wrote but this one is my favorite so I just had to write and tell you what an inspiration you are to me. Your words never fail to make me laugh and lift my spirits. Kim

    • May you always be laughing and high spirited Kim
      I know many readers think of writers as their inspiration but let me tell you a little secret…
      It’s comments like these from caring people like you that are the true and genuine inspiration…
      Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone I uncovered this secret though :)
      All my love and appreciation to you Kim. Thank you

  24. This is really fascinating, You are a very professional writer. I’ve joined your feed and look ahead to in search of extra of your magnificent post. Additionally, I’ve shared your blog in my social networks!

  25. It’s arduous to seek out educated folks on this topic, but you sound like you understand what you’re talking about! Thanks

  26. Hi You All I read the information you put up here and I wanted to encourage Lilly to continue to add more articles. It’s extremely fascinating to me. I will share with my writing friends.

    • I think Julia shares my work and spreads the knowledge with more excitement and passion than anyone I know. She’s a true blessing.
      I’m happy I was able to pleasantly shock you Karen :) Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words

  27. I was looking at some of your posts on the internet and I think this site is rattling instructive! Keep posting Lilly.

  28. Hi! I found this information GREAT .It’s really well written and it helped me a lot.
    Continue the good work!

  29. Just wanted to say HI to LILLY. I found your blog a few days ago referred from Julia, and I and have been reading it over the past few days. I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. This page seems to receive a large amount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice unique lists of topics. I guess having something real or substantial to talk about is the most important factor.

  31. This article was read at the most perfect timing. I was trying to start the habit of writing and here I stumbled upon this well informative article on improving the writing skill. JazakhAllah Khair sister Lilly! Love the Way you write :)

  32. I love the way u write that everyone have limited time and yes i’m reading your article while eating and waiting to continue doing my assignment and this article attract my interest ..JazakhAllah Khair sister Lily

  33. Jazki Allah sister Lilly
    U will never know how much ur words affected me
    I’ve been writing in Arabic for few years and was thinking of writing in English but was hesitating
    Ur words came just in time
    May Allah bless u and help u benefit others

  34. thank you for your advice. i love writing fiction and make a book its my goals. Hope that after read this, i can motivated to be a good writer

  35. JazakiLLAHU khair Sister Lilly.This article made me feel guilty nd I felt u were talking to me directly. I’ll love to go back to my old self nd write with so much fun. Will love to have you as a personal mentor.

  36. Super inspiration mashaAllah just the boost I needed for my humble one year old blog… I hope this helps me make the right turn around. Jazak Allah khairan you’re writing is so genuinely amazing

  37. JazakAllah for this article, it really helps! I love writing and am actually writing a story and intend on writing more books in the future..I hope you look at my site: (I just started it a few days ago and therefore it does not have much on) and jazakAllah again! Plz remember me in your duas!

    • I apologize for the late reply! I never received notifications for some of the comments here
      I checked your site out and it’s very interesting!
      I really advise all our readers to visit it too
      Wishing you all the success in the world Rukhsar

  38. This came just when i needed a push to develop that part of me (writing) which have not given any time to. i get to always postpone any piece i want to write on,maybe its due to laziness or fear of not writing something good.Thanks for the words of encouragement,with Allah’s help i should start writing soon. But if you can help suggest more ways of learning how to write,it would be awesome. Thank you so much.

    • Well, I must say the best way to start writing is to start writing lol
      Thar was the first lesson I took in my course!
      I recommend online writing courses, they’re really helpful and professional authors and editors get to assess your work
      And in the end, what comes from the heart reaches all hearts….
      Best of luck, and I hope you’ll share your writings with us soon inshAllah