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  1. I’m overloaded with work and that’s exactly why I need more and more of barakah. Jazakallah for the timely and indispensable reminder.

  2. Most of time we pursue dunyah with such big passion which eventually makes as far from Allah’s barakah, recite Quran is indispensable deed which makes us closer with Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla.

  3. Alhumdulillah, The article is thought provoking and a reminder to us of the weaknesses in our lives,].
    Shukren for directing us to the correct path. Dua that you will be the originator of many more articles. May Allah and Allah favour you with His Blessings to allow you to work in the Cause of the Deen.

  4. Subhanallah, today, the ummah has no connection with Quran.
    We are busy with everything but our spiritual growth.
    Hopefully this article will inspire many to look for that long
    forgotten book, dust it and start reading it’s miracles.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Assalaam Alaykum wa Rahmatul Llahi wa Barakatuh!

    Thank you for short article on Baraka from the Quran. It real a baraka reading this article.
    Here are my additional tips:

    1. Read ten ayas after each fardh prayer while you are still having wudhu.
    2. memorize at least one aya a day

    Jazaakallahu Khayr!


  7. Jazakallah khair. This article really articulate the message that would motivate us to recite the Quran and contemplate on the message in it for us. May Allah open our hearts to understand the Quran in a way that we will feel the Baraka and also to change our ways for the better. Ameen

  8. Jazakillah for the much appreciated tazkirah. Can you, whenever possible, say something on struggling with hafazan and dissertation?

  9. Salam

    MasyaAllah a great and meaningful article indeed.

    I believe that the Quran AND the Sunnah have most of the solution to our daily problems. We don’t connect ourselves to Islam as a holistic way of living. Most probably because, maybe, for my culture, Quran is only for daily recitations or for learning how to recite with a perfect tune and to perfect the pronunciation only.

    Yesterday I just read Surah As-Syu’arah, then I thought of reading the translation as well, one part of the surah talks about how Prophet Musa A.S was frightened at first, to spread the word of Allah to Pharoah, then Allah calms his down by saying that he is with him..

    We can all relate to this all the time whenever we feel nervous, scared or frightened to do something isn’t it?

    I just wish I could understand arabic and read the Quran like a storybook, and have a sheikh at my house every day to explain the stories…that would be so awesome..:D

    But true, we should all start slowly, get used to it slowly. Make it a daily habit. BISMILLAH..

    • Salam Zaid! Understanding Quran in Arabic itself is not so hard to attain. With sincere intentions and hard work, you will achieve it, inshaAllah. Sign up to an Arabic Class now or lay out your plans to achieve it and then work on it :)

      Customer Support
      Productive Muslim

      • I wish I have that mentality. Haha.

        It has always been a half hearted effort when comes to learning Arabic. Few weeks into the course, and I already have many excuses to quit. Then I’ll forget all the basics words and grammars again.

        Unless it is a full-time course, maybe It’ll be easier? Not sure myself. But thanks for the reply and motivation:)

  10. I love the article, it reminds me the benefits of reciting Al-Qur’an and advice me to keep reciting it. Alhamdulillah

  11. jazakallahu qair sister……indeed a very very helpful article…we are so engrossed in dunya that we are forgetting akhirah.
    May Allah bless us in dunya and akhirah and increase us in knowledge while keeping us humble….Ameen.

  12. Salaama alaikom sister fatima,

    Jezaki Allah kul khair for the blessed sha Allah…may He reward you..

    Many articles ago…can not remember which but someone asked and requested that when quran..that the arabic be written too…because…we may have missed out a bit on the hasanaat bit??

    Apologies just a suggestion to the productive muslim team also…

    Fe aman Allah

    Peace unto you

  13. Masha Allah.
    Thank you for the remainder. Practising some already, though there is always need improvement.

  14. Masha Allah, great tips. I’ve been trying to memorise new surahs, but I find it very difficult, I’ve been memorising for last five months and still cannot memorise more than half a page a weak. Please give me some practical tips for memorisation. And I cannot understand Arabic even though I can read quran easily.

  15. Have always always found the answer to whatever issue i am facing on opening it to any page. Its miraculous alhamdulillah

  16. Assalam alaykum! Ma shaa Allah I hope every mu’umin and mu’uminat can read this article at least to see if their are in the right train to obtain jannah.
    Jazaki Allahu khairan.
    I have just watched the workshop of Soliman Fadel about the tadabbur in other languages than arabic, so i think that to obtain more barakh apart from knowing how to read it (the Qur’an) in arabic, we should is ponder by interacting with the Quran as It is conversing with us and we should make du’a everytime we found that Allah talks us about things like TIN and ZAITUN (delicious food) and people that has got bestowed favors, such as SALIHIN, SOABIRAT, etc.

  17. Assalam o alykum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu!
    Beautifully written, MashaAllah.
    JazakAllah khairan for the reminder.
    BarakAllah Feekum

  18. Masha’Allah! this article is very helpful. The tips given in the article are doable and practical Masha’Allah. Something for sure that Shaitan will try to give you hundreds of excuses to convince you to stop doing that good deeds, but we have to struggle to overcome the Shaitan with the help of DUAA until we make it routine. Jazakallahu Khayran sister for sharing this great article. May Allaha elevate you in the Jannah. I’m proud of Productive Muslim Academy team.

    Ramadan kareem.

  19. Subhan Allah..very beautifully written.
    May Allah swt give you lot of ajr for writing this and benefitting us.