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  1. Its official, “” BEEEEEEEEEST SERIES EVER”.

    I am always on the lookout for the next episode, yea am addicted to it(rather be addicted to this than watching dumb movies).

    Can’t thank you enough lily, you are AWESOME.

  2. Wowowowowowow MashaAllah! Sister Lily, you’re AWESOME!
    I am a: 1)Teenager
    3) Bookworm,
    and this is the BESTEST YA fiction I have ever read. Why did it have to end now? Oh I hope I hope part 7 is coming soon! The story is hilarious, the plot and all the twists (and turns!) are just perfect and sooo motivational! Makes me want to change my ‘system’!
    I think I’m going to try pomodoro. Pray that it works for me please!

    • LOL I love the word ‘BESTEST’ I’m so gonna steal it from you for my next book
      I’m overjoyed you liked this series and inshAllah you’ll see, the Pomodoro system works.
      Good luck with everything and wishing you all the ‘bestest’ things in life ya rab :)