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  1. Assalamu alaykum wr wb sis,
    I seldom comment but I REALLY and genuinely love your work. May Allah bless you multifold.
    I’m just trying to understand why the episodes aren’t related and rather incomplete. (Sorry, I’m reading this series for the first time). I mean, I thought Ep2 would be a succession of Ep1 and so on.. but looks like the characters and stories are different,
    Will they have a continuation?

    • I’m very touched you chose to comment on one of my articles. Getting positive feedback from readers really means the world to writers. Thank you so much Amatullah

      So yes, the episodes seem unrelated and cut short, but you’ll soon see the story coming together
      Each episode is a snapshot of what happens inside the therapist’s office, from inner feelings to flashbacks, adding yet another piece to the puzzle
      I really hope you’ll continue reading till the end and you’ll enjoy it more and more with each episode.

  2. How can you say that Without the laws prescribed by Him, humans would literally behave like animals and chaos would prevail? We are born on fitra, sometime we get little messy but we are not animals! I don’t want to judge here, please clarify.

    • Uh oh 😬
      I think this requires a clarification indeed. Thank you for giving me the chance to do so JJ
      Of course we are not animals, but there were many incidents in history that proved many people can “behave” like ones.
      There’s this movie (I don’t remember the name) when the police decided no one would be punished for 24 hours. It showed a prediction of what could happen; theft, rape, murders, rave parties, vandalism…etc
      We are born on Fitra, and it stays with us in childhood, this is why babies are so cute. And then we go out to the real world and it’s somehow buried under our experiences and perspectives.
      Allah put rules to protect us from ourselves.
      Would you visit a country knowing its people (born on Fitra) have no laws, order, police or justice system? Would you feel safe?

      • Beautiful answer dear sister, and beautiful, interesting and very usefull articles. I have enjoyed both seasons. I truly love the way you write. MashaAllah. May Allah swt inspire you for many more seasons. Amen. :)

  3. Qur’an is the opener of the heart, but we can only taste its sweetness nd see the miracle if we really ponder upon it and reflect with an open heart and gratitude. May Allah grant us the ability to firm our Iman in our heart! Jzakallah khairan

  4. Every time I read the Qur’an, there are messages that always hit me at the right place. Feels like the book is talking to me and for some reason I can relate it in my life. I totally believe that Qur’an is the guidance for the lost souls out there.

  5. I don’t want this story to end…I truly love it.
    This series has been an inspiration to me, it has given hope.

    I can’t wait for your book to be published

    Thanks Lulls for sharing your magic!


  6. I like how all the characters are intertwined together. You write how I feel, even if I can’t express it.
    The only thing I wanted to comment on is the word ‘frickin’ I don’t find that word appropriate for this website.

    • Andrea I have a very embrassing confession to make 🙈
      Up until two minutes ago, I thought the word frickin meant “freaking” or “freaky” in slang
      I googled it after reading your comment and gasped.
      I asked my lovely editors to remove it (they didn’t know either)
      Thank you so much for your comment and your honesty
      And if anyone asks, I’ll be hiding in the closet till the end of the week loool

  7. Asalamualaikum,

    I am so impressed with this article series and the stories are so relatable and applicable. I did read season one and was absolutely hooked and left cliff hanging with each week’s article and now again I find myself in the same intrigued state to know how these stories progress and develop into an unexpected and breathtaking endings. I hope many more seasons will be written as I look forward to reading these stories. Not to mention that they are certainly excellent and very beneficial reminders! I’ve indeed benefited much alhamdulilah. Thank you very much. May Allah bless you and grant you much happiness and success in this world and the next. Ameen.

  8. Asalam alaikum sis,
    Words cannot express how I felt when I saw this season 2. I followed season 1 and totally fell in love. I absolutely loved the individual stories and how they all tied up in the end. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to think deeply about my faith and recommit myself to the deen.
    Love you for the sake of Allah and may He reward you with good, ameen.

  9. Assalamualaikum

    A nice story. I feel like a therapist now.

    Well, first of all, I believe Quran because there are a lot of people agreeing its truth in spite of their ignorance to this book. After times, I feel that this book speaks to me. Not a single book in existence had ever done it to me.

    It’s like you have tasted all kind of foods and then find a home dish but tastes like master chef’s.

    It’s ingenious yet simple and casual.

    A fine story telling I think. May Allah give you and family best rewards.


  10. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I have read season 1 of yours, and I was so excited when I saw season 2 published.. and so here I am reading it alhumdulilah, and enjoying everything about it, just one question.. are these characters real?

    • و عليكم السلام و رحمه الله و بركاته
      I thought someone might ask this question looool
      Well, Omar is a real character (name changed of course) and the rest of them are inspired from real life stories I hear everyday “inside the therapist’s office” loool

      Thank you so much for your kind words Madiha 🌹

  11. ” angry at Allah? ” That was uncalled for. Surely you could have thought of something else to write. Allah is the Lord of the heavens and the earth.

    • Whoa easy there Rukaiyatu
      Allah knows our intentions, and knows we need to speak to different people in ways they understand
      I love when my readers correct me, and if you’ve read my past articles, you’ll see I have absolutely no problem apologizing because I’m human and I’m flawed
      But in this specific case, I’m not sure where I went wrong, when I used the same words our beloved prophet used when he asked one of the sahabas “why are you angry with Allah?”
      Here’s the link (I’m sure you wanna double check that for yourself)

      Anyways, thank you for your comment, and may Allah forgive us all and guide us to the right path

  12. I’ve been so busy with uni that I pretty much didn’t have time for anything else :( finally got a chance to read episodes 2 and 3 and then I saw it… my name in your article!!! Sis, I was literally hyperventilating and jumping up for joy. I couldn’t have asked for a better surprise! definitely made my week :))

    to answer the question, it’s this quote right here from your article that gets me pondering… “It (our religion) becomes a hollow shell if we just mindlessly perform all our rituals like praying, fasting and reading Qur’an in a hurry. But when you ponder on Allah’s words and follow His rules out of love, that’s the true meaning of humanity.”
    in my struggle in trying to manage my time I’ve come to realise that I don’t set aside enough time for my religion. now I see that I don’t just need to sit down and read the Quran, I have to make time to LEARN the Quran to become a better muslim.

    it’s just amazing. every article of yours that I read just inspires me to become a better muslim. jazakillahu khairan for the inspiration:))

    • You’re so cute Zahrah… so sweet and genuine
      I have a number of beautiful Zahrahs amongst my lovely readers and I wanted to dedicate this story to them
      (All the names I used are actually from my comments page loool)
      I wish there was a way for me to show how much I love and appreciate the support, praise and encouragement I get from all of you.
      May you always be inspired sweet heart and always strive to be better
      All my love

        • Assalam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
          Mashaa Allah sister May Allah reward you for your endevours of benefiting this ummah with knowledge .
          I simply fell in love with these episodes and your geniune knowledge on the applications of the pillars of islam May Allah increase us in beficial knowlegde Amin