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  1. Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Aisha!
    Does Productive Muslim have a student or working student’s template for the ‘Daily Taskinator’? I have also benefitted from Cal Newport’s Blog, especially the page:
    Dr. Tharaa
    P.S. Being a part-time or full-time physician requires constant continuing medical education, I am also a student of 2 online institutions for Islamic Studies and Quran, and my medical field includes 2 specialities, and my licensing necessitates the inclusion of complementary alongside the modern medical approach, and creating templates sometimes is a littles bulky. So if I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, there’s more mental energy leftover!

  2. Asalam alaykum

    Iam not a full time student but I real appreciate the article. In don’s no.1 You might say I open a productive media application (e.g productive page on facebook, grains gains group in Instagram) for a moment to refresh but end up refresh refresh till the break is over,so better to not open at all even are good/productive social media to you.
    Jazaka Allah khayr kaseera

  3. Salamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuho. Alhamdulillah! I really appreciate the advice contained in the post above. May ALLAAH, The Almighty, help you and me to be productive to the muslim ummah. Ameen!

  4. Assalomu ‘alaykum and Jazakalllohu Khair!
    I’ve made a habit to make a 20 minutes nap during my lunch break. This helps me to really boost my productivity for the rest of my day. While this is actually sunnah of our genius prophet Muhammad SAV, last week I read an article saying that Henry Ford also used to have a short nap at midday. And his employees too :) It’s so cool! I recommend it to everyone!
    Assalomu ‘alaykum va rohmatulloh :)

  5. ABU Productive, your inputs are soul nourishing and physically beneficial to all class of people. I savor every word in your article . You left me , virtually all the time , with feelings of great consciousness and deep sense of worthiness.

  6. Alhamdulliah!
    I have expected a full student routine from ABU PRODUCTIVE! perhaps it will helps us to maintain a good result to our school & college or university! many of our student who have many bad habits like waste a huge time or waste time or anything else ! please tell us how to concentrate or focused on our study!

  7. Asalamualaykum, I am a senior student I skipped lunch today at school because the work and stuff was so hectic. But this is so trueee, it does leave you lacking in energy and lethargic. But when you’re under that pressure, that’s the only thing you focus on and forget about food. how should you deal with that situation. stress leads to lack of eating which leads to loosing weight. :(

    • Allah is your protecter.Allah is your caretaker.He will not burden you with more than you can handle.So you can handle this with productive steps inshallah.Try finsihing all your work on the weekends if you can get all your work from the teacher early.Put priorites first 1.Allah 2.Family 3.Studies

  8. The information contained in this message is very full feeling. May Allah (S W T) continue to guide us correctly. Ameen

  9. AssalamuAlaikum Sr Aishah
    I’m impressed with this helpful article which I didn’t expect it would be this clear and practical for me to read and understand more than other College/School tips I’ve read. As for checking social media there’re days it can be challenging not to do so. Maybe I should set a “Time Timer” app that helps give a time limit for anything we do even when it comes to socializing (ei, saying hi to friends for 15 mins, or checking productivity in social media for 5-10 mins, etc).
    But I’m really thankful for sharing us your productive tips Sr. Aishah
    May Allah elevates you in dunya and akhira. J.A.K