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  1. Assalamo alaiqum sister Lily, jazakallah khairun again for sharing another thought provoking season of inside the therapist, i actually read all episodes 1-final today on the 3hour coach journey and the final episode today brought tears to my eyes and it really made me think of how i am dealing with the challenges Allah has blessed me with as i relate to your characters in the story. i have decided to make a positive change for myself and inshallah make the first steps which i have been avoiding for many yearsas i was stuck in denial .. please remember me in your duas and may Allah bless you in this world and akhirah, Ameen

    I look forwards to more of your work inshallahxx

    • Fatimah your words brought me so much joy
      I’m so happy for you and extremely proud of you. May Allah open all the doors of love, happiness, peace and success for you honey
      All my love

  2. Thank you for writing these series , I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. May Allah reward you. One questions, what was Lily’s secret identity? I remember she was saying that none of them knew who she truly was….did I miss something

    • Yes that’s true. Rehana, who was my best friend in the series, was the reason I met with all of them. But I couldn’t reveal it to my patients. They would have never allowed me to help them if they knew the truth right?

    • I’m so sorry for my late response. Thank you Samar and Lily for your reply! Thank you for clarifying! It makes sense, none of them would have seen the therapist if they had known the connection…

      Anyways, may Allah reward you Lily for these series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them each morning imwitj my morning coffee :) I look forward to more of your writing inshaAllah!

  3. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah..
    I have lost my words to say something about your writing but I really want to say so many things..
    In one word it was truly amazing.. wonderful.
    Please keep writing such wonderful things which helps our heart to refresh.
    May Allah bless you and your family with good in this life and hereafter and helps those who are reading this, find the right way to Him.
    Jazakallahu khair…

    • I truly love your duaa for my family and I
      Every time I read such beautiful duaas from my amazing readers I’m motivated to do more and more
      I believe you guys are loved by Allah, for He allows you to be touched by words and opens your hearts to get closer to Him. And maybe your duaa will be the reason He forgives and guides me
      So a million times Amen to your lovely duaa Razia… and a million times ‘ thank you ‘

  4. This is very beautiful. Jazak Allah for posting this.I benefited a lot. But, I think I can benefit more if I read this again, and again. One important thing I learned is that Allah ordains for things to happen for a good reason; whether we see it or not. We can always derive good from every hardship. And, we must remember that this life isn’t meant to be very nice. True happiness and contentment lie in the Akhirah. (One, however, shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that we can’t have control over our actions, for example, don’t blame Allah for not doing well in your exams when you were watching Netflix for a very long time). It reminds me of a hadith when the prophet, peace be upon him, visited a sick man. He told the sick man (more or less) to have sabr, to persevere, it’s a test from Allah, etc. The man responded: no, it’s a punishment from Allah. The prophet, peace be upon him, responded: then, it is. That comes back to your point when you mentioned that the biggest trial ever is losing faith in Allah and giving up to the pain. So, we all, myself included, must embrace the hard times and go through them with full yaqeen.

  5. Assalamoalaykum bro/sis, being a visually impaired person myself I can easily understand the emotions and sufferings one can deal in such situations, and for sure in such state of mind only your faith is what tested by Allah, it doesnt mean you dont feel hurt, angry etc but the best part when you surrender your desire infront of Allah and accept the test and start moving ahead…. May Allah keep all of us in safe hands amen, stay blessed everyone

    • I must admit I didn’t think any of my readers would relate to Zahra’s specific situation. I’m very honored you followed this series Saima. I had to pretend to be Zahra while writing this to feel her feelings and write them from the heart. So I walked around blindfolded for a while, and recalled my feelings after my eye surgery. I must say this is a huge test from Allah, that must for sure have the hugest reward. The hardest battles are given to the strongest soldiers.
      So when the gates of the highest levels of Jannah are open for you to enter first inshAllah before everyone else, remember us please!

      • Salam sis, I truely admire they way you put her feelings into words, and yes Allah Has given each of us a test to deal with, it won’t matter if everyones stand with you, thing matters the most that Allah stand with you and sure He always stands with each of us, its just us which I called beyond our vision…. if we wanna see Him He said, I am next to your heart beat…. one request if you ever find any blind folk in any part of the world do let them know about the website so he/she can get benifit by that and they get a chance to move on with the life,…. stay blessed and lets keep each of us in our duaas, stay blessed dear

  6. As salaamu alaikum,
    Ma shaa Allah! It’s so nice! Having faith truly helps to overcome any calamity. And your story truly proves that.
    Another good thing in any calamity is dua.
    My calamity wasn’t the same as in this article. It was a mental trouble which weighed heavily on me. When I sincerely prayed to Allah to remove it from me, and I thank Allah (swt) for it, is when my life began to become easier Alhamdulillah. As they say, Dua is the weapon of the believer!
    Jazakallah khayr for your inspirational story. May Allah swt make it easy for us all, aameen.

  7. Asalamualikum,
    MasHAllah again you have written such a beautiful ending. I have definitely been inspired to be fully trusting in Allah SWT as He is truly the only one who knows us best. What beautiful reminders I’ve gained from reading this series. May Allah reward you and grant us all the opportunity to unite in Jannatul Firdaus and exchange our life stories in that setting! Ameen. I hope you have another series coming inshAllah! Perhaps a season 3?!?

    Looking forward to reading more of your work. Much love to you dear sister.

    • I love that image of us uniting in Jannah! Maybe you can invite me over to your palace for some coffee and chocolate chip cookies (served by swans carrying crystal trays looool- I love swans) and we can laugh about how we thought our problems in dunya were so huge and never ending!
      I’m already smiling with joy from ear to ear Jane

      Let me know if you have any suggestions for season three. There’s still no talk about it yet but who knows?

    • I’m pretty sure you’ll never find it :) I made up that speech for the series and I must admit I’m over- the -moon happy you thought it was real.
      Can’t thank you enough Hira

  8. Its beautiful Sister Lily…I recently had a miscarriage and its my 1st imagine my state..but Alhamdulillah one thing makes me stronger that “Allah would not burden anyone more than what he can handle” so i know in my heart something good is there..just a little bit of patience..and both season 1and 2 of your series makes me believe the same…it reinstates my faith..Jazakallahu khair for this beautiful writing..

  9. As-Salamu alaykum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu. Very interesting and inspiring speech indeed. The purpose of creation according to ALLAH SWT is to worship HIM, yet a believer will have to undergo certain test and examination before he/ she could be confirmed a true believer by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH. These tests vary from person to person and it is in degrees. Therefore for anyone to scale through, one needs a lot of patience, endurance and perseverance the foundation of which is the real understanding of Islam. Weldone to every member of Productive Muslim.

  10. The entire season was beautiful. I am running out of words in praising your work. JazakAllahu khairan kateera Lilly!! You have so much more than that. Looking forward to season 3 InshaAllah

    • Thank you sooo much Samar you’re so very sweet!!
      And I love how people are excited about season three, even though there’s no talk about it yet:) but with this kind of encouragement, I believe anyone would be capable of anything
      Thank you again honey

  11. I am blown away. Your writing is so Amazing and I’m so glad I found this because it really does get one thinking about if we actually believe or if we just say we believe. “He gave me ‘insight instead of sight’” I love that part soooo much. Thank you so much for your work. This pushed me to now actually notice the blessings around me and to remember the idea of Balance in faith and strive towards that. :)

  12. As I read the last words of this article I could feel my eyes cloud with tears.
    These words truly reach out to one’s heart. jazakalllahu khairan katheeran sister
    I can’t help but realise that there’s much wisdom behind all those little difficulties. Surely Allah is the best of planners.

  13. May allah give you all the happiness a person can have and except all your duas and restore your eyesight ameen

  14. Assalamu alaykum,
    i really like your Stories. In different ways it touched me. Masha allah, here are so many comments with nice words and personal stories. Sorry i can´t give you that from me. I am a convert and live in a non muslim community. I have a mental illness, where i struggle every day, to provide for my 2 kids. My husband and i are sepereated. Maybe because of my illness, i have problems to practice. And when i read your story i feel so small, because my sickness is not as bad then being blind. and i think, now i am inspired for practice more, alt least a bit. Anyway. Sorry for bothering. I only wanted to say thanks for your stories.

    • Sobhan Allah
      So my next assignment is to write about converts (for a different website) and then I read your comment!
      You’re not bothering you’re actually inspiring! I would love to hear your story
      Changing your whole belief system, being separated, being a single mom for two kids, having no support and a mental sickness… Rijja this all can’t be easy!
      Feel free to contact me whenever you get the chance

      Till then, all my love and respect

  15. Really affecting real story , Subhan Allah , vivid & emotiknal , You are inspiring , I m not a good reader but I cant help it to read your article till the end

  16. Asslamu Alikum sister Lily, a truly awesome series once again! Just W-O-W!!! Ma shaa Allah may Allah bless you. But one question, what happened to Rehana at the end? Did she come back from coma? I think there is no mention of that. I’m so into the story I am actually TENSED for her! LOL!!! But you are one amazing writer. Hoping to see season 3 soon!!!

    • Okay Radiah why are you SO CUTE? :)
      Don’t worry about Rehana. I hid the letter she left her husband so that he wouldn’t take the anger out on the kids while she was at the hospital hanging with n by a thread. She woke up a few years later from her coma, by that time, her husband had developed a serious sickness and she spent years taking care of him and being a great mom. She never contacted Ibrahim again, but Zahra did go to visit her once or twice. Rehana is now a part time tutor for special needs kids
      There, here are all the fictional facts :)

      • Oh! Sister Lilly, thank you so much for your reply. When you called me ‘cute’, for a fleeting moment, I actually thought that only by reading my comment, somehow you got to know I’m a 14-year-old! Lol! But then I realized you have a very kind way of replying to everyone.
        Mmm… I was wondering if I could ask you for a help.
        I have a 15-year-old friend who suffers from some serious psychological issues and her family is not supportive. She has only us friends to confide in and honestly, we simply don’t know what to do or say. I know its a bit too much to ask, but could you help me out? Is it possible to have a private talk on email or hangouts?

  17. Masha Allah!!! This final episode brough tears to my eyes 😓. It really touched me deeply. The message resonates with me at this point in time.

    May Allah reward you with Jannatul Firdausi and May your work make a positive impact on many people’s lives. Ameen

    • I wish I could talk to angels and make sure they’re documenting every single duaa of these beautiful duaas! I know I’ll need them all on judgment day!
      Thank you Hassana for this precious gift

  18. Masha Allah Masha Allah. These are worth sharing I couldn’t read it and just keep it to myself. I had to share it with my sisters. It’s indeed inspirational and therapeutic as well. May Allah bless you abundantly

  19. These series were such a great reminder of the things we take for granted in our lives, and also how we take our religion for granted.
    Thank you for that and may Allah bless you for your effort. Since God gave you this beautiful gift of writing and making clear points, I will feel free to write you an idea for your perhaps next writing. It would be great if you would write smth like introduction to islam to non muslims, like answering questions they ask the most when introduced to islam, in your own uniqe way.
    Wish you all the best ☺️

    • Amy I absolutely love this idea! Of course I’ll need to have a good school on speed dial to conform all the info
      I’ll look into it inshAllah I promise
      And for the time being, please remember me in your duaa

  20. JazakiAllahu Khairan Kaseeran Lilly. I was in tears .. You made me realize the power of acceptance and the necessity to believe in the pillars of Islam ,.. Thanks a lot Lilly thanks a lot I don’t have words what I felt after reading .. May Allah reward you :)

  21. MashaAllah my dear sister. Absolutely great, interesting story full of wisdom and emotions. The entire season was beautiful. I am sharing this with all of my friends, and they are thrilled too. :) JazakAllahu khairan. We are looking forward to season 3, pleeeeaaaaase :-D
    Allah will inspire you, inshaAllah.

  22. thank you for the inspiring story… Lessons learned… ” reasons why life throw hectic stuffs our way is because there is an area need growth” …
    My favourite line… Hehe