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  1. Beautifully written and so encouraging….just what we needed. Can I be in your fasting club sister if u have any? Baarak Allahu feeki

  2. Jazakallah :) in Sha allah I will get my calendar ready too . May Allah(swt) make it easy for all and accept our Dua.

  3. I needed this so much. I really planned to complete my fasts this year except that I didn’t know how to get started but now i do:) suhoor is a bit difficult during school days for me tho, but inshaAllah I’ll manage..
    I’m determined to make up those missed fasts b4 Ramadan! InshaAllah..
    Jazakallah!!! x Bless you

  4. Assalam o alaikum!
    Good article for married women and also for others who has missed their fast due to other reasons.
    May Allah bless you all and put baraka in your efforts.
    Alhmdolillah I have completed my fasts task.
    And Insha Allah I will remind this information for my near future.
    Jazak Allah khairan

  5. Assalamu alikum,jazkallah khairan for such inspiring article.may allah give us strength to complete our missin fasts.may allah give u success.

  6. Asalamu alaykum. Thanks sister for sharing such a beautiful idea. I’m going to plan mine too. May Allah accept our duas.

  7. Jazak Allahu Khairan

    The most important thing is to have sincere intention. Also, don’t leave it too late, especially that every year days will keep accumulating. From my experience, which was not easy, I have missed Ramadan 2010, due to pregnancy. Ramadan 2011 I missed 7 days. Ramadan 2012 I gave birth my son. So, I planned it this way: Winter 2013 to make up the days missed from 2011 and 2012. I started fasting from October and finished in January. Trying to fast at least 2 days a week. Winter 2014 was for making up Ramadan 2012. Alhamdullilah, with the help from Allah, I finished all my days and I pray Allah makes it easy to all of my sisters..x

  8. Asslamu alaykum, Very nice & helpful article for women. In sha Allah i will try to follow this & give this article to my relatives (they have no facilities for internet, even i have to use internet facility sometime in my office). I make copy the article ,then I read in my home in my PC. I have three children & i also missed fasts. So jazakAllah khiar for this article.

  9. Such a beneficial and encouraging piece of article. jazakAllah khiar!! May Allah help all of us who is intending to complete the missing fasts.

  10. Dear sister Sana gul waseem, jazakAllah for writing a splendid nd such an encouraging helping article. I also have a long list of missed fasts which makes me shrink with fear.I tried to cut the list short this winter nd alhamdullillah it worked but I still have lots to catchup. JazakAllah I again got the spirit to start again.stay blessed nd do keep in touch I would also like to be added to the group when u get it made in shaa Allah. May Allah give u shifa ye kaamila. Ameen summa ameen

  11. good web masya Allah..
    I think it will be great if has an application on android or Iphone, so we can read these articles easily

  12. MashaAllah beautifully written.The idea of dua book is fantastic.I will try my best too to keep my missing fasts in the month of Shabaan inshaAllah !!!

  13. MasaAllah,its very helpful and inspiring article for every Muslim women. Sukran jajakallah…

  14. I love your ideas especially about having a dua book! May Allah reward you for sharing all these useful tips with us, ameen..

  15. Jazak Allah Khair dear sister Sana.A great reminder for our sisters in Islam.I have heard that when we miss any obligatory fast (like ramadan fasts)then we should make it up before the next Ramadan and if we delay then we should
    not only make it up but also offer fidya for each day missed. Please clarify.Also what kind of fidya can we offer?
    kindly add me in your group if u have made one. May Allah bless u.My email ID:

  16. Is it possible to make up for missed fasts before you miss them?
    there’s a few days I know I will have to miss during Ramadan this year (menstruation etc), and was wondering if I can start fasting now to compensate or if I have to wait till after ramadan?

    Thanks :)

  17. Slm. What if i couldnt finished made up and the forthcoming ramadan start, should I drop my made up and intend for the fresh ramadan and then aftar i wil it allowed islamically to do so?

    • Salam akhi. Have you founf your answer yet? Ive just read this post just now and sawbyour comment.

      If you re from the syafie shool of thought tham we have to pay the days of fasting that we missed no matter the reason and if we did not manage to pay them until the next ramadhan then we have to give fidya to the poor im addition to paying back the days of fasting that we have missed.

      Hope this clears thinga a lil..yup it is a sin to not repay the missed fast..we must repent.

      This is according to syafie shool though.

  18. You do understand that you have to make up the fasts you missed that year BEFORE the next Ramadan. Did you chevk with a well known scholar about making up fasts from previous years? As far as I know… yoh can only make the fasts up from last year before the first day of Ramadan.

    • Assalamu alaykum, Azemina,

      This depends on the situation of the person involved. When it comes to pregnancy, breastfeeding or sickness it can be impossible for women to make up their fasts before the next year. This fatwa discusses this point:

      However, if someone doesn’t make up their fasts before the next Ramadan and has no legitimate excuse, they still have to make that fast up after Ramadan. However, they may have to pay fidya for every day they didn’t make up, depending on the madhhab (school of thought). You can read more about that here:

      Hope that is helpful in sha Allah.

  19. JAZAKALLAH, found it late (in 2016) but its still helpful. I have decided to fast mondays and thursdays till I complete all my missed fasts. May ALLAAH make it easy for us :)

  20. Assalamo Alaikom Okhti,

    Thank you so much for the useful article. May Allah reward you for sharing this with your sisters.

    I want to share with you my own experience too with making up my missed Fasts.
    As many of young Muslim girls, I was so lazy to make up my missed fasts (menstruating) after Ramadan. Every year, I fast two or three days and then I gave up. It was my routine in every year.
    Until 2012, when I decided that those lazy days have gone, and that I have to make up my missed fasts ASAP, because I didn’t want to die with any fasts pending in my account. The problem was that I don’t remember how many days I’ve missed up, because as I said before, I fasted some days every year but I didn’t count them.
    So I decided to do a courageous thing! I pretended that I have never make up my missed fasts since my first Ramadan. I took a paper and a pen, I calculated how many days I have to fast. It came up that it’s: 7DaysPeryear * 9years = 63 days. I was scared, so many days :/ How can I make this ?!!
    I started fasting every week 5 days, then I got very tired and sick, so I made it 2 days a week, Mondays and Thursdays, but I couldn’t finish them that year, because I wasn’t feeling good, and couldn’t make it with my lifestyle those days.
    But I didn’t gave up, I continued fasting many days every year, until March 2016 when I made it. I fasted all my missed up days (it was 91 days in total).
    And Alhamdo lillah, I feel so released now, because I have made my deen up.

    May Allah help all the sisters to make up their missed fasts inchaa Allah.

    Wa Assalam.

    • MashAllah…may Allah give me also the same courage as He gave u.plz make dua for all of us who r trying to make up their missed fast.i have make up 7 now…total 90 fast and some more to go.

  21. Assallamu alaikum. May Allah reward you for this article. I too have a problem for not making up my last year fast before i got married. I missed four from last year and only make up One out of the four. And now iam pregnant and i have not start this year fasting due to the pregnancy. What should i do?

  22. Hello, I have also had this problem, but not because I missed fasts rather because I discovered my fasts were invalid. I have about 200 days to make up for this and I’m not sure if I have to do fidyah as well. Help please!

  23. Salaam and jazaakAllah Khair for sharing this sister!
    Hope your heath is better sister, may Allah SWT bless you with shifaa and ease, and for rewards of organizing how to make up the missed fasts. Ameen I had forgotten to include the pregger years.

  24. As-salamu aleykum and Ramadan Kareem (it’s Ramadan, 6, 1438)! I too have missed quite a lot of days since the age of 12. I believe that’s the age when fast becomes compulsory upon people. I’m almost 40 now and I don’t think I will ever be able to make up for the missed days before my alotted time is up. I have read once that it is permissible to feed a certain number of people instead. Do you know anything about it?

    May Allah make our fasting easy and may He accept it!

  25. Assalaamu Alaikum,
    Thank you for the lovely article. It prompts a question:
    Couldn’t you have fed people as an option to fasting during your illness? This is what I did when I was ill during Ramadan.
    Even now, I’m wondering whether you can reduce your number of missed fasts by feeding hungry/homeless people in your community. It might be worth researching. According to the Sunnah, if we have choice between doing something in a difficult way vs an easy way, we should always choose the easy way!