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  1. OMG, I’m so excited for season 2!!!!
    You actually listened to me and wrote Season 2, WOW.
    I love the thrill and the mystery, how often will they be posted?
    Btw, I’m definitely by far your biggest fan ever ;) Love your work.

    • Loool thank you Julia. You were practically there with me behind the scenes for this one.
      Next episode is coming out tomorrow inshAllah then they’ll be posted Monday’s and Thursday’s
      I’m so happy you’re this excited.
      Missing you 🌹

  2. Asalam o alaikum ,

    Lilly, i am in love with the way you write. And im so happy to see the second series.. I totally loved the previous one.
    May Allah swt bless you. :)
    Thank you.

  3. Allahamdullilah… What a beautiful way to explain your point.. It is so true.. We get disheartened when we see others whom we think do not deserve the good things they receive but I guess what we forget is Allah provides for everyone.. Literally everyone.. It’s a part of His mercy.. I guess we forget that Allah provides and takes away to fulfill his overall plan.. Sometimes we get a little Shaky in our belief.. (Not sure why) but happens to so many of us..

    Thank you for making us realize tests are a part of your belief…

  4. Masha Allah, what a prolific way of expressing the subtle concept of Belief in Allah! Can’t wait for the second part. You are an inspiration, Lilly. May Allah bless you and your family!

  5. Yesss!!! Finally, wishing for a season two since I read the first one, love the plot of the story and its wisdom..thank you and pleease post the next episode asap…CANNOT WAIT!

  6. This is excellent! All of mankind needs to remember that Allah gave us all absolute free will in this life. With that said, Allah’s ONLY intervention can ONLY be for good. We need to remember this so that we do not fall into the selfishness of blame towards Allah. Every hardship we endeavor is a test of faith – and I don’t just mean faith in Allah, because not everyone believes in Him. It’s a test of faith in yourself and everything you tell yourself you believe in. We can’t be reassured of any of this without hardships to put everything into perspective. Alhamdulillah Allah is most forgiving and created this world especially for us to learn this, to learn who we are and to solidify what we truly believe in. Some people may “appear” luckier than others. But we have no business comparing our own lives to others’. Believe in yourself, and you will come to never forget that Allah is most forgiving, most merciful. Ameen.

  7. Assalamoalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. We have to belive on Allah swt in every condition what happens in our life. And do shukar.

    MashaAllah another motivational and inspirational article I have read today. Jazakallahu khayran keep posting and I keep sharing it to my friends.

  9. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah..
    Such an awesome writing..
    I really didn’t want it to end there..
    Eagerly waiting for the next part..
    And that one sentence taught me something new today ” You will get what you work for, not what you wish for.’
    Jazakallahu khair

  10. Asalamu alaikum warhamtullah wabaraktuhu my darling,

    You’ve been missed!
    I love these series!
    You spoke about almost everything the teens I deal with are probably dealing with and with your series, I know how to deal with them, even for me.
    I am working on a series to discuss dealing with the Prophets and the Sahabas now as our role models. I read your line on how perfect they were and the teens may also not align with their stories. I guess I will have to work with the fact that they did EVERYTHING and Allah still tried them, and some of them still fell, but like Salma they knew were to turn.
    Jazakallahu khairan Lilly…I don’t know how you do it, but Thank you soo much!

    • Aisha your words brought me so much joy. I wish you’d tell me more about your project. I already have hearts in my eyes, I LOVE this kind of work and you sound very passionate about it mashAllah
      May Allah open all doors of success and wisdom for you honey.

      • Ameen dear sis!
        I run an NGO for teens, specifically young girls. I am dealing with a lot of them having self confidence issues, depression, dating and all the works. Its sometimes hard to believe I was a teenager once. I didn’t make all the right decisions but I strongly believe they brought me were I am today.
        So my project is to find ways to interact with the text before us, the Quran and Sunnah, and truly show the young of our Ummah the solutions therein that have already existed 1400 years ago! No one showed me, but Allah never forsook me Alhamdullilah. He has been most kind to this sinful servant.
        I pray I can connect to my teens and make them connect with their Lord through these stories and life events and know that they are truly blessed by having being gifted Islam that sets them far above the pettiness and worldliness that threatens to consume us if we let it.
        Does that make any sense?
        I tend to babble…

  11. Wow. Just: wow. This article popped into my email as if it was sent just for me. My family has been going through a rough time and on a personal level, I’ve just been feeling so down and Salma just echoed all the questions I asked myself as I tried to fall off to sleep some nights. One message I take out of this article is: “This is what you sign up for when you aim for Paradise; being tested, tried and purified.” This message hit me and I truly realised why we go through the tough times.
    I really hope that at the end of this series of articles, I will have attained a much more positive/productive outlook on life as well as a firmer belief in Allah :)

    Just want to add: I’m so happy to see your amazing articles again, ukhti!!!!! I just know this season will be as good as the previous one. I love it already and can’t wait for the next episode!

    • JazakiAllah khair for your comment! Do look out for our future article which deals specifically with facing tests and trials with a positive and sound heart.

      Umm Maryam
      ACE Productive Muslim

  12. SubhaanAllaah!!! BaarakAllaahu feek!!! I can’t express how much I get moved by your words every time I read your article! Waiting eagerly for the 2nd episode. Can’t wait..

  13. Jazak Allahu khair for this wonderful article. I have read all the articles and it gives the answer of so many of my questions. But I have still some doubts. So I asked those doubts in the following two questions. It will be really helpful, if you answer the questions.

    Question No 1: “What good could possibly come out of Supa’s disability?” Salma wondered.
    “I’ll answer this question soon, in sha Allah, I promise. I didn’t get the answer of this question in the article. Can you please give the answer as you promise. This question is continuously popping in my head.

    Question No 2: “Inside The Therapist’s Office – Episode Two] Peace”. In this episode you wrote about how the word “IF” is messing with us and destroying our peace.

    “The word ‘if’ doesn’t fit in our religion because it gives random luck so much power! It fuels our anger to blame others for what Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) had already decreed. No one has the power to do anything against His will! There’s no ‘if’ when you truly trust in ‘La illah ila Allah’.”

    After writing the above lines, in the nest paragraph you gave example to Hannah by using IF. “Maybe if your baby had lived, he or she would have ended up hiding behind the couch years later too, watching you and Rasheed fight and hating you. And you’d be in your mom’s shoes.”

    So my questions are why did you use IF, immediately after saying there is no IF is our religion?, what are ways of using IF? When should we use IF and When should we not use IF?

    Jazak Allahu Khair again.

    • I truly admire how you’re addressing your doubts. If everyone did that like you did, our faith will be firm and unshakable. We would all be real representatives of Islam. My respect Md. Sazzad
      May Allah help me clarify them inshAllah

      Okay so question one:
      You’ll have to keep reading coz this question is answered by Supa herself later on. Shhhh I’m not allowed to say more loool
      Question two:
      It’s true the word “if” messes us up only when we use it to choose a scenario that seems better to us. A scenario that Allah didn’t choose. When you say “if I hadn’t fell I would have been able to get children and be happy”. Is exactly like saying “I know better than Allah” or “Allah decreed an unfair destiny for me, or did something that ruined my life”
      When you’re 100% positive that Allah only does good, you’ll use the word “if” to justify His decree, and never to blame Him. You’ll always look at the blessing in what He gave you, and the hidden evil in what He denied you. Coz when you really know Allah, you know that sometimes depriving you from something you want is a blessing in disguise. Like the story in Surat Al Kahf with Al Khidr. It teaches us Allah wants only good for us , even when on the outside it seems bad or cruel or confusing.
      I really hope I answered your questions.
      May Allah guide us all and forgive me for my shortcomings if I didn’t explain His messages clearly. I have a phobia of that 😬

  14. Assalamualaikum Sis Lily
    As always your articles are a wonderful REMINDER to us.
    Whatever befalls us, we should remember that Allah likes best those who have SABR.