[Interview] Secrets of a Productive Muslimah: Na’ima B. Robert

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[Interview] Secrets of a Productive Muslimah: Na'ima B. Roberts - Productive Muslim

At ProductiveMuslimah, we believe the ultimate secret to a successful Muslimah is that she strives with sincere intentions and uses all the resources around her to achieve the highest stations in Paradise. We are always looking for the ‘secrets to productivity’ and wanted to explore how some of the Muslim women today manage time effectively and perform the best in all the roles they hold being a mother, wife, daughter, professional, activist and more! So we decided to get some of the ‘Productive Muslimahs’ of our time in the hot seat to find out their top tips and secrets to become a Productive Muslimah!

We are very excited to be joined in this first part of a series of interviews by Sister Na’ima Robert, a best selling international author, mother of five, public speaker, and Chief Editor for SISTERS Magazine for fabulous women, in our ProductiveMuslimah hot seat so we asked her to tell us her secrets on how she manages to stay productive while juggling her family, her work and her writing!

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Interview with a Productive Muslim: Mohamed Geraldez

Interview with a Productive Muslim: Mohamed Geraldez | Productive MuslimMohamed Geraldez is an American Muslim entrepreneur, motivational speaker and investor in a few companies in different industries like the first and largest vegan necktie company in the world. Mohamed was recently tapped to be the first Executive Director for Co-Founder, Dr Sherman Jackson’s ALIM Program where strategies are being developed for the future of Islam in the modern world. Mohamed hopes to transform the ALIM Program from a traditional non-profit to a trailblazing, hybrid not-for-profit that can better serve the American Muslim community.

In this interview with Abu Productive, Br Geraldez discusses lessons from his time in the desert, his self-motivation, how he achieves focus by not multi-tasking, being on an information diet, delegating tasks and adhering to Parkinson’s law, among other things.

If you would like to book Br Geraldez for an event, please visit for all inquiries and requests. Find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Holistic Health for Productivity: Interview with Hakim Archuletta

Holistic Health for Productivity: Interview with Hakim Archuletta | Productive Muslim

Photo by: 30Mosques[dot]com

Hakim Archuletta has worked within the healing arts profession for over 30 years. His first formal studies were in the Fine Arts which he studied in the 1960s in Berkeley where his expertise ranged from graphic arts to theater, cinema and ethnomusicology. He studied homeopathy and apprenticed in London in the early 1970s. Thereafter, he continued his studies in the Middle East, England and North Africa in the mid 1970s and in Pakistan in the late 1970s, where he earned the title of “Hakim”. Returning to the Americas in 1980, he began teaching students privately and established a family practice clinic in Santa Barbara, California. Today he lectures and teaches classes and workshops nationally. In this interview, he puts a different spin on the concept of ‘productivity’ and discusses the importance of ‘being connected’.

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[Productivity Ninja] Interview: Reflecting on the Fasting Experiment

[Productivity Ninja] Fasting Experiment: Ramadan Day 1 - Productive Muslim

Over the first few days of Ramadan, we brought you a series penned by our friend Graham Alcott about his fasting experiment (Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3). In this interview, Graham speaks to Abu Productive a few days after his experiment to share his reflections from the experience and some insights into how one can be proactive about having a productive Ramadan.

We hope you enjoy it and share your feedback with us below!

Interview with Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef: How to Have a Productive Umrah

Interview with Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef: How to Have a Productive Umrah - Productive MuslimWhat do I pack for umrah? How do I keep my group together? What’s the easiest time to perform umrah? What kinds of duas should I ask for?

Are these questions running through your mind? We caught up with Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef and all his 20 years of experience performing umrah to get all these questions and more answered.

Through this interview you will also hear about the thoughts behind the unique and widely-recommended Visionaire Online Retreat lead by Shaykh Muhammad this Ramadan.

This is one interview you don’t want to miss! Listen in and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Join the Productive Ramadan Online Course NOW.