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  1. Asalamualikum. I am so in love with this season! Somehow it just unreveals a lot, all what is happening around us in a very subtle yet striking way. I love your writing Sister Lily. It is quite engaging and powerful. JazaklLlah Khair for this amazing series. You inspire me so much and someday I really hope I can write as beautifully as you do. Make a small prayer for me if you can :) JazakAllah khairqan for the amazing reminders.

    • That’s so sweet Sarah I’m truly touched
      I ask Allah to open the doors of success and creativity for you.
      Just start writing right now, and you’ll get better with time inshAllah
      And I’m sure productive Muslim with its amazing editorial team will be the perfect platform to start your journey inshAllah
      All my love 🌹

  2. WHAAAAAAAAT no sis you can’t leave us on this cliffhanger oh my word as if this series couldn’t get any better!!! Absolutely amazing oh my word cannot wait for the next one!

    Belief in the Day of Judgment is crucial because it serves as a sort of reminder that our actions most definitely have to be atoned for. It reminds us that there will always be consequences. In my opinion, at least. 🙂

    • I know loooool I’m so sorry about the last cliffhanger
      I’m so over-the-moon happy you guys are enjoying this series
      Keep commenting coz for me that’s the amazing part :)

  3. Only one word….
    this whole series is B R E A T H T A K I N G!
    The puzzle is finally starting to fall into place…please don’t make us wait for long, After all we gotta know ur real identity!!

  4. Salam jazakhAllah sr Lilly. You’re such a great writer. I love your series, can’t wait for the next episode.

  5. *GASPS* Another suspenseful ending! MashAllah, so well written. I’m desperately awaiting the next article! Hanging-by-a-thread desperate! Again, very relatable and practical! Jazaaki Llah khair for the beautiful reminders!

  6. SubhanAllah I just recently started reading these articles and I was SOO hooked I read the [Inside the Therapist’s Office] series both seasons in the same day. Agreed, The writing is seriously so amazing and powerful.
    just to comment: I think belief in the day of judgment just makes life matters much easier. Because if you believe in the last day and life after death, then you realize that it means that all this is temporary, and when you are aware that something won’t last forever, you don’t need to focus much on it, more importantly, don’t need to stress too much about it.

  7. Masha Allah….so beautifully written…belief in the day of judgement is what gives us hope and peace when things go wrong or prevent things from going wrong….cant wait till next episode….May Allah reward you..:)

  8. Salaam aleykoum

    Ma sha Allah, amazing story. I had to go back and write the names so that I can understand the link between them, I like the concept. And some of the reminders are exactly what I needed subhan ALLAH
    May Allah reward you for sharing this with us

  9. Masha’Allah! These stories really make you think. I love them, so realistic.
    Masha’Allah Tabarkalah! I hope to see them in a book a the bookstore, like Barnes and Noble.

    Masha’Allah, Excellent!

  10. First of all. You are a fantastic writer and I make dua you continue to do so. Second, I am new to this website, so are these stories true or is it fiction in order for us to learn lessons?

    • Thank you so much for your comment Hameed and welcome to Productive Muslim!
      Well most of the characters are inspired by real stories, except for Omar, who’s all real. So yeah, I guess it’s a bit of both. I wanted to subtly show the importance and meaning of the pillars of faith in a captivating suspense story to make it more memorable. I really hope you enjoy it

  11. Jazakallah khair sister Lily…. I wait eagerly on Mondays and Tuesdays for the next episode in the series. The stories are both beneficial and a family thriller. And your writing style…..subhaanallah ….it’s so engaging and inspirational. I am noting down the characters and their relationships so that I can see how this puzzle pieces are finally put together…Insha Allah.
    Great work!!!!!