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  1. This is such a good article. MashaAllah it’s inspired me to aim for a more work life integration based approach. The links you have made with the sunnah of our Rasool Peace be upon him are fantastic especially the one about the rights we need to fulfil and understanding that time for rest is also included in this.
    Jazak Allah khair.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Alhamdulilah i understood how i can give more time for my kids now..
    Very helpfull hope i apply the sunnah of our prophet saw…

    JazakAllahu khair brother..
    Really helpful.

  3. This was the problem i was having…
    Al Hamdu Lillah .. I am going to take this beautiful lessons and going to implement in my life

  4. MashaaAllah this article is to the point and spot on, detailing exactly how our Rasool (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) led his life productively. Great work mashaaAllah. May Allah help us all lead a productive, holistic and valued life, Aameen

  5. Jazak Allah khair. Beautiful article. We really need to balance our lives according to our Prophet (saw).

  6. Assalamu alaikoum

    This is the article of the Year ^^ ,Just amazing ,and Jazzaka allahu khairan for sharing the pdf , it is an interesting read =) ,i will try to change my day-to-day accordingly , one bit at a time

    Time is the only capital we have in this life , the real ,the only instrument for change … this is what all muslims should invest on …

  7. Wonderful write up. Its highly impactful and enlightening. Every lessons shared prinks me to the bone. Barakallahu fih.

  8. JazakaAllah khair..
    Very well surveyed, this is an important aspect which every one of us need to think that Islamic way of life is a middle way..Allah (SW) says in Quran that’s he doesn’t like excess. The reason is that, in excess of effort there are more chances of failure and we as human with all our weakness tend toward none than all.
    Another Hadees says that most adorable and appreciate able thing to God is the one which is regular. Whatever we are doing and want to do we should try to adapt it slowly and persistently over the period of life.
    Another point which I like in the article is ” to live in now”. Just by paying attention to our thoughts for one day we will come to know that we either live in future or in past, we don’t live in now, which again comes in our way of being productive. Being absent in now and living in future or past prevent us from concentrating on things and enjoying the moments. Brain rule us, but by continuous practice of stoping the Bain activity and directing it to present we will see that brain comes under control. May Allah help us all in battling the challenges of our own self.

  9. Nice article. Practical tips to follow. All of us like a Shepherd and we should fulfill our responsibilities. Many Prophet of Allah (SWT) have done the job of shepherd during part of their lives. For instance, Muhammad, Musa, Ibrahim, etc.

  10. Salams!

    All I can say is WOWWWWWWWW!!!!! mashaAllah what an ARTICLE! honestly I never leave a comment not because I don’t find the articles interesting and useful I ALWAYS however today’s one honestly in my opinion I think just TACKLED society’s NUMBER 1 global issue: Balancing work life and PERSONAL LIFE altogether! I read it carefully from start to finish and IT SOLVED AND CLARIFIED everything for me in regards to balancing my Deen family life work and personal development. I actually now understand where I am going wrong and I actually now understand in what window to perceive the work / life dilemma in! What I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE the most about this article and what I personally found vital for people who love to always reevaluate their effort and outcome is that NOW I Have some sort of device where I can measure my progress and efforts against now. This way I can finally get some peace of mind knowing whether it not I am heading jn the right direction. Zig Zaylar the man said it himself: it’s lack of DIRECTION not TIME that is the problem. So in sum what I’m trying to say this article as well as these 3 prophetic practical tips give us DIRECTION⬆♻

    Thank you Abu Productive!

    Nadia ( Sincerity )

  11. Oh how i loved the lesson from this hadith – “the main point of this story is to showcase how attentive, present, and a good listener the Prophet ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) was to his family”.
    So thoughtfully put. Alhamdulillah for people with wisdom who teaches it to others. #AlhamdulillahFor series

  12. Thanks , we need this kind of articles which help in resolving modern days issues. I would like to hear about what islam says about dealing with politics at work , what do you do when employer’s expectation is to milk money from customer , what islam says about retirement planning, investment , what is the alternate solution for bank interest , what to do if you can not buy a house without a bank mortgage , sending kids to public or mix schooling, etc etc..

    There is no more time for people to involve in sins and to hear lectures related to them . We need real add value lectures / articles which help to resolve our current issues.

  13. Salaam,
    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve always aimed to balance all responsibilities in life, and it is indeed a skill and struggle to do so. Will definitely share this piece, as I think it can greatly benefit many people!

  14. Salam alaykum…..jazakAllahu khairan. I just changed jobs and this is something I have been dealing with. It’s like the job is always on my mind. The paragraph about being at home and mentally at work is exactly what I go through and it stresses me out….. Thank you so much for this lovely article….May Allah reward you abundantly.

  15. Salaam& lots of duaa’, my dear Faris, this is Qurrat from Victoria, so far I was just a passive reader but your article made me think that it’s never too late I said to my self to revive my spirit and go back to my own self contribute whatever I can share.