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  1. Jazakallahu khayran for the inspiring article. I like the Islamic games to help nurture the love of Islam in my children. For example the Quran challenge board game.

  2. ASSALAM ALYKUM, This is a very informative and creative ideas about teaching children how to love ALLAH from childhood. Jazakumllahu khayran

  3. JazakiAllah kheyr, this is great. I am not yet a parent. Not even married to be precise but in shaa Allah when that day comes, I will be using this tips on my kids.

  4. Jazaki Allah khayraan. A lovely idea that we used to have in our masjed and one I wish to enjoin when I have kids insha’Allah is the idea of Sunnah of the week whereby we can have a pinboard and each week we start practising a sunnah that we didnot do before.

  5. A verse is quoted in “Lead by example” section and it is incorrectly quoted as “Qur’an: Chapter 6, Verse 66” instead of “Qur’an: Chapter 66, Verse 6”. Please make the correction.

  6. Very beneficial article . Childhood is a very fragile stage . Instilling the truth in them is our duty as adults. Thank you. May Allah bless you.

  7. Assallamu Alaikum, love the article. However, at some masjid’s the elders have taken the upper hand and have not made it a friendly place. I recall one young Imam trying to open a youth centre, the elders refused point blank. I think the masjid committee need to update themselves of what’s going around the community than just making the masjid a men’s club.
    The masjid who have made the improvement should work alongside the ones who haven’t and share suggestions.

    Jazak’Allah Khairyun

  8. Asalaamualikum
    I love the initial example mentioned in the article about the woods getting correlated to trees and then Allah(S.w.t)

    Jazakallah kahrun for sharing your views.

  9. This is a lovely article, many points that can help us as a family to improve. I live in Malaysia and the public schools here are strong on teaching Quran and Tajweed to the Muslim children. While this may sound wonderful, it also brings out some of the negative local cultural tendencies covered in Arabic language which generally to the people here means Islamic language. I have to undo each time something crazy has been taught to my girls by the Ustaz or Ustaza, one of the many examples include: they were told that Allah will pull their heads out painfully if they do not pray. The children aged between 6-9 were terrified but my daughters didn’t believe that Allah can be so cruel and said so to the teacher!! They said Allah cannot be so cruel to children, He is full of love for children and the Ustaza came up with more fearful imagery of Allah. My girls are blessed that they feel free to talk to us about it and clear their minds, but so many kids out there grow with this kind of thinking, their parents may or may not be like us. What kind of Muslim citizens will this country produce if we keep moving in this manner? We already have a crazy debate going on about a rapist being allowed to marry the child he raped and that it is “islamically” acceptable for child marriage in this case. It’s such a sad sad situation. I don’t know what to say. Well, for now, I do my best and I am going to share this lovely article with the Ustaza and Ustaz, maybe it will help them change their style, may Allah make it so. Thank you for this.

  10. Before anything, always remember that being a Muslim , love for ALLAH SWT (glorified and exalted be He) is already in our hearts and it is our duty as Muslim to help nurture and sustain that love.MA SHA ALLAH beautiful article !