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  1. AOA,

    What would be the most appropriate way of saying no to your boss/colleagues for a Christmas lunch? I do not want to look rude and don’t wanna offend them and neither I want to represent Islam as a very strict religion. For them, it is just an end of year get together and they do not understand why I don’t join them and make a fuss about it.

  2. Asa!! I’m very Allah.for this site !..I appreciate this very much…cause sometimes I do need a little pick me up…far as I beat myself up sometimes due to the fact that I miss Fajr prayer. ..I own a daycare center and the center opens up at 6:00…am…so sometimes I’m missing farjr prayer…and I don’t want to rush my prayers….however I feel as if that early morning prayer for me is a must! Is a need!…reading the article really did “pick me up” and the love that you put the different surahs for me to read!…I’m learning that I can’t force people to change their life….all I can do is be an example!!!..these articles are blessings to ME!…just to be reminded of what Allah says!!!….is just so peaceful to me!…and I can share this with my teenage daughter …family. ..husband and friends!

  3. Salaam. Jazakallah khair for this very helpful article! For me, the greatest challenge has been finding a supporting social network upon becoming a more practicing Muslim. Attending local masjids and events are definitely the most common piece of advice I’ve seen and tried to apply. Sadly however, masjids and community events are not always very welcoming to those who maybe outside the established circles or ‘cliques’. My spouse and I have attended numerous events where we’ve tried to engage and mingle but it almost always ends in short talk and moving on. Most people do not seem to want to let in ‘newbies’. What advice do you have on breaking through this challenge so that we can indeed establish a supportive social network of righteous friends inshAllah? (Perhaps this requires a separate article ;). Jazakallah khair again! May Allah make it easy for all of us ameen.

  4. Assalamualaikum..
    Thank you so much for sharing this kind of thing… i always think what if i couldn’t please Allah S.W.T. I’m afraid if even the smallest good deeds might not be accepted by Him because of my sins. InshaAllah i will improve myself and reflect everything i did before so that i could become closer to Him. :)

  5. Alhamdulillah the article is very apt, it perfectly fits my situation.When I started wearing hijab i was forced to remove it,not surprisingly, from my near ones.I did remove my hijab but the guilt and the feeling of sinking is inexpressible. I had to ask my self and recheck my intentions. Always have pure intentions, sincere repentance and make sincere duas. We should never ever be judgemental, this will lead us to arrogance,which Allah does not like.

  6. Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatahu
    MashaAllah this article was amazing..I loved it. great tips and may Allah keep us patient and steadfast till the day we meet Him. ameen.
    Please continue with the articles!
    Jazakallah khair

  7. In addition to what have been clearly mentioned above on what other people say about you. You just have to give yourself enough time to reflect,you won’t be the first person to change and you won’t be the last person either,you have to accept it as your past.
    Be desperate to change,you need to be mature,consider then as your childhood days and now maturity is doing it because you are ready to please Allah. You have to be mature before you can serve your creator,you have struggled to get to a new stage,be grateful to Allah. Care less about what people say,they won’t be with you in your grave. Move on and remember that you repented and your bad deeds are all good now.Pray to Allah to give you sabr to move on,pray more.May Almighty Allah strengthen us.Amin.

  8. Masha’Allah, some very good advice here. If I see anyone else struggling to get closer to Allah, I’ll send them this very beneficial article, in’sha’Allah. Also, a very good reminder of Allah’s mercy on us. Jazak’Allah khair.

  9. Jazak Allah khair sister Zaynab! This hit the core. Alhumdulilah every point you made was concise and beneficial. The advice really motivated me to continue to improve my character in a holistic manner and to be kind enough to myself to move on from bad deeds. Alhumdulilah I felt encouraged to do more good deeds for Allah’s sake and to be content that He is the best guide (for myself and others) and the most merciful of those who show mercy. Alhumdulilah!

    If I had to add anything I would add that whenever people belittle/mock you for drawing nearer to Allah subhana wa tala, remember the best of humankind Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him endured worse (camel guts/trash/verbal abuse and even outright war against him and his family!) along with his noble companions may Allah subhana wa tala be pleased with them. This really helps put things into perspective and strengthens my resolve to aim higher like the Prophet peace be upon him did to draw nearer to Allah subhana wa tala bithinilah tala.

    Jazak Allah khair very well written may Allah subhana wa tala reward and increase you dear.

    with love,

  10. Assalamualaikum,

    This article was just what Allah ordered. I am a new Muslim and there are not many female Muslims that I know. My whole family is against Islam so I have been doing the best I can by reading & listening to lectures. Please I ask everyone to offer dua on my behalf that I continue to grow in Islam & lead a productive Islamic life. Alhumdulilliah

  11. بارك الله فيك For this beneficial articel sister, being soft and gentle towards the people around us can be challenging although its the best way and manner to convey your message. If we only followed the path of our beloved prophet صلى الله علية وسلم .. There is an ayah in surah Al Imran if I am not mistaken, that says something like if your were harsh and hard hearted people would flee from you, which is meant towards رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم .. (Not the exact translation).. The prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم corrected people by example..

  12. JAZAKALLAH Khair , For the beautifully written article.It came at the perfect time . As I had such difficulties over the past two days. May Allah guide us always inshallah.

  13. Salam, May Allah bless you. I love the sentence pray to Allah to keep you firm on the straight path and to send righteous friends your way.” Jazakillahu khayre.
    Keep helping the ummah of rasoolullah.

  14. Jazakallah sister for sharing this beautiful article.i felt like Allah swt is giving me advice and saying each and every word to me through you!

  15. As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barkatuhu,
    I must say that it is really a very important and interesting topic you have covered. Many of us who try to change ourselves for good and try to become more religious face criticism and rude remarks and sometimes it comes from places least expected. When I first started the hijab back in my medical college my peers gave me the looks and rude and mean comments which shook me and sometimes brought tears. But Allah Taala gave me inner strength and I dint back out. And to this day I feel that , that was the biggest step I took in my life and that has changed my life so much.
    Jazaak Allah Khair for a beautiful article. May Allah Taala give us all the inner strength and steadfastness to do good deeds and erase all our bad deeds. Ameen.

  16. Jazaak Allah Khair. May Allah Almighty continue to bless you. The one of most effective habits that changed my whole life was tahadjuth prayers. I used to be one of those people who would snap at anytime things did not go my way. My prayers generally, including my tahadjuth prayers made a world of difference to my whole life. Alhamdo lillah!

  17. Jazak Allah
    Very beautifully explained..
    People said so many times that its my temporary phase that i even unconciously accepted and feared of going back.
    But thankyou for this article which made me realise the facts.
    Good work.Keep it up

  18. Alhamdulillah…………..what a nice article. I used to judge people who did not believe like me. Your article really touch my heart. It feels like this article is written for me. Zakak ALLAH khairan for the beautiful article.
    Eager to read your next article

  19. Jazzakallahu khairan! What a bless to a challenges am facing? I think the solution is right on my door steps. Thank

  20. Jazak Allah khair sister u have expressed what I have gone through when every one around you discourage you and say its false belief .
    When I was reading surah al qalam its initial verses helped me

  21. Mashaa Allah, just what I needed to be reminded of today. It’s so hard to make the necessary changes in our lives that will be beneficial to us, we will all experience days when everything and everyone just wants us to fail. Alhamdulilaah, it’s all a test and like you said sister as our good deeds increase our bad one decrease. May Allah reward you. X

  22. Jazak Allah khair very well written may Allah subhana wa tala reward and It feels like this article is written for me.

  23. A salam alaikum , I am trying to cut music out of my life but I find it very difficult every time I try I fall back again . So I wondered if anyone had advices on that topic ,I will appreciate it so much .

  24. When my dad related to me that our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) had seen many women in hell fire because they refused to wear the hijaab. That struck me out and Alhamdullillah I started wearing the hijaab some 38 years ago and I had to face criticism and rude remarks like “Why are u dressed like an old lady? that is covering yourself up from my aunty. No one will marry u. I replied that I will be accountable to Allah and on one will be there to help me out.

    But with the help of Allah, I kept on wearing my hijaab and will do so till my last day on this earth. in Sha Allah.. I have 2 daughters who started wearing their hijaab to go to school at the age of 12 and knew the importance of Allah’s Law.

  25. Assalamo alaikum dear sister, When I started wearing Hijab, I felt many a times in gatherings ODD ONE OUT, alian, loneliness. May Allah give istiqamah to me and all others struggling to gain love of ALLAH. Ameen. Jizakil Allah Khair for all the tips.

  26. Assalamu Alaykum. JazakAllahu Khairun for this article. I’ve been facing the same issue recently and I have lost a close friend because of it. I’m not too disheartened in fact I’m very grateful that I’m now surrounded by righteous company that bring me closer to Allah (swt) Alhamdulillah, however, my friend did not take any consideration to my advice and she thinks that I’m labeling people. She said very nasty things and has developed this hatred for me all of a sudden. It’s really bothering me because I love and pray for her but she’s the first person in my life that is not on good terms with me. I’ve always tried my best to be kind and stay on good terms with everyone and now this is really bothering me because I still really love her as a best friend…what did I do?

  27. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuh

    I must confess, I have really benefited from this article Ma Shaa Allah. May Allah make the Deen more easy to practice. Ameen.

    Jazakallah khayran

  28. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuh

    Ma Shaa Allah this article is brilliant. I have benefited from it. I am a lady who always want to move closer to Allah but parents and people around aren’t very encouraging.
    The point of loved ones especially parents not in support of when moving closer to Allah is my own main Challenge.
    May Allah (subhãna wa ta’ãla) ease our affairs, make us steadfast in His worship and make us amongst those whose deeds will be accepted. Ameen.

    Jazakallah khayran.
    Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuh

  29. Djazaaki Allahu khayran sister, I needed this. May Allah help us to practice this.

    When we become closer to Allah, it is easier te please Him. When we make istighfar and sincere tawbah, Allah will make it easy to overcome our challenges and make us steadfast. It is not easy to please Allah and displease the people. But this shows our sincerity. We don’t like it when people hurt us for avoiding sins or doing acts of worships, but this is a test from Allah to see how sincere we are and how we react. But Allah will reward us, when we make a lot of effort to change for the better. Djihaadu nafs is a daily struggle. But fighting against our nafs and shaytan will help us to earn Paradise in cha Allah.

    May Allah help us to live a good life in this dunya, to act upon the good knowledge we have, to make it very easy for us to worship Him and to reward us with an endless reward. Amien